Just a Little..Okay Somewhat Long..Note from ShaSha...

Hey hey folks!

No I haven’t given up on this blog, LOL. There’s just been a lot going on lately, so I’m just offering a mini update.

Changes coming soon!
I’m started to get a little bored with this blog. Not so much writing, but the way it looks and feels. I’m looking into better ways to format the blog. I haven’t given up on Blogger yet, but am considering switching over to WordPress or Tumblr. LOL Tumblr scares me a bit though. But I don’t want to lose a lot of stuff I have here. Maybe I’ll just look into some better Blogger templates or something. This may lead to me buying my own domain name too. So if you see some funky stuff happening to the blog in terms of looks, don’t worry, it’s probably just me fooling around to give it a new look. I plan to get back to being active on Twitter and FB again too, I know they’ve been pretty cold lately.

So ShaSha Got Translated...

Hey folks! I don’t really have a theme or anything for this blog post, but I found something pretty random earlier last week. I was checking the stats for this blog and saw that my site was getting a lot of hits from a link from the website Madame Riri. I’ve known about Madame Riri for a while. It’s a Japanese site that has a section with topics related to foreigners and foreign relations in Japan. Rocket News 24 occasionally translates articles from Madame Riri and post them on their site. For the most part I’ve found what I can read pretty interesting.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered one of my blog post had appeared on the site.

Because They Need Love: Another Music Edition

Hey hey folks! My last few blog posts have been more on the heavier side, so I wanted to do something lighter this time around. This is also due to my increased music listening thanks to Spotify and YouTube playlists--which keep me bouncing around my desk at work, LOL. Anyway, it's been quite some time since I've done a "Because he/she Needs Love" so I wanted to have one about music. I've only recently started listening to these folks, so I'm hoping to let others know about them. Now y'all know I'm usually pretty long-winded so this is probably gonna be a pretty short blog post since the artists I've chosen don't have a ton of info out there. :)

Why Do We Carry The Burden? Black Women and IR Dating

I seriously considered giving up my blog this week. Not because I was tired of it or because I'm too busy or too lazy to keep it up. LOL well okay the last two reasons aren't too far from the truth. But rather because I wondered if I was being a hypocrite.

Let me explain. Recently a friend of mine posted an article about interracial dating. She's been doing online dating on and off for the past year and the majority of what she posts on her FB page is often relationship-based articles. This particular article talks about how black women are "warming up" to the idea of IR dating. After reading the article I found myself pretty annoyed. I'm not sure if my annoyance is just an overreaction/irrational or not. I'll let y'all decide.

What bugged me wasn't so much what was in the article. It’s that fact that there is yet another article like this. It seems like every few months there are articles or studies that constantly remind Black women that we're shit especially when it comes to dating. It's so sad and pitiful that Black women are single and not getting married. The solution? Be open-minded and date non-Black men!

And this shit is pissing me off.

Dating Asian Guys 101: Run Girl Run! Race Relations Edition

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Dating Asian Guys 101: Live and Learn

Hey hey folks! Somehow this post that I started in November has become the first post of the New Year for me. This is actually the most difficult blog post I've written. Yes I know I've said that before, LOL. But I started writing this blog post two months ago. I had so many ideas and emotions running through my heads, and ended up stopping and starting way too many times. I couldn't figured out the best way to write this post and even who I wanted to address this to. In the end I decided to make this a Dating Asian Guys Post.

But before I get into the meat of this post I have a little anecdote for ya:

Back in my dating days, I was with a Chinese-American dude, let's call him "John." He was the so-called "good on paper" type: attractive, owned his car and home, all that good stuff. John told me that he only dated black women, loved Marvin Gaye and black culture, but didn't seem to be the "I'm SSSSSOOO into black pop culture and need a black woman to prove my credibility!" type.

During a date, we were having a conversation about television and movies. It was around the time of the release of the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender, a movie that most of us know for being a Shyamalan crapfest. John wasn't too familiar with the show so I gave him a quick run down of the series. I told him about the movie, and how many folks (including myself) were not too happy about the film's lack of Asian actors.

John didn't think it was a big deal. He then proceeded to have a mini rant about how people of color complain too much about race and racism, and needed to shut up. Before I could even process any of this in my head, he decided the conversation was over and moved on to another topic.

The Adventure of Shen and ShaSha: Shen's "Black" Wife

Yes I'm still alive. :)

Just a mini update and a rather amusing story.

First the update:

Shen and I are doing okay. We're still doing a lot of house on the work as well as doing mortgage paying work. The house isn't in the worst shape, but it seems like everyday we're finding a new crack in the wall. So far we've had to get some roof repairs, paint, install a new thermostat, and closet system. Tomorrow we're getting new floors which we're excited about. We haven't been able to make the living room look Pinterest-y because we wanted to replace the shitty carpet. So when the floors are in we can finally tackle the living room and put up a few wedding pics. :)

Now for the anecdote: