ShaSha is going on vacation...

6.7.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

Woohoo heading to Chi-Town tomorrow! Each year my friends and I get together in whatever city we live in and this year is Chicago. So blogging is on hold til I get back next week. I did what SYTYCD this tonight and again was bothered by the wack ass hip-hop routine. Don't know if I'll get to see the cuts tomorrow but again I'm hoping that Sasha, Tadd, Marko, and Ashley pull through again. Ashley and her partner struggled through the salsa routine and Sasha and Alex weren't much better. They better get through!!!

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit random and all over the place tonight so here's a bunch of shit that I threw together for this blog post!

Looks tasty right? A while ago Shen and I bought a book that had a bunch of different Asian recipes that could be cooked with a wok. I think we used the wok 1-2 times a week. We just had a bunch of left over veggies, noodles, and chicken and tossed it together with some mirin, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and rice wine. Added some sesame seeds and had a great meal.

Last week I watched Behind the Music with Missy Elliot. Missy if one of my fave rappers and after watching the show I immediately made a Missy/Timbaland/Aaliyah/Ginuwine CD mix for my car trips. "Get Your Freak On" is one of my fave songs from here. And can't play this song without thinking about the routine FannyPak did on America's Best Dance Crew when the show was still pretty good:

More randomness. Shen and I have been apartment hunting. Ugh, it seems to be such a pain in the ass to NOT find a place with roaches, bed, bugs, and people breaking into cars. Man, are our standards really that high?

Random Asianness. I recently discovered the group Aziatix. Apparently they're Asian American and making they're way into the Kpop scene. It seems that they mostly sing/rap in English. I got a chance to check out they're mini album and it was pretty hot. This song has also been in heavy rotation on my MP3 player:

One final note of randomness. Planking is stupid. And that Zookeeper movie looks fucking awful.

Okay I'm off!