My Boyfriend is Asian: WTF Is The Point Of This Blog

9.3.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

WTF Is The Point Of This Blog
Hello everyone! This is my first post! Woohoo! Yay for me! So on onto the question I posted above: WTF is the point of this blog?

Well Lemme explain.

I supposed I took an interest in Asian culture when I was in high school. And by Asian culture I mean I was in my "AMIME IS SO AWESOME" phase. It wasn't until college that I realize that Asian people were not anything like anime and were actual people. College was the first time I was encountered many different typs of Asian people, some of whom become good friends of mine. I also learned about Asian pop culture through the International Channel, events on campus and the growing world of the internet.

Although I noticed a good-looking Asian guy every now and then it wasn't until I moved to Japan that I actually started dating them. When I moved back to the states I continued to date Asian men and my current boyfriend is Asian.

So now that I've given the mini bio here I'll give more details about this blog. I'm going to discuss a lot of things Asian pop culture (and sometime not pop culture) related. But as a black woman I do like to discuss things going on in the land of black folks as well. And of course I'll discuss dating! So thank you for checking out my site and I'll get to posting soon!