10 K-Pop Artist I Wanna See Make A Comeback

14.9.11 ShaSha LaPerf 10 Comments

Today I wanted to talk about K-pop because it's Wednesday and I needed something random to talk about while waiting for America's Next Top Model All-Stars comes on.

So I'm very out of the loop with K-pop. The first time I heard Korean music was back in '99. I was a college freshman and we had the International Channel and this show called Music Video Heaven. MVH featured Korean music videos and a top ten list. The first song that got my attention was a pair of very cute young twins that were rapping in Korean. Unfortunately I can't remember their names now, but I remember finding the song on Napster (when it was free). For a while I was big into it, listen to A4, g.o.d., Sechs Kies, Drunken Tiger, Big Mama, SE7EN, Park Hwa Yo Bi, S.E.S., Bi, DJ DOC, CB Mass (who I think is now Dynamic Duo I think). But as I discovered J-pop, my interest in Kpop started to wain.
Over the years, most of the group I listened to broke up on went on a forever long hiatus, which also detered my interest in the music. It seems like nowadays there's a new pop group coming out every day. I occasionally checked sites like Allkpop.com and Soompi and page after page I find myself going, "Who the fuck is this dude? Who the fuck is that group? WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE!?" I'm having a hard time getting into things so I find myself going back to my old Korean music albums. The only recent artists I've had an interest in were Tohoshinki--who ironically I knew from their Japanese music and not their Korean stuff and and Aziatix who I mentioned a while ago on my blog. But that's about it.

So I recently read on Allkpop.com that after a 4 year hiatus, Soul Star would be making a comeback. Needless to say I was pretty fucking exciting. But it also made me think of a lot of artists from years ago that I would like to see a comeback for. So here's a list of people I would love to see just have a reunion concert or something. So here are 10 artists I'd like to see comeback:

I put these groups together. Originally H.O.T. consisted of 5 members: Moon Hee-joon, Jang Woo Hyuk, Tony An, Kangta, and Lee Jae Won. H.O.T. was one of the early groups I remember getting into along with A4 and Seck Kies. But their song "Outside Castle" is what made them the top group for me and is still a song I listen to quite often today. I also have a vivid memory of the video because they used to play it all the time on Music Video Heaven. Take a look:

At the height of their game, H.O.T. announced a breakup. Jang, Tony, and Lee stayed and formed the group JTL. I wasn't a super huge fan of JTL but their "A Better Day" song and video are also jammed in my brain. JTL is was formed months after the end of H.O.T., which is made pretty clearly in this video:

As One
As One is the first girl group I ever got into and consisted of two members named Min Young Lee and
Crystal Chae. Actually their songs were the first songs I tried to sing in Korean until I realized how horrible I sounded--singing in Japanese suited me better. Anyway, the English title for this song is "For You Not to Know." It's funny that I remember this song but don't think I ever saw the entire music video. This is another song that slips in to my music playlist quite frequently:

Jin-woo Kim and Noh Seung-hwan used their names to create the name of the group. Jinusean was the first "real" rap group I came across. I remember 1TYM, but I don't think I really listened to their music that much. Anyway I'm not sure of how I learned about them. I think I must've Yahoo!'ed Korean rap and came across them.

Yoo Seun Jun
Yep, another one I discovered from Music Video Heaven, though the song they would play all the time was Can't Wait with Yuki Hsu. I liked Yoo Seung Jun's style and remember his not-going-to-the-military scandal. I know he's doing music in China and being all actor-y there as well. Haven't checked out that music but might look into it soon. So here's "Can't Wait." I LOL at the shiny ass suit he's dancing in:

Ahh Shinhwa. After the break up of H.O.T. and A4 I was at a lost for Korean pop boy bands. Then I came across Shinhwa. Shinhwa had six members: Eric Mun, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan, Shin Hye Sung, Jun Jin, Andy Lee. Along with Shinhwa I discovered g.o.d., but I have to say that I liked Shinhwa a bit more because I'm shallow and thought they were mush better looking.  Anyway, "Deep Sorrow" is a more recent song then say "T.O.P.," but I love the baby-making potential this song has.

Fly to the Sky
Like Shinhwa, I got into Fly to the Sky for shallow reasons. I thought they were cute. But I enjoyed their songs and thought they were definitely talented in the vocal area. The duo consisted on members Hwanhee and Brian Joo. Although I have solo music from both members, I really enjoyed them as a duo. LOL they were my Korean Vlidge or Chemistry! They had a lot of songs I enjoyed but "Gravity" is the one that really hits the spot:

Tasha Reid a.k.a. Yoon Mi Rae
Tasha, Tasha, Tasha. Interesting I discovered her from a streaming Korean music site when she released her first album. When I heard her rap I was like, "Damn who is this chick!? She's on fire!" I was quite surprised to see her name as Tasha Reid (or t) and found out about her blasian background (black dad, Korean mom). Anyway I didn't even know she returned to music because she started using the name Yoon Mi Rae and made some changes to her look and style. And she's married to Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, talk about Korean hip-hop royalty. Anyway, I know "Black Happiness" is a much later song (I had a very hard time finding videos for the song I wanted to do), but I like it a lot and the whole "growin up" feeling of the video:

Brown Eyes
Yoo Na Ul and Yoon Gun formed the group Brown Eyes. These guys seem to come and go. I think they break up, get together, break up, get together again, blah blah blah. Like FTTS, I loved their music and just loved hearing them sing together. "With Coffee" is the first song I got from them and yep, this was a another video I spotted on Music Video Heaven.

Soul Star
Soul Star is a later group compared to the others. I'm not really sure of how I found out about them. I think I was lurking around on Soompi when their name came up. The groups consists of three members: Lee Chang Keun, Lee Seung Woo, and Lee Kyu Hoon. They make smooth baby-making music and again, the vocal talent is off the charts for me. I really wanted to use "AM 2" but couldn't find a video for it. Actually for all the songs I like I couldn't find videos. So here's the audio for their song, "In My Bed" which I like to listen to when I'm just chilling...wait for it...in my bed! I'm not apologizing for m bad pun by the way. But I was very happy to hear that they would be returning to the music scene and I'm hoping they have a new album release soon.

WheeSung is probably the only solo male artist I really stuck with. While I like some stuff from Bi and SE7EN, WheeSung is the artists I most look forward to hearing new stuff from. Actually I thought he would be the one who would really make it hear in the states because frankly I think he blows both Bi and SE7EN out the water. Anyway, I'm never really clear on what's happening. I heard that he is supposed to release some new music soon but I also heard about that he was going to head to the military soon. So I'm not sure what's up. Though "With Me" was the first song that got me into WheeSung, "Incurable Disease" is just a hot song:

Well that's my list. Just thinking about all these artists make me tear up. I'm gonna run to listed to these people now! No wait Next Top Model is on! Gotta go!


  1. You must forgive me about my ignorance of a lot of K-pop music as I still trying to play catch up of who's who.

    You brought up Drunken Tiger and Tasha. I would REALLY love to meet them. He looks like one of those people who can chill out with. Tiger also picture me as crazy as I don't know what( I mean that in a figurative sense).

    I also don't understand why his wife was never discovered..OMG!! Tasha is really a good rapper/singer. . It's amazing how people don't do good raps like they used to. If the lyrics doesn't contain about money and booty, forget about it.Tasha sounds like what today's music should sound like.I've also got interested in Se7en's music.. that sneaky boy. I had no idea that he was playing a club in ATL and lived here at one time, but from what I've heard about it, he turned the place out.I wonder did he marry his longtime girlfriend?

    Although they aren't old, I've just love me some Clazziquai. I may not understand jack of what is being said in "She is" but it's just beautiful, even my folks thinks is a beautiful song. I made sure I put that song in my musical collection.

  2. I've heard that Tasha and Drunken Tiger are going to be working with Amerie on her upcoming album. In the meantime, The hip hop duo are recording music with their hiphop Sunzoo and I think that Tasha is going to be on a TV show as a judge. I haven't heard of the other artists since I'm more into the newer groups (2NE1, 4Minute, etc.) I like your blog btw! I"m a black kpopper too!

  3. @M: LOL, I'm completely lost on who's who too! Seriously every time I go to allkpop there's a whole new group of boybands and girlbands way out of my age range. Tasha I think was probably ahead of her time. Nowadays a lot of Kpop stars are trying to break into the US market and she would have been perfect for it. But she may be "too old" to do it now. I haven't heard much of Clazziquai but I know they're often compared to m-flo from Japan. I think both groups actually worked together at one point but I can't remember.

    @ Teddy: Thanks for the info about Tasha and DT. I was randomly watching MNet one day and they were doing a documentary on a hip-hop festival in Korea. Both Tiger and Tasha were there; that's actually what made me think about them (I don't know when the doc itself was filmed though). I'll check out your site, LOL maybe i can get a clearer idea of all these new folks!

  4. Yeah, you really cannot keep up with K-pop. They bring out groups far faster than A-Pop,but that isn't good. Just when you try to get acquainted with one group, it's on to another. If I was big on K-pop, my biggest gripe with it would be that that fans don't get a total feel on who they are for doing this. Along with not feeling the groups, the music isn't as unique as it once was. That is why I like Tasha because she is one of such people.

    That is why I also like Clazziquai. I've been listening to "She is" for several months. I came across their music by accident,but it was a good mistake. Now listening to that song is what I call sweet music to your ears. I could be wrong,but that song is one of very few K-pop( besides Tasha and Tiger JK) that doesn't sound like it's same song.I think that I will check out this M-flo and see what they are about.

  5. Got to listen to M-flo..not bad at all.

    I decided to sample M-flo w/Yoshika let go.It's a very beautiful song. I'm still trying to find the possible duet they did. Clazziquai sounds great and putting M-Flo together..I don't think they can't go wrong with it. Now that is great singing.

    I remembered a K-pop fan making a remark on one of those K-pop blogs about hardly nobody hardly responding to the Tokyohive blog and thaT K pop is dominating the world. It's a great thing that South Korea is exposing us to their entertainment and I enjoy it as well as learning more about who they are,but they should never count Japan out. Japan has been at this for a mighty long time.They could rise again.

  6. Yeah that song (She is) is beautiful. I first heard of Wheesung and Soul Star when both did collaborations with Eddie Shin whose now with the group Aziatix. Like you guys said they are too many to keep up with.

    M-Flo…..mmm, I didn’t know worked with Teddy Riley. See, that’s I am still torn over the Bi/Raphael Saddiq controversy.

  7. @Lady: I didn't know that WheeSung and SS worked with Eddie Shin. Was this a physical release? I'll have to check it out. I'm becoming a fan of Aziatix so I'm interested in hearing some "kinda-sorta" solo work for the members as well. I don't think m-flo worked with Teddy Riley, but R&B group Full of Harmony did. The song they did really sounds like a "Teddy Riley" song too. When I first heard the song, I was like, "Riley is still alive!?" LOL And what is the Bi/RS controversy? Hadn't heard about that one. I lost touch a bit with him because I wasn't to keen on Bi's last album.

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  9. @M I love me some Clazziquia and She Is was on repeat on the IPod on months, that song is just so beautifully composed.

    Tasha is so talent and would blow this femal rappers out of the water. Now she is a throwback to when rapping was an art form not getting a paycheck.

    @ShaSha LaPerf I just wanted you to know that Shinhwa is Back!!! After like ten years, one of the original idol boy group, thy are back to show their juniors how to truly bring it.
    Also I think I heard or read somewhere that WheeSung had a new song out or something of that nature.

  10. Myra-

    Wheesung is now in the military :( he has released a mini album last year I think. Have you cheked his previous albums Vocalate and With All My Heart and Soul? Wheesung has been the very first Korean artist who made me like ballads, especially Asian ballads. Him and then Brown Eyes, and Kim Bum Soo as well, I love their voices, Japanese men don't sing like that, except maybe F.O.H..
    My favourite Wheesung's songs are "We're Not Crazy", "With Me", "Choco Luv", "Memoirs of Midair" and others (I don't remember the Korean titles). I basically only fangirl over him lol

    Tasha/Yoon Mi Rae is going to make a US debut! It was about time. She will collaborate with Far East Movement, just like CK did this month. Looking forward to the song and live performances! She said she and Tiger Jk will release albums soon (separately).