That's Not Lil Wayne Blast Out My Car Speakers...

25.4.11 ShaSha LaPerf 3 Comments

Seeing as I'm a native of the Motor City, there are two things that still stick with me: a) my love for driving and b) my slight hood like quality.

Each day I have to drive about 60 miles a day to get to work. So it's still about 3 hours each day of driving. In general I like driving a lot but DC traffic is a pain in the ass. Nevertheless I gotta get paid so I have to go to work. And I like to make a lot of CDs to keep me sane while I navigate my way through the crazy, road rage inducing traffic in the metro DC area.

As for my "slight hood mentality" I was refering to the fact that I love blast music out my speakers. Additionally I like to sing while I'm driving and will break out into full dance mode when I'm at a stop light or in dead traffic. What can I say, one of my jams come on and I'm doing three part harmony all by myself. And now that it's warming up a bit, the windows are down and the musci is blaring. But it's not always the kind of music you'd think it would be.
I listen to hip-hop and R&B quite often. I have CDs I made with songs from people like Kanye, JHud, Boyz II Men, BOB, Brandy, Wyclef Jean. Janelle Monae, etc. But the majority of my music CDs are actually filled with stuff like this:

And this:

And probably this:

I've been listening to Japanese music for almost 11 years now. It started when I was in college and got exposure from watching Hey!Hey!Hey! Music Champ on the International Channel. Since then my collection has gone from just listening to Hamasaki Ayumi and Utada Hikaru to being all across the board--though most of it is still in the R&B sector. Anyway when I was in the "loving J-culture in the closet" mode, I would hide the fact that I listen to the music. But one time my best friend/roommate caught me listening to a song of the Cardcaptor Sakura soundtrack. She just decided that me listening to the music was part of my "geek like tendencies." But she never really harped on it. Yet I was still a bit embarrassed about it but couldn't really explain why. Perhaps because that particular song was from an anime clearly made for children it made me feel old and immature. This idea was mixed with the idea of being a "grown up" in college (LOL though no one's a freaking adult until afterward anyway :P). But I thought this idea would apply to me listening to Japanese music as a whole. Man, what a silly kid I was!

When I got my first car that had a tape player I was ecstatic. Okay, just to let y'all know I'm not THAT old but my car was a '99 Escort...they still had tape players. I ended up buying a portable CD player and the tape deck attachment so I could play CDs. I was pretty damn excited since my very first car only had a radio and now I had the opportunity to play the music I wanted. And I wanted to listen to Japanese music. So I told myself, "Fuck what other people think!" and started making my CDs.

And here I am eight years later with my music blasting in my car.

I'm sure it's probably not the fact that the tall black women with the afro is listening to the music that makes drivers go "WTF?" it's probably the fact that I'm singing and dancing along with the music. A red light is the perfect time for me to breakout into a full car dance routine (yes, I actually have a car dance routine). Sometimes I'll mix my Japanese music with American music, going from a Jay-Z song to Utada Hikaru.

And the music follows me at home too. In fact it gets worse because I'll breakout into a full apartment dance routine (yes, I actually have an apartment dance routine). I try to keep it low enough not to bug the neighbors, but loud enough for me to have a good time.

So yep, summer's a-coming which means more days with the car windows down and more CDs to make!


  1. I play Kpop in my car and will play it on road trip until my family complains.

  2. My mom hates when I play J-music in my car. LOL I used to bug her buy finding the most profane songs I had on my MP3 list and making CDs with them. My friends don't seem bothered by what I play though.

  3. @ ShaSha

    My mother is the same way. My friends love my music but my mother just gives me a look every time I even mention taking my car. I love J R&B like Crystal Kay and Kpop/hip hop like G-Dragon and T.O.P. I don't have the heart to tell her I can't stand her music either. Jaheim & R. Kelly(only the two step/ballad kind). *Hurl*