The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: "Who's That Guy Again?"

14.6.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

As much as I love Shen, the one thing that annoys me about him is his ridiculously short attention span. I'll say something to him and he'll reply, then moments later repeat what I said. Or he'll ask me the same question over and over.

We're watching TV when a makeup commercial with Gwen Stefani.
Shen: She looks familiar.
Me: Yeah that's Gwen Stefani.
Shen: Oh, right.
Next day, the same commercial.
Shen: Who is that girl? I know her from somewhere.
Me: -_-

The Verizon commercial with Randall Park comes on.
Shen: Hey, isn't that the guy from that movie you showed me?
ShaSha: Yeah that's him.
A hour later, the same commercial
Shen: Oh, I've seen that guy before. He was in that movie you showed me right?
Me: -_-

He's done this at other times as well. 

Me: We need to go to the grocery store, we're out of garlic.
Shen: Okay
15 minutes later.
Shen: Hey, we should go to the grocery store because we don't have any garlic.
Me: -_-

When we're not together we send text or IM each other. But that doesn't make things better.

Watching So You Think You Can Dance.
IM Me: That guy is a ballroom dancer.
IM Shen: Yeah he's good.
A minute later.
IM Shen: He's really good. What is his dance style?
IM Me: -_-

Sometimes I think he's just fucking with me because I often call him out on his not paying attention to me. Now every time he seems the Randall Park commercial he starts asking, "I've seen that guy before, isn't he--" and he laughs at me when I glare at him.

We also have a constant battle over him turning out the lights. Granted I live in an apartment where I don't have to pay for utilities, but he has a nasty habit of leaving rooms without turning out the lights. It started with the kitchen light but it seems to be spreading.He's left the hallway and bathroom lights on. He usually says something like, "Well I was gonna go back in there!" or "I left it on in case you needed to go in there!" But the guilty look on his face is a clear sign that he simply forgot to turn the lights off.

One time I had a BT moment and loudly told him to turn out the light. Though in my head I was jokingly yelling at him, he actually jumped when I did it. I did apologize to him as he turned out the light, but told him to stop leaving my damn lights on. He said he would try harder not too.

An hour later, the light is left on again.


Sometimes I get a bit passive aggressive and simply stared at him. When he gives me the "What?" I turn towards the kitchen. Then he figures out to turn out the lights. Sometimes I give a sarcastic "Thank you for leaving the lights on." Maybe next time I'll give him a fake bill and remind him of how much we'd have to pay if we move into a place we we'll have to pay utilities.

Oh well, at least he remembers to put the toilet seat down.