Kevin Wu's Birthday Mission

14.6.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

I spotted this on Angry Asian Man, and I just gotta love this kid. Kevin Wu is known by his YouTube moniker kevjumba. He's got over a million subscribers on Youtube and is probably mostly know for his Girls Are Like M&M videos as well as his stint on the Amazing Race with his dad. Recently he teamed up with The Supply Education Group, a group that is working to build a school in Lenana, Kenya. Kevin spent some time in Kenya with some of the students.

So now Kevin's hit the big 21 and rather than asking for money to get 21 shots, he's asking people to donate $21 to the supply education group. The goal is to earn $50,000 to build the school. This video breaks it down:

It's great to see him using his YouTube fame for this and I hope he exceeds his goal. The Supply education group made a special page about the birthday donation. Info about the Supply Education Group is on their website. There are only about 5 days left to donate so go get your donate on!

And if you need any more convincing here's a cute video of Kevin dancing with some of the students: