Ooh Sataoshi Kanazawa. You fail. So much.

16.5.11 ShaSha LaPerf 10 Comments

I'm sure y'all are wondering who the fuck is this dude. Well he's a guy (with a PhD) that recently wrote an article on Psychology Today titled ‘Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive?’ The article was promptly removed from Psychology Today but you can find a screen shot of the article at DCentric and the full article on quora.com. Long story short it's an article with a bunch of pretty graphs and despite the fact that we're fat and ugly, we don't seem to think so. The level of this guy's assholeness doesn't end there. If you look at the other articles he's written on Jezebel, he seems to hate women in general.

Jezebel.com has a whole article about shit this dude says. He's written such gems as Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes? and Men sexually harass women because they are not sexist II.

Strangely I'm not as upset about this as I thought I would be. Given this dude's track record, I'm not surprised he would write such and article. Honestly I'm more upset at Psychology Today for posting the article. Because an asshole can write an asshole article, but they gave him the platform to do so. Additionally they were smart enough to remove the article about black women, yet you can still find other women-hating articles on the site. Kanazawa isn't the one who's written these type of articles. Just goes to show a PhD doesn't mean you can't be a racist, sexist loser.

Now I know you're wondering, why would you post this article where an Asian man is hating on black women on this blog? Well to remind the ladies here that yes a man can be Asian and be a total asshole. And this guy is living proof. I suppose I could go on and say of course there are Asian guys that love blacks girls and that they're hot. And yeah I can point out guy after guy after guy that thinks so. But there's no need for that. Because ladies, remember the confidence you have in who you are and know that there are men out there that think you're the shit. So no need to make a list. Oops I supposed that's just us being so full of ourselves but hey, I think we're pretty damn hot despite what that dude thinks. Oh, and for the guys when black girls ignore you because they think you think they're ugly, blame this guy.

As for the men regardless of race, who claim to not be interested in black women and use this article as a reason why, please continue to stay away from us. Thanks!

Alright, alright, I wasn't gonna do the whole, "here's proof that Asian guys love us!" but what the hell. Falco's always got good stuff to say on his site so now's the time to pimp him out:

Interracial Dating Rant #2: Cocky White Girls? Black Women = Angels?

**Update: For the heck of it I just checked out the Pschology Today site. Although Kanazawa's article was removed, there was another article posted by Mikhail Lyubansky titled Beauty May Be In Eye of Beholder But Eyes See What Culture Socializes. He argues that Kanazawa failed because he doesn't address the racial/cultural factors in determining standards of beauty. And according to Lyubansky, the article was removed not because it riled up people but because he Kanazawa didn't have enough evidence to support his claims. So it's okay to say black women are ugly as long as you have enough research. Great. Wow we didn't even get a non-apology apology this time.

Umm Pscyhology Today you still fail. Posting an article that supposedly doesn't have enough scientific data means y'all were too fucking lazy to do your own research into the article. Your credibility was already questionable and this article and the backpedaling puts it on the line even more.


  1. My Blasian grandfather was not only a proud owner of tow college degrees,but he was a guy of some much common sense. One of the things that he taught me and the rest of his grandkids that just because you are college educated doesn't mean you're intelligent.With Sataoshi, it is very clear that he's S.O.S ...stuck on stupid.. .just an educated fool!

    You're doing the right thing in posting this.The world is two fold.there is the good..then there is Sataoshi Kanazawa. Unfortunately,the real world consist of people like him.We just have to mind our business and live our lives as merry as we can.

    I think that Psychology Today did this on purpose,knowing it would offend us and once again keeping Asian men in their place..and he fell for it. Sataoshi may be a racist,but I don't look at all Asian men that way as I've have some great friendships with them.

    Like you said, we don't have to worry about him.He's not anything to look at. Maybe that is why he writes anti-female articles.

  2. There are Asian guys that are attracted to black women, and I wonder if now they'll feel the need to tell us just to spite the article. Which might be a great ego booster, but I just want to make sure it's coming out of sincerely and not out of spite. Shen regularly tells me I'm cute, hot, sexy, etc. He was doing so before the article and will probably do it well after this is just a "remember that stupid article..." Other Asian guys should do the same.

  3. Good question.

    I would also hope that if myboyfriend said those kind words,it will be from the bottom of his heart. I would hope that he would be the same guy I knew before that wretched article. Let's say that he happened to come across this article, then all of a sudden he is saying I'm sexy,hot or whatever..I might become suspicious of it.He still could be genuine about his thoughts,but he may not know that instead of cheering me up, he may be doing me an indirect injustice.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about with Shen. If you said he was saying those words before it came out, I'm a believer that he's sincere about what he tell you.

  4. As an Asian guy, people like Kanazawa bother me. Black women aren't 'physically unattractive,' it's just that media promotes a Western standard of beauty, even in non-Western countries (if you ever travel to Korea/Japan/China/Taiwan, just notice all the billboards with white models.)

    It's ironic because Asian men suffer from this as well, as we are portrayed as sexually unappealing next to Abercrombie model white men. Meanwhile, Asian women and Black men are marginalized as exotic or primal, respectively.

    This post got a bit ranty, and I don't mean to make it sound like all white people are evil. But the media situation is the reason that Asian guys and Black women are thought to be 'undesirable,' even though in reality all races are capable of being physically attractive.

  5. @Anon:

    Glad to hear that you're not on board with Kanazawa's "theories." :) And you're not being ranty at all, but just telling the truth. Despite the changing populations and what not, we're still living in a world where "white/light skin" is beautiful. It's really saw when it's non-whites that support this idea as well. :(

  6. UPDATE:
    1. It was a 4-part study and Kanazawa only reported the first 3 studies which were men who were rating the attractiveness of young girls (grades 7-12) ew! and even that analysis was done wrong.
    2. the 4th study rated the attractiveness of adult women and it showed all women rated relatively the same; with Black and White women rating exactly the same on attractiveness and Asian women rated slightly higher. He did not report this part of the study.

    3. He stated that Black women were unattractive b/c they had higher testosterone levels (w/ no scientific backup) but it is known by health practitioners, and the Scientific American article reported, that black women have lesser testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels than whites, so high that in some black women it causes health problems.

  7. Thanks for the updates! Some additional updates:

    Change.org has started a petition against Psychology Today: http://www.change.org/petitions/psychology-today-stop-publishing-racist-sexist-articles

    Moreover, Forbes had a thing or two to say about the incident: http://blogs.forbes.com/shenegotiates/2011/05/26/why-business-should-care-psychology-today-and-the-black-woman-controversy/

  8. I knew that high testosterone thing had been proven wrong I just didn't have a source. It pisses me off that the Africans have high testosterone and Asians have low testosterone racist junk science is still being spread around.

  9. I emailed LSE and psychology today in protest.


  10. Thanks for posting this. It's clear that "the more things change, the more they stay the same" with some people. I think Psychology Today needs to take more responsibility for its' articles. You would think that in 2012 things would be different, when actually there has been an incredible increase in hate groups in the U.S and abroad within the last 4 years. I'm not a YouTube viewer for this very reason, there is so much racism that you can't enjoy anything. People don't think it's bad, but it is, and it's everywhere. I'm so glad that you and others have the courage and strength to speak out.