Hollywood...when will you learn...

24.3.11 ShaSha LaPerf 2 Comments

Racebending and Angry Asian Man are already all over this but I wanted to add my 50 cent rant anyway..

Some time ago it was annouced that a Hollywood version of Akira would happen. I'm probably the only anime fan in the world that actually didn't care for this movie, but I rolled my eyes at the idea of Hollywood destroying yet another beloved anime movie. For a while news about the movie had died down, but it seems like there's a new buzz going on. And it seems that there are a few people in mind to play the lead roles. As usual Hollywood is overlooking this chance to give the spotlight to young Asian-American actors and gave the script to the usual popular white bread including Justin Timberlake, Robert Pattison, Chris Pine, and Andrew Garfield.

It's pretty damn amazing to me that depsite the box office failures of movies like anime adaptations like Dragonball Evolution, games like Street Fighter, and Asian horror flicks like The Eye, Hollywood still hasn't figured out how to do an adaptation from Asian media quite right. Hollywood got seriously blasted for the white-washing of The Last Airbender. The movies did make money but given the bad, bad...BAD reviews I honestly think a lot of people went to see the movie simply to see how bad it was . Granted it is debatable whether or not these movies would have been better if the lead roles. Actors can't always cover the fact that a movie has terrible dialogue, horrible special effects, and a non-existent plot. But the problem here is how Asians aren't even considered for these roles. M Night Shit-moving-maker--who's fucking Asian himself --probably didn't think twice about getting white kids to take on the lead roles in Airbender. The folks in Hollywood continue to have this silly idea that minorities can't sell movies. But wait a minute...

Let's take a look at The Karate Kid. They took a movie with a predominately white cast, gave the roles mostly to Asians and blacks. And yes The Karate Kid also faired better than The Last Airbender as well, especially considering it took way less money to make. So obviously minorities can sell movies. Get it together Hollywood! The world is changing and so are it's people. It really won't hurt you to add some more coloring to your freaking movies, especially when you taking them from someone else.

Akira is going to be a big budget production and I'm sure people will see it out of morbid fascination. But I will see away from this movie. I'm already looking forward to hearing Roger Ebert blast this movie for it's white washing and reminding us of how terrible it will be.


  1. I agree with you. I was really excited about the last airbender movie, I watched the cartoon with my nephew, and then I saw the preview for the movie. M.Night disappointed me that time. I'm enjoying your blog:-)

  2. Given the fact that Shyamalan will be the only Asian that appears in his own movies I guess we shouldn't have been surprised with the casting for The Last Airbender. :(