Mar 12, 2014

Dating Asian Guys 101: Live and Learn

Hey folks! I wanted to post this over the weekend, but I ended up deleting the entire thing and started over a few times. This is another of on my Dating Asian Guys blog posts. I came up with this blog post because recently I've been reading some of the journals I kept while I was in Japan. I'm considering writing a novel based off my experiences, but in terms of priorities that comes after honeymoon, house, website revamp, and blog, LOL. Anyway, I as I was reading I was reminded of how big of a mess I was.

I was fucking terrible at dating.

And this was confirmed when I started reading some journals I kept when I moved back to the states. As I was reading, I took note of some patterns and hang-ups I had. I didn't know what I really wanted most of the time, I ignored flags, I was impatient, basically I was a mess. Eventually I got into a much better dating groove, gained more confidence in who I was and wanted I wanted. This was a gradual thing, and life didn't always work out the way I wanted to at that time, but it just meant that I learned even more about myself.

So I wanted to discuss some of the common issues I had from my dating days. Some of these I've probably mentioned in an old blog post or two, but hey sometimes things just need to be said again in more paragraphs. The majority of what's been said here focuses on the earlier stages of dating.  I had a hard time thinking about a picture theme for this post, so no pictures.

Mar 7, 2014

Valley of the Dolls: The Work of Park Seoung

Wow it's been forever since I've written one of these posts! As I said in my last blog post, life has really been getting in the way right now so the blog has gone on the back-burner for a while. I am working on a few posts, I probably won't get back to a regular posting schedule anytime soon either.

So initially this started as a little blurb on I was going to post on Facebook, but when I realized I had written about three paragraphs, I figured I'd go ahead and make this a full blog post, LOL. So this isn't going to be a long post, but it's going to be picture heavy!

So this post is about the work of Park Seoung. There's very little info about him. He has a Flickr and a blog, but he doesn't seem to actually write a lot outside of maybe a few comments in English and Korean. Anyway, I'm sure some of you have seen this picture. I spotted this last year in nerd related FB groups as well as a Natural Hair group I was apart of:

Feb 18, 2014


I'm still here, LOL.

Sorry life has really been getting in the way right now. House hunting, still honeymoon planning, and lately I've been doing less work at my desktop. I spend about 8-9 hours a day at my computer for work stuff, and I've been trying not to sit at it too much. Been getting some back and leg pains. And I really, really, really, HATE typing on my tablet. Anyway, I have a blog post in the works and am planning to post it a little later this week!

In the meantime, here's the US debut song for Crystal Kay, titled "Busy Doing Nothing." Honestly...I hate it. She looks great, but man this is some seriously bland shit. I'm hoping she can do well in the states, but Imma need her to make something better than this. Still maybe some of you all will enjoy it! :)

Jan 11, 2014

Sharean Moritshita: The Mind Behind Love! Love! Fighting!

Hey hey folks! First off I'm giving a delayed Happy New Year to you all! I hope the years is off to a good start for everyone.

So on to the blogging. I'm pretty excited about this one! It's my first interview! It's something I'm hoping to do on this blog more often since there are a lot of pretty cool people out there with stories and lives way more interesting then mine. So I supposed that's a New Years Resolution of mine, to start getting to know these folks and hopefully get them more exposure as well.

So this interview is with Sharean Morishita. Most of you may know who this young woman is as she the creator of the comic Love! Love! Fighting! The comic follows the story of Oriana who finds herself in Korea after losing her job. The story covers her interactions with an up and coming K-pop star named Jae-hwa as well as family and others. The comic has about 5 chapters right now and is loaded with sharp writing, great characters, and some beautiful art.

Behind every great comic is a great creator, and they're own personal stories can be as equally interesting. So I decided to get into touch with Sharean to find out a bit more about the woman behind the comic.