Yep That Was An Asian Guy Too...

26.3.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

I have to admit I was a pretty big fan of Immature back in the day. I use to buy Fresh and Word Up! Magazines, watch Sister, Sister religiously to get a glimpse of "Roger," and video tape episodes of All That, Video Soul, and whatever else they would appear on. I went to a few of their concerts in my high school years as well. In fact I was a pretty big fan of theirs until they split when I was in college. I did somewhat follow their solo careers but really only Batman aka Marques Hosuton is the only one worth following.

But back to the point of this blog. When Immature first made their debut there was an Asian member name Don Santos or "Half Pint."
He joined the group in their early years. He was in the movie House Party 3 though he had few lines. And he was also apart of the group when they release their first album in 1992.

Yet when the second album came out, Half Pint had mysteriously disappeared. Fans (including me) did embrace Kelton "Little Drummer Boy" Keese, but we all wondered what happened to "Half Pint." Rumor has it his parents pulled him out of the group in order to get him to focus on school. But there were never any clear leads.

Even know fans of Immature are still wondering where he is. In fact there's a Facebook page dedicated to finding "Full Pint" (after all dudes probably about 29 or 30 now...let's let the name go). Who knows, maybe sometime this year we'll hear some news about him. In the meantime here's an old school video that featured all the original members of Immature: