The Men People Magazine Forgot

20.11.11 ShaSha LaPerf 8 Comments

So recently People magazine did it's annual (mediocre) "Sexiest Man Alive List." In general these type of publications aren't known for having a lot of men of color in them. Oh-so-sexy Britsh brotha Idris Elba is on the list along with Jason Derulo, Jay Pharoah and Keenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live (Jay and Kenan? Really People?). But there was slim pickings will be slim on the side of Asian men. John Cho made his second appearance in the article and Harry Shum Jr. of Glee and LXD fame made it in there as well:

From Socialite Life

But I didn't seen any other guys. So to take me off the troubles of my car issue--which is STILL sitting broken in the parking lot--I've decided to write this article about hot asian guys.

Yes I know there are tons and tons of hot Asian guys out there so decided to give myself a list of restrictions and present the article as if it was some People would do. I won't say that these are the "Sexist Men Alive" though because that is just way to debatable. So I'll say it's "Other Sexy Ass Men Who Should Be On The List."

I narrowed my list to men over 25 and have had done some media activity in the states in the past year--November 2010 to November 2011. I also choose men that have not previously appeared on People's list (so no Will Yun Lee or Daniel Dae Kim :P).

Because there are tons of hot Asian guys out there I narrowed my list to men over 25--sorry this is a bit more in my age range--and they had some activity--be it acting, music, etc. in the past year or the upcoming year. Some people will be So from November 2010 to November 2011. And I'll still miss some other guys, but I'm basing the men I've chosen are men whom I've seen in action. I wanted to find a few of the not-so-obvious guys (sorry John Cho and Daniel Dae Kim), but a few of these guys on the list may be well known anyway. Anyway, the profiles are pretty brief because I didn't feel like spitting out every thing on their Wiki or websites, but you can click on their names to get their info. So here goes:

From Daily Gossip
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Japanese
Probably Know Him As: An ex-member of the Japanese boyband KAT-TUN
Recently Seen In: His overly auto-tuned single "Test Drive" with Jason Derulo
What Makes Him Sexy: He's got the standard Japanese boyband hair but I always found him one of the more charming members of KAT-TUN. I didn't listen to a lot of KAT-TUN, but I liked watching Jin in Japanese drama shows like Anego and Gokusen 2. He can't sing for shit though, and he's trying to take on the American music scene. "Test Drive" is a dance number that may do well hereand he's good-looking enough for me to keep an eye on his career.

From Pop Tower

Age: 37
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Probably Know Him As: Asian Dude with the Mohawk (Wilkes) in Fast Five
Recently Seen In: Reel Steel
What Makes Him Sexy: He wears those tight Body Armor shirts well! I definitely turn an eye at a well chisled man and he fits the mold. I chose the mohawk picture so people would remember what he looked like in Fast Five, but he's also pretty hot with hair.


Age: 47
Ethnicity: White/Asian
Probably Know Him As: The Chairman on Iron Chef America
Recently Seen In: Hawaii 5-0
What Makes Him Sexy: I'll forgive him for being in that godawful Double Dragon movie, but he falls into the DILF category. While the original Japanese Chairman had a more wacky charisma to him, Mark has a bit more of a mysterious feel to him. It's all bout the eyes on this guy.

From Cool Asian Hair

Age: 39
Ethnicity: Korean
Probably Know Him As: Han from the Fast and Furious movie franchise
Recently Seen In: Blogging for You Offend Me You Offend My Family
What Makes Him Sexy: LOL Sung Kang gets points for appearing in a video for ex-Korean boyband g.o.d.! But he falls into the "Sweet Asian Hair" Category. I will refrain from making car and ride related jokes for now. :P

From Disney

Age: 30
Ethnicity: Indian
Probably Know Him As: That Guy Singing that "Down" Song with Lil Wayne
Recently Seen In: His "Like This Like That" video with Birdman

What Makes Him Sexy: I actually found out about Jay Sean when I was in Japan because his UK album was released there and I've been a fan since. He's pretty fun to look at and even fun to listen to be it through his singing or hearing his British accent. He's releasing a new album on Nov. 22nd so we'll see if he can duplicate his "Down" fame.

Age: 37
Ethnicity: Indian 
Probably Know Him As: Dumbass Scientist Mohinder on Heroes
Recently Seen In: Covert Affairs
What Makes Him Sexy: This man is just ridiculously pretty. I knew Heroes was getting terrible as the show went on and his charcter waS getting dumber and dumber, but his face was enough to keep me watching until the bitter end.

From Korea
Age: 27
Ethnicity: Korean
Probably Know Him As: Zombie Bait on The Walking Dead
Recently Seen In: Zombie Bait on The Walking Dead
What Makes Him Sexy: I have to admit I struggled with adding Steven here because I don't think he'd sexy. I don't think he's bad looking at all, but I find him to be more "adorable" then "sexy." I think it's his smile. He has shown some serious badass-ness on The Walking Dead from time to time, which I think ups his sexy points for me though.

Age: 35
Ethnicity: Chinese
Probably Know Him As: The guy I blog about from time to time
Recently Seen In: The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: Shen, ShaSha, and a Chicken Bone
What Makes Him Sexy: Well I couldn't make this blog post without giving a shot out to my guy right? Sorry for no photo, he likes to remain a bit on the anonymous side.  Let's see what makes him sexy? Well it's not the massive amount of sports he likes to watch on a daily basis and not the dirty jokes he likes to make when we're cooking dinner. And I LOL when he decides to flex to show me his "guns" (which he just laughed at himself). He's a man that will sit with me through an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yeah, that's what makes him sexy. :P

Alright those are my guys. Maybe we'll actually see some of these dudes in People next year!


  1. *fanning myself*O..M..Freaking....God! This is...just too much for one woman to handle.

    This is about time. Still have some ways to go,but this is right on time. I was in the library last week and read that PEOPLE with Harry Shum JR in. It was a pleasant surprise(A little off the subject,but I also found it ironic that they were talking about Naomie Harris and being a Bond girl in James Bond). Harry was also hosting the FUSE show on Sunday.

    For the longest time, I've never got why more Asian men were never put in the sexy category like other races of men were. Growing up, the only sexy Asian man that was on TV at the time was of course Bruce Lee. I remembered going to the market and my my mom and my sister would joke about this Japanese father and son that had booth there. My mom would be like " You and your sister take the son and I'll take the father" Why not they both were good looking. Anyhoo..I just thought it was crazy that I would never see any good looking Asian men on TV.

    I see that you got my man Sendhil on here. Now I liked "Heroes",but he really got me watching it more. It's very unfortunate that that Writers strike killed the show. Man...Far as Jay Sean..he's hot. A couple of years ago, I didn't know that him and B.O.B was going to be at the mall performing,but I accidently came across those crowds of curious men and drooling young women. I'd thought that I would never get out the mall alive.

    Impressive as that pick is about Harry, Idris and the rest of the MOC's that are their picks, I just think that PEOPLE may want to tease us. They may want to pacify us in letting us think that they wants MOC's to be in the SMOTY category,but I don't see it. I hope that I'm always wrong about this,but I don't think it will ever be that way with them,

    I would comment about the rest of the hot guys on here ,but I don't want to overdo it as I sometimes do. It would take me days just to describe what I'm seeing on here. Far as your baby, we don't need a picture( I understand where he's coming from as I prefer to be anon myself) to know that you have a hottie on your shoulder. By how you describe him, he's seem like a genuine great man.

  2. This was a very good list. And I like your reasons for choosing these men. I will admit that I didn't know some of them, but the majority I do know. I agree about Sendhil Ramamurthy. He is a very good-looking man. And I find Steven to be very adorable too! I find his expressions to be somewhat funny when he becomes confused about the farmer's daughter. It's as if his character doesn't understand women too much, or how to deal very well with someone he likes. He seemed kind of awkward at times when. But maybe that's just what I see when I see him on the show. xDD

    I noticed when people magazine comes out with this list, the majority of the men they put into this category are white men, and the other 5% may be black and other races may be 2%. It would be nice to see a variety of different races, but I doubt it would happen any time soon. Although it would be nice to see a International sexiest man alive category. That way we could see other races from outside American acting/music/etc.

  3. Sendhil is gorgeous and so young looking. I saw the cover of People and it was some boring guy for sexiest so I didn't bother looking inside. Guess I missed out on Harry.

  4. Shasha,

    Good question about Wil and Daniel. They should have been mentioned as being the Sexiest men of the week. Maybe it's just me, but another thing that I notice is the Hawaii Five 0 commercial. Just like Taraji being left out as one of the main characters of her show, I've noticed the same thing with this. You see Scott Caan's face on there,but never their's.

    I was also just thinking about this whole PEOPLE sexiest man alive catergory. Many MOC's were shown as them being a weekly thing,but the yearly thing end up belonging to Bradley Cooper.How can you do that? For some reason, I don't buy it. Just like Panda said, maybe do an international version of this and see who the real winner will be. From what I see on other international websites, I have a strange feeling that Brad wouldn't win it.

  5. Great list. I have been crushing on Mark Dacascos since he starred in Only The Strong. I'm not a fan of Bradley Cooper but I am sooooo glad, it wasn't Justin Beiber or one of those Jersey Shore guys LOL

    I would have loved to see People Magazine including stars like Rain, Ken Watanabe, the guy from G.I Joe, but his name escapes me right now......mmm. Oh, Byung-hun Lee,that's it.

    I agree with you Pandaninja it's like they sprinkle poc here and there as an after thought. They can do better though.

  6. Woohoo at all the Sendhil fans! I was just sit and watch Heroes like, "how is it possible for this man to be so beautiful!?" That's why it was so frustrating for me to watch the way they treated his character on the show. Mohinder just got dumber and dumber each episodes, but Sendhil was too hot for me to give up on the show.

    People mag doesn't really cater to use so I'm not surprised to see the lack of men of color. Even though they have upped the "blac man" factor with the list it's still the same standard guys, like Denzel and Will. I was surprised that Idris was there seeing as black magazines have been gushing about him like forever. I bet had he not been in the Thor movie, he probably wouldn't had made an appearance. Jason Momoa was there as well, methinks because of his Conan/Game of Thrones stuff. I definitely saw Harry and John Cho, but don't remember seeing any other Asian men. Honestly I'm surprised they even got Harry. Even though Glee is crazy popular, Harry's role on the show is still pretty minimal. Hawaii 5-0 does have quite a few Asian men in prominent roles yet none of the men on that show were on the list. Both Will was on there in '08 and Daniel in '09, but seeing as that magazine has recycled other people including John Cho, they could have added them again.

    @M, I'd heard about the drama over Taraji and Person of Interest. Advertising companies are pretty notorious for doing shit like that. Even though Sendhil and Masi Oka in Heroes had major roles through the first season, they were often put to the back or the sides in some ads. And there was a major issue when the movie Couple Retreat came out a while ago and the black couple from the movie were put way in the behind the white couples (and in some posters completely removed). the only time I really remember seeing Harry in Glee commercials is when they based a recent episode about him ("Asian F" is the title of it of course). And Shen says "thank you" for the compliments. :)

    @Lady, LOL, I actually did have Lee Byung-hun on my list but removed him since he will be in GI Joe next year, but thought that would be cheating my 2010-2011 limit. :) I cut down my list alot because I didn't want it to be a crazy long post. >_<

  7. Shasha,

    Did you say Jason Momoa was there? Oh my! I was rushing looking at the pictures and somehow overlooked him..Man! I see why Lisa Bonet is trying to hold on to that man. I would be if I were in her shoes. I don't see a lot of him on anything these days.I admit to not looking at Glee. I just have not been able to get in that show yet, unfortunately as hot as Harry is, I've only seen it once and still couldn't get into it.

    I'll use the words that Modest used to describe people's Man OF The Year--- BORING! Now when it comes to hot men, I'm not biased about it,but to see only White guys make the predominate list of hot men, it does get frustrating. I like hotness from all races/nationality of men. If you ask me, I would have chosen my man Sendhil for that section. He's really incredibly good looking in this picture.Who can deny a face like that?!

    I also agree with you, they really made him look like a supergeek in HEROES,but I wasn't giving up on my man. A lot of Masi's women viewers put him on the sexy list,but like his colleague, it was ignored. Bradley is as known as Sendhil and Masi, yet he's hit the jackpot with PEOPLE and Hollywood. With White man list as I have done on Ankh's blog, if I chose one for that category, it wouldn't have included Bradley. That wasn't one of his best photo shoots.

  8. Oh, now this is a great list! I don't totally agree of course but I can make my own list and put whoever I want on it of course :P

    Even though he is in the military right now, and the rules said men had to be active, I just can't get with a list of sexy men that doesn't have Rain on it. His sexiness overrides all rules, conditions and criteria imo.

    That is too sweet that you put Shen on your list! Awww!