Summertime Fun Music Style!

16.7.11 ShaSha LaPerf 2 Comments

Since it's the middle of summer, I've decided to to a completely shallow post thing time around and just post of bunch of cool J-R&B and Hip-hop songs that are about summer, or have a cool "summer feel" to it. So who's up for some new music? Well most of this music is actually a little older but when summertime hits, I break out my CD with these songs on it. It's not the full list but I think these are some great songs. Hopefully, y'all will spot a few artists you haven't heard much about and will look more into their music. So here goes!

CHEMISTRY - Mirage in Blue
Of course I can't make a play list without CHEMISTRY! One of these days I'll give them a full feature on my blog like I did for Kubota Toshi. Anyway, Mirage in Blue is a good chill i the backyard with the BBQ grill going. I always LOL at how short Dochin Yoshikuni's hair is in this video since he hasn't been that short again. I'm not sure where they shot the video though, couldn't find that information.

COLOR/DEEP - Summer Time Crusin'
COLOR is the name of a 4-member R&B group started by ATSUSHI from EXILE. The group went through a big member change and eventually was renamed DEEP. Before DEEP, I'd say that their music style had more R&B flavor to it. But after DEEP, their style is a bit more pop with a slight R&B flair. This song is from the first version of the group, which had ATSUSHI doing most of the vocals.

DOUBLE - Driving All Night
DOUBLE is considered to be the Queen of J-R&B. DOUBLE was actually a twin sister act but one of the sister's died. DOUBLE decided to keep the name an continue on. Through she hasn't done much in the past few years her music career has lasted well over 10 years. "Driving All Night" features a sample of "Boogie Oogie Oogie" by Taste of Honey. It's a cool song to get your drive on to.

EXILE - Fireworks
I already talked about EXILE when I wrote a blog post about the two blasian members in the group. EXILE actually has a summer song called "Summer Time Love" but I hate that song. So instead I'm featuring their song "Fireworks" which they did with hip-hop group DOBERMAN INC. I had a pretty hard time finding the actual video for it--it's pretty long, about 7 minutes. But I did find footage of their concert performance. EXILE's concerts are always way over the top and this video gives you an idea of what you'd see if you manage to get a seat to one.

Full of Harmony - Summer Gorgeous
Full of Harmony or FOH is another long-time R&B group. Honestly I'd say they're probably the most "R&B" sounding group out there, even more so then COLOR/DEEP, Chemisty and EXILE. And they've collaborated with a lot of cool people too like Ne-Yo and Teddy Riley. The guys aren't normally dancers or rappers, so I found this video a bit amusing to watch.

m-flo LOVES Emi Hinouchi and RYOHEI - Summertime Love
m-flo was another well-known, longtime hip-hop/R&B group with members LISA, TAKU, and VERBAL. When LISA left the group to go make crappy ass music, VERBAL and TAKU did the "m-flo LOVES" project with artists like Crystal Kay, Akiko Wada, WheeSung, BoA, and damn near everyone in the realm of J-R&B, and pop. Summertime Love is a great, chilled out song which features a variety of yukata, which are kimono worn in the summer time. I remember when this song was being used as a theme song for the department story Marui (also spelled "0I0I") when I was in Japan. I'd heard it whenever I was in the store.

MINMI - Summetime!
MINMI is a J-reggae/dancehall artist. In the states she's mostly known for the work she did on the Samurai Champloo soundtrack. But she's been a while for sometime too, taking as a bit of time off to get married and have kids. Whenever I this song is on while I'm in my car, I start bouncing around in my seat, rocking the whole damn car!

PALM DRIVE - Holiday
Palm Drive was a hip-hop/R&B collaboration album produced by AKIRA. AKIRA produced songs for artists like Hirai Ken, DOUBLE, Arashi, and Amuro Namie. This particularl PALM DRIVE song features Korean pop star BOA along with long-time J-rapper ZEEBRA and AKIRA himself adding vocals. This song was actually made late winter but this song has a good "summer feel" to me. LOL I think it's the B-ball scenes.

RIP SLYME - Rakuen Baby
RIP SLYME is a quirky hip-hop group. While there are many "hard" groups in Japan like Nitro Microphone Underground and King Giddra, Rip Slyme has a fun style to their music and videos. Some of the members of the group are also members of the Teriyaki Boys, who were featured on the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift soundtrack. "Rakuen Baby" is a pretty chilled out song.

SOULHEAD is definitely my fave female J-R&B group. They're a sister group who raps and sing in both English and Japanese. They're pretty versatile and will mix in some rock and reggae into their R&B flavor. They're also one of the few female groups that can actually do well with harmony. They've been pretty low-key to recently. Sora is one of my fave songs. It's also one of their early songs back when they were in their dreadlock and afro wearing days. But this video is awesome simply because it has a double dutch scene in it! And it's a great song to drive to.

Okay, I've filled your heads with some cool stuff for now. Happy listening y'all!


  1. just some info for mirage in the blue. I believe it was shot in Cuba based on the flag and buildings/geography. But I can't be exact.

  2. Sounds possible! Chem has filmed some of their other videos outside of Japan before like their Point of No Return PV.