The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: A Hairy Situation

30.9.11 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

Wow! Has it really been two weeks since I've updated this blog! I've been having moments of busy-ness and moments of lazy-ness wrap in with moments of "shit I want to take to trips next year but I'm broke as hell I need to start doing some freelance design work!" moments. I'm getting back on track now as I have a few things I want to write about this weekend.

So given by the lame title, you've guess that this blog post is going to be I'm sure a lot of the ladies reading this blog have been through the whole, "do Asian men like natural or permed?" or the "Do Asian guys can if black girls wear weaves" conversation come up on blogs related to AM/BW dating. But this post isn't so much about that. Actually it's a bit about Shen's hair.

Some time ago I found out that Shen has been quite frustrated with his hair. You see, years ago he lived in the midwest and he found the perfect barber. The barber, who was on the quirky side, had a full understanding of what Shen calls, "Sweet Asian Hair." He refers to his hair that way because it has the ability to achieve the short, spiky look without having to use any hair gels to do so. Like this:

Shen insisted that I crop the picture to show his cute folder on the right.

Since Shen moved back to Maryland, he's been having a hard time finding someone that could replicate the rapport and styling that he had with his barber in the Midwest. While he was living outside of Baltimore he'd found someone who did an okay job. However since he's moved in with me it's been a bit tough for him to find someone close to the area.

We decided to search for a salon in the DC and found a few prospective ones, but most of the ones he was interested in were on the pricey side. Eventually Shen's hair was starting to lose to gravity and fall, so he decided to fork over $40 to get a hair cut. It looked pretty good when he first got it cut, but it started growing out all weird. So he became frustrated again.

This week he decided to try a hair salon in Maryland which was cheaper but further away. For now his hair looks great and he likes it, but says the verdict won't be out until his hair starts growing back.

Honestly I never thought much about men's hair, let alone Asian guy's specifically. Though I'd dated other Asian men, I never really though too much about what their hair was like--though I did go out with one guy that was clearly using too much Axe gel. His forehead was all greasy and shit. And of course when I was in Japan I got to see the "lion mane" style that was pretty common with hosts like this look:

From Asia Mullet Hair Styles

Though many Asians hair straight hair, it's pretty easy to assume that they can just go to any barber that's familiar with cutting a white person's hair and expect them to do a great job. But Asian hair can have a few differences and styles that work for them (Shen and I actually researched Asian hair in a fit of boredom). When Shen joked about not being able to find a hair salon in the predominately black neighborhood we live in, I actually agreed with him. Hell I'm a natural girl and know full well a lot of black hairstylist freak the fuck out when they see me walk in the door; I'm sure heart attacks would ensue if Shen walked in.

I had sympathy for Shen because I know what a total pain it is to find a great hair stylist. Back in my perm and extension days I had trouble finding stylist that I would go back to. I was burned, yelled at, overcharged, you name it. Eventually I did find a really good stylist, but ended up leaving for Japan. It was actually in Japan where I found the stylist that was probably the best one I'd ever had. She was a Japanese woman who'd spent years living in America working at black hair salons. I enjoyed talking with her about whatever and my hair always looked good. Actually she was the one that convinced me to go natural and cut and twisted my hair while I was in transition. 

Like Shen, I started freaking out about my hair when I returned to the states. I'm from Detroit where having natural hair means you get called "nappy-headed" or you're too broke to get yo hair did. Hell my aunts STILL ask me "what is wrong with your hair when I visit. But DC seemed a bit different as I saw many women rocking afros, dreads, twists, curls, all type of styles.

And now that I'm completely natural (a case of seborrheic dermatitis keeps me way from a lot chemicals in my hair), I start freaking out at the thought of having to get my hair cut. It drives me nuts explaining to barbers and hair stylists that I just want my afro shaped and not my head shaved.  So while Shen was looking for a someone, I was looking for a stylist of my own. I managed to find a place that did a good job with a trim, by the way.

So for now Shen and I are satisfied with out styles. I've seen Shen with various hairstyles, including bald and his 90's Backstreet Boys hair, but I find him at his sexiest when he has his short look. Shen openly says he loves all my styles be it my fro, cornrows, or twists. Haha I don't let him play in my hair though, especially when it's in fro form (seriously dents in the fro are NOT cool). We'll see what'll happen hair wise in the next few weeks.

On a random note, Shen's mention "Sweet Asian Hair" lead us into a lengthy debate over what styles, besides his is SAH. LOL I showed him host club hair which he hated. And We got into a little argument about whether or not Douchin from Chemistry had SAH (but I think he's really just tired of me swooning over Chemistry all the the way I framed me signed chemistry poster). I think he though Sung Kang from Fast Furious had SAH, but John Cho did not. We still had some debates about it from time to time.