Holy Shit!? French Asian Guy singing R&B!? How Did I Miss This!?

10.3.11 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

How I found this guy is a rather WTF story.

So I was watching Sex and the City a few days ago. The E! Channel was airing the finale which lead to Carrie being in Paris. I won't bore y'all with the details but there's a scene where she's running to get to a party being thrown in her honor. There's a french rap song playing in the background. Back when I was in my college days and when WinMX was THE place download music, I used to listen to French music. Wallen was my fave French R&B artist as well as some others. At the time I was also studying French so I did have an idea of what a lot of the songs meant. I fell out of French music and the language when I started getting more into Japanese music.

But after hearing the song (which was "La Belle Et Le Bad Boy" by MC Solaar) it reminded me of how much I liked French Music, particularly French R&B. So I simply decided to Google "French R&B."

That's what I came across this guy:

He goes by the name Monsieur Nov. He's a fairly new artists with his debut only happening last year.

Samples of Sans Dessus de Soul are available here: Sans Dessus de Soul

He also released another album last year called Groove Therapy. Samples here: Groove Therapy

Not only is this guy pretty cute, he also has a damn good voice and good music. LOL he makes some potential baby making music! It's also interesting that many of his videos feature black women. It's not that shocking for non-black music artists doing R&B or hip-hop to feature black people in there videos. I think artists often do this to be taken "seriously" in a genre that is supposedly "black music." I'm not totally clear on blasian relations in France or how R&B music in France is perceived so I can't say Monsieur Nov has blacks in his videos for this reason. He may have grown up around blacks and are simply doing and showing people he is the most comfortable with for all I know. LOL or he can just have a thing for black chicks. In general his videos seem to feature people of color, particularly black and/or Asian.

Unfortunately my French is in serious suck mode so it's hard for me to find out how popular he is in France. His music style is more Neo-Soul similar to people like Rapheal Saddiq, Dwele, and D'Angelo. While Neo-soul has a fanbase in the states it's not nearly as popular as the latest Beyonce song. So I'm curious if it's the same thing in France. With him being as Asian artist, I wonder if he also has to deal with race as well as singing in a (possibly) not so popular music genre.

Either way I wish Monsieur Nov music success! And here's another video by him:


  1. I may help you a bit get the info you need. Monsieur Nov is still very indy. His music videos don't air on TV and his music isn't promoted anywhere. However, he is pretty popular in the French R&B world and gets to play in the best concert halls in Paris (the best, not the biggest). My guess is he didn't find any label that would let him do his own thing, so he chose to remain independent. Kudos to him ^^

  2. @Sica: Thanks for the info! It sucks that he's having a hard time getting signed. Hopefully he won't have to compromise his music style to do so.

  3. I need contact info for him! I would like to book him here. Does anyone know how to reach him? That last clip kinda reminded me of a D'Angelo vibe, back before he was, well you know...


  4. I found out about him like...a month ago!! And yeah, I'm French but I rarely listen to French music as I'm into anything is not French lol

    2 of his music videos air on a black music TV channel here, that's how I found out about him. @Sica: yes, it's true, it might be recent then, since you're not aware of that :)

    Not sure if he's still indie but he's really appreciated by those who know him and he has ambition...he says he wants to be a bit different than what's out there. Still has a long way to go ;) I love his voice, yeah.
    He's not that famous, but I believe he'll get there. He needs more promotion.

    He grew up in a suburbs...the type of suburbs where all ethnicities are gathered, not really the very wealthy white area. So I think he could have a thing for black women.

  5. @Anonymous:
    Hm...here's his myspace: