Black Man Creates Asian Family Sitcom...With UnSexy Results...

23.5.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

What happens when a black man decides to do a show about an Asian family? You get this:

I first spotted this last year on Angry Asian Man and I have to admit I was a bit intrigued by this. I found it interesting that it was a black man that decided to do a show about an Asian family. We've seen whites take Asian themes to create a TV show and we know that blacks have an interest in Asian culture, but I think this is the first time a black man has decided to create a sitcom off an Asian family. Another interesting aspect about the show is that the show is about an intercultural family: Chinese and Vietnamese. Blended families have been around since the Brady Bunch but there's only been a few shows to deal with it in terms of race/ethnicity. I vaguely remember the show True Colors which was about a white and black family. And then there's George Lopez who is Mexican but married a Cuban woman. But again this show is show casing an intracultural family. And using a Vietnamese family at that!

Unfortunately like Angry Asian Man, I was pretty "WTF?" about the trailer too.

First...the acting. OMG, the bad, bad acting. I thought Tyler Perry's House of Pain was riddled with actors, but man these guys are horrible. I'll cut them some slack. The cast is Vietnamese and Chinese and I'm sure it's hard to find a lot of these actors in America that have gotten an opportunity to hone their skills. But most of the dialogue is really forced and there seems to be a lack of chemistry between the actors.

Second, these are some "black" ass Asians! Something about the mom's acting really reminded me of a lot of other black moms I'd seen on TV like (both) Vivian's on the Fresh Prince or the moms on Half and Half. And there's a scene where she breaks out with "The Secret Garden" by Quincy Jones! We have the oldest daughter who's a thugabee, the son using the word "scurred," other Asian thugabees. And the music has a bit of an R&B feel to it. I know I know you're gonna say, "Girl now you know there ain't no such thing as acting black!" But I get the sense that Hollins was clearly a fan of many black sitcoms (and to some extent George Lopez's sitcom) and decided to implement some common tropes into the show. I'm a bit confused about who the target audience is. Asian-Americans? Blacks and Whites who know little about Asians? Girls with an Asian fetish?

Speaking of the opening..."We're Americans at heart...Asians by blood...Red, White, and Blue...Mixed with Yellow Mud?" That deserves a Buddha face palm! I thought lyrics like this only existed in bad re-dubbing of the opening theme songs to anime from the 90s.

And's just not funny. The premise of the show can lead into dangerous stereotyping. The first scene in trailer has some "Vietnamese people do this and Chinese people do THIS!" type of dialogue in it. And I'm pretty sure the grandmother's purpose on the show is just to be old and Asian. Sophia Patrillo she is not! The show will probably teeter the line between typical family sitcom stuff with a few questions about stereotypes. Shows like The Fresh Prince, Living Single, Family Matters, and A Different World did a good job of having the typical sitcom stuff while challenging stereotypes and not being over the top. But I don't think this show will be able to do the same thing.

I'll give the show a little credit though. The rest of the cast seems pretty diverse. I'm not sure of where the show is supposed to take place, but the filming is in Atlanta. There could be some potential black and Asian pairings. And the son is pretty cute. :)

If this show found it's way on the air, I would probably watch a full episode in the hopes that it would be better and simply to support minority shows. But I fear I won't be adding this to my Hulu watch list.