ShaSha is on a mini-mini hiatus

23.8.11 ShaSha LaPerf 2 Comments

WTF!? There was an earthquake in D.C. today! Shit even some of my peeps in Detroit felt it!

LOL, I know that was random. Let me get to the point. Sometime ago I mentioned that Shen and I were moving in together. Well that move happened last week. But it also means that I'm out of internet and TV since we've gotta wait for Verizon to install the stuff. LOL I've pulled out my anime collection to torture Shen with since we don't have TV...damn we don't even have an antenna to get local channels with. #firstworldproblem

So I won't be doing much blogging or responding for about a week or so till my internet is up and running.

In the mean time, enjoy the vid I spotted on Cute Asian guy cooking. That is all.


  1. Oh, I've heard about it. I have folks in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. The phone lines are jammed. We're trying to see how my uncle and some family friends are coming along.

    It's weird. It's said that the last earthquake felt there was 114 years ago.On the East Coast. I'm from the South and I know where you coming from. It was said that some people felt rumbles here in Atlanta. I didn't feel anything. I guess it depended in what part of Atlanta people were in. Most of it was felt in the Northern Burbs of it, I live more of the central and the Southern outskirts of it.Overall glad to see that you, Shen and DC is doing fine.

    Also congrats to you and Shen on moving in together. I'm glad that there are were some good news to come out of this. I have had a freaky day. My former neighbor's dad passed..the earthquake..geez! it's been crazy

  2. I'm in Baltimore. The whole room shook.