Totally Random Post #1

3.11.11 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

This year I've decided to participate in NaNiWriMo, so my posting will probably be more sporadic than usual this month. LOL no, I'm NOT writing a Blasian story, I gave that up a long time ago. But I'm writing a fantasy story named "The Nightmare Eater" about a young boy that has the ability to "eat" the nightmares of other children so they could have sweet dreams. Maybe I'll post some stuff here. But in the meantime, I've decided I need to be more random on my blog. So here's totally random stuff I've been thinking about this week.

Lately I've been torturing  Shen in a particular song.

LOL I don't think he doesn't like the song but he doesn't like the way I sing it. Now I can hold a tune. Hell I even won the Otakon karaoke contest a few years ago. But sometimes I like to sing purposely off key. It's just my way of annoying the hell outta people for my own pleasure. Anyway, anytime this song comes on the radio I turn it up and start singing. He really hates it when I get to the "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah" part. Yep, I'm a bit of a sadist.

Speaking of Shen, he recently got a hair cut.
A while ago I blogged about Shen's drama over finding someone to cut his Sweet Asian Hair. He tried a new place in Virginia. And he hates it. I have to hold his hands so he'll stop playing with his hair.

Fuck Yeah! Atsushi has a new solo song!
Of course I can't talk about random shit without talking without J-music. And y'all know I'm an EXILE fan. Lately I haven't been a big fan of theirs but I was excited when I found out that Atsushi was releasing a series of solo songs along side EXILE songs. As a solo artist Atsushi's style is definitely more R&B. Here's a radio rip of his upcoming song, "Oooh Baby":

And speaking of Atsushi...
Someone uploaded the song he did with Boyz II Men for their Twenty album, titled, "End of the Day":

The Asian guy is still alive on The Walking Dead!?
So Shen and I got hooked on The Walking Dead after watching a marathon of the first season. Actually in the first season there were several black characters including a female. However, by the end of the show, the population of black folks had dwindled which annoyed me a bit. The show is on the second season and Steve Yuen, who plays Glen, is still in the running.

from Zimbio
And he has do shit. This season he hasn't been as prominent, but it's only the third episode, so we'll see what happens.

Fuck Yeah! Real Housewives of Atlanta is back next week!
Umm...yeah this show is a guilty pleasure of mine (Shen had The Jersey Shore). It's funny I couldn't make it through one episode of Basketball wives, yet I'll sit and watch RHoA over and over. They seem somehow less trashy than the chicks on BW and I have to say I'ma fan of Sheree and Nene's snappy comebacks. So I'm excited to see those crazy ass women coming back next week!

That's the randomness for now. I'll bring some new random stuff next time!


  1. Oh~! You're participating in NaNoWriMo as well? So am I! If you don't mind me asking, what is your url so I could add you as a writing buddy on there? :)

    I myself watch The Walking Dead. I've been watching it since the first season and I am a huge fan. The black actors on the show have diddled down to only one now, which is kind of disappointing. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually killed his character off soon as well. Nevertheless, I am a fan of the show and watch it every Sunday it premiers xD

  2. There's a URL!? Shoot, I thought you just wrote to your words then posted at the end! I need to read the page again. @_@ LOL, I'm WAY behind. I got asked to do some design work, so I've only gotten to about 1,100 words. :(

    As for TWD, yeah the black guy has been getting the short end too long. I'm hearing the comics are pretty good so I'll probably add it to my Amazon list. This week we got to see more of Glen even though it was awkward stuff going on.

  3. Yes, lol. xDD This is my account: :)

    I've heard the comics are good too. I've been meaning to check them out, but I haven't yet. I know! It was pretty awkward. Though, I couldn't help but to smile at how awkward Glenn seemed around the farmer girl (I forgot her name Dx). Not to mention when he had to give the pregnancy test to Rick's wife. Judging by Glenn's expression, I'm sure he knew something wasn't right.

  4. Hey Panda, LOL I gave up on NaNiWriMo cuz of too much crazy drama lately. >:( I did bookmark your account so I can check out your stuff. I may just upload what I have even though I didn't get vary far.

  5. @ShaSha

    Lol, I noticed after I read your other post xDDD But it's understandable. At least you did write something for it. :3