6 Videos Responses to Asian Men From Asian Men

1.7.11 ShaSha LaPerf 2 Comments

Alright here's the second part of my post for 7 Responses to Complaints from Asian Men Over Black Women. Okay, this may seem much lazier than the previous post since I'm not really writing much here. But I know for a lot of guys hearing all this stuff from a woman doesn't mean jack shit. So I waded through the enormous amount of AM/BW videos on YouTube to find good videos of Asian men giving AM/BW advice. Sometimes things just sound better when it's coming from someone who's your race and/or gender right? I'm not mad at that.So here are the guys:

Timothy De La Ghetto keeps it real.

MonsuierRay agrees with him.

This young buck realizes that talking to black girls isn't different to talking to other girls and say y'all should do the same.

This dude understands the battle between dating black women and parents.

HmongLauj92's shrugs off ideas of black female stereotypes:

icysparks2007 thinks you shouldn't worry so much about being rejected.


Alright guys, now you're heard it from me and you've heard it from men. If you still find yourself with excuse after excuse about how you can't or won't date black women, then hey, just keep away from us. Black women already have too much shit to deal with; we don't need the added drama. And for the guys that were curious about black women the do your thang. Grow some balls, forget what other people will think and go talk to that cute girl you see riding the same bus as you everyday!


  1. Awww.. that Icysparks seems to adorable and inquisitive

  2. Another good youtuber about AMBW is TenchiJK :).