7 Responses to Complaints from Asian Men Over Black Women

20.6.11 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

Okay guys. I laid it on with the girls about the issues they have with Asian men and now it's your turn. I hear all kinds of excuses from guys about why they don't talk to black women. I've already gone after the ladies in my 9 Responses to Complaints From Black Women and now it's your turn. Granted I did go after you guys a bit with my 10 Things Asian Guys Should Not Say to Black Women , but hey that was just to make sure that once you got the girl's attention, you wouldn't say stupid shit to make her run. So this is for the guys that need to actually get up to this part. And I'm making this a two-part post. So here's the first one:

1. Black girls don't date Asian Men!
Yeah, I'm sure you've heard the stories from your friend's cousin's sister's aunt's nephew who went to talk to a black girl and she shot him down tell him she only liked guys with a big peter. Or you see those interracial dating sites that only seem to focus on black women dating white men. Or the cute girl in your class just doesn't seem to look your way. Well guys there are some black women that will never look at you and some others staring at you all the time, hoping YOU'LL look there way. You won't know who or what she likes until you go talk to her. For the most part girls will respond to a "hello!" regardless of her race. some girls may be shocked that you're talking to her, some will keep walking, some will have coffee with you, and others will be ready to jump your Asian boner (not that's NOT a typo). But yeah you won't know till you talk to her.

2. I don't know where to meet them!
I'mma tell you the same thing I tell black women, we're everywhere. In museums, bookstores, night clubs, sports events, speed dating, etc. Check out diversity events happening on your university's campus, partner with them in classes. And meeting people on the internet is not as crazy as it may seem. Meet them through friends. There are lots of options.

3. They're too loud/ghetto/etc.!
Okay I'll start off by saying if you're a guy who doesn't want to date black women because you think they'll all alike, then you're an idiot that doesn't deserve one plain and simple. Don't give me the whole, "oh but the black girls I know are like that!" LOL all what, two black girls you know? Seriously guys, open your minds a bit here and think clearly. I'm guessing most of the women that are open to Asian guys aren't the hoodrats you see on VH1. Additionally there's a fine line between someone who's ghetto and a woman who just has black tendencies.Before assuming that girl on Match.com is just a nasty ghetto black thing why don't you try actually reading her profile to see what seems about.

4. They don't like the same things I do!
Black women like all kinds of shit from anime to NASCAR (see Tia Norfleet). It's stupid to expect them to like everything you do and vice versa but it's really not that hard to find a black woman who has some things in common with you. You were the only Asian kid in your neighborhood. Oh look! she was the only black kid in hers. You're embarassed to say you have a Taylor Swift song. Well she has three of them. Hey, maybe you can learn about something new from her. You don't know jackshit about volleyball but she played in high school. Why don't you ask her about it? Likewise, you can find you're own pleasure in showing her something new. If the conversation still goes sour then there's no reason to for yourself to keep going. But the point is give the conversation a chance first.

5. She's an Asiaphile!
Asian pop culture had brought to light just how cool Asian guys are, but on the flipside it breeds fangirls bent on meeting that perfect Asian men (see Dragon of Love). I can totally see this as a turn-off and guys if you sense these crazy as girls RUN! That being said, make sure she is crazy first. It is possible for a girl that likes Asian-related things to get past your "Asian-ness" and see who you are as a person. If she shuts up the moment you say you don't like K-pop, then she has potential. Don't heckle her for liking those things just remember what I said in number 2 and find other things to talk about/focus on.

6. My family won't like her!
I won't pretend to know every aspect of parenting when it comes to Asian culture. Hell there are plenty of black parents out there that scoff at the idea of their daughter being with an Asian men. But do you really plan to be under the thumbs of your parents the rest of your life? If you find a black girl you're really diggin', then grow some balls and tell your parents how you feel. I won't pretend it'll be an easy process and you'll probably have to be patient with them. Parents can surprise people sometimes. But you have to be willing to put the effort into things. And work with her too; don't wait till your wedding day to say, "Oh yeah we can't get married anymore because I was too big of a wimp to tell my parents I was in love with you."

7. Black girls don't give blow jobs!
Yes I have actually heard/seen this from Asian guys on more than one occasion, and it's probably the strangest stereotypes I've ever seen. I'm not even sure where that came from because the porn I've seen with black women have them suckin and licking all over the place. Sure there are girls that don't like to suck your cob, (and please guys DON'T ask a girl about this on a first date) but I'm pretty sure this isn't race related.

So that's the first part. I'll post part II soon!


  1. I heard black girls only give BJs on Tuesdays.

  2. Black women don't give BJ's?

    This point had me to think about my mom's friend hot Arab friend and his African-American wife. She wanted to do it to him and vice versa,but he didn't let her do it. I'm with her husband. I don't believe in doing BJ's. If they like it, I always suggest for them not to look my way.Still, there are some Black women who do like it. They have to take their time to find the Black woman that is willing to do it.

  3. LOL @ modest: I heard we didn't give them in Ford Escorts. :P

    The BJ one is so strange to me because it's so specific. whether a woman wants to give them or not has very little to do with race. Some women like it and some don't but I've yet to meet a woman with the attitude of "I'm black, I'd NEVER do that!"

  4. 7. Black girls don't give blow jobs!

    Funny...I thought the stereotype was that we gave the best BJs, supposedly because of our lips. This is the first I'm hearing of this.

  5. I have to say you make a good point, especially with 3, 4, and 7.

    Not every Black is ghetto, but has Black tendencies, which any race has tendencies towards their own culture, that's a given. But not everyone reps the stereotypes of their race.

    now with point 4, that is so true! Black women have varied and wide interest. Like Madame CJ Walker was the first self made Black female millionaire. Check out women like Debi Thomas, La'Shanda Holmes, Phillis Wheatley, Laurel Ritchie and Dominique Dawes. They exceled at what they're interested in, and the interest is varied, just like there is a huge variety of Black women.

    Now, about number 7. From my personal observation, the Black women that give BJs and even like to give them (yes they exist), usually prefer to be in a relationship, the more serious the better. But like I said before, that's been from observation.