The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: Shen's Fantasy Women

13.12.11 ShaSha LaPerf 6 Comments

 Recently I've been posting a bit more about Asian guys I think are pretty hot. Hey this blog can't alway be about the deep stuff right? who doesn't want to take a good look at Harry Shum Jr.'s abs? But what many of you don't know is that before I post these kinds of things I often run my ideas by Shen. I don't discuss these things so much for approval, but more as it's interesting to hear what a man has to say about these things. And Shen's input has been pretty good, as he was the one who encouraged me to add Steve Yuen on my hot men list. And while he's only marginally impressed by Harry Shum Jr.'s abs, he enjoyed watching the dance clips I'd show him.

But hey it's not always about my fantasies. On occasion, we also talk about the women that fill Shen's fantasies, particularly those of color. Here's a small sampling of the women that Shen thinks are hot:

Top left to bottom right: Aaliyah, Christine Adams, Cree Summer, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Vanessa Williams, Esperanza Spalding, Josephine Baker, Stacey Dash, and Erika Alexander

Shen's reasons for wanting these women are pretty all over the place. For example, Esperanza Spalding is definitely a beautiful young women, but Shen is mostly attracted to her because of her enormous fro and the fact that she plays the upright bass. And Rihanna is on the list because he thinks she'd be a freak in the bed. And because I'm confident in myself, I'll let him get away with that. :P What was interesting to me about the women is even though he has the "standard beauties" that everyone like Rihanna the rest of the women, while beautiful, usually aren't hitting the top of the "Hottest Women in the World" list. But they're mostly women from the small screen and don't have the exposure say Beyonce or Halle Berry has. Shen likes the hippy style of Cree Summer as well as her character Freddy on A Different World. Christine Adams, from the TV show Terra Nova, is a badass female character, which is what got Shen's attention.

I was also surprised at Shen's love from Erika Alexander, mostly because I didn't even know he was a fan of Living Single until we were watching an episode of the show on TV One. LOL it was just another reminder of Shen's BT. Anyway he just thinks she's a damn fine woman and funny as well. She was pretty high on his list of hot women, which is why her picture is larger. LOL he's also a fan of Stacey Dash too. I blame that on watching the show Single Ladies with me. He was very disappointed when he found out she wouldn't be back for the second season.

There are two other women that also surprised me as well. This is the first one:

Pic from here
Shen has an irrational fascination over Rae Dawn Chong. She's at the top of his fantasy women list. In fact he gets down right passionate when he talks about her. When I ask Shen why he's attracted to her, he can never answer. After some prodding he finally told me that back in her Commando days she was pretty hot, but he doesn't think she's particularly hot now. Yet he insisted that I added her to the list. Then he retracted the statement before getting frustrated and asking me to stop asking him why he likes her so much. Don't worry, he's not angry over it, we usually just end up laughing at the whole thing.

The other woman is definitely the most baffling one of all:

Pic from here
Yes that is Wendy Williams. And her wig. No I'm not joking. Shen really does think she's attractive, and funny; he's a fan of her show. Oh yeah, he also admitted to being a fan of her tig ol' bitties.

If anything, I learned that Shen's taste in women definitely isn't as shallow as mine in men, LOL.


  1. What an array of gorgeous ladies! I think Erika Alexander is downright stunning, she has the most amazing skin and beautiful features. Not to mention she has a very nice body too. I wish she got more exposure.

  2. What really surprised me was Wendy Williams at the end of this blog. xD In all honesty, while looking at the pictures my eyes kept returning to Erika Alexander. I kept thinking to myself "Why does she look so familiar?" and then it hit me "Ohh! She's from Living Single!" I'm so used to seeing her braids, that she almost looked unrecognizable to me, lol. I also remember Cree Summer. She was always my favorite on Different World. From what I know of now, she does a lot of voice acting for cartoons and she is also a singer.

  3. Your Shen has some good tastes in Black women.

    The one that really surprise me though is Billie Holliday. Don't get me wrong, when I was a kid.. outside from my mom... I strived to be like her or Donna Summer because I just thought they were so international sensual and sophisticated,but you don't hear a lot of younger people( Like us and younger) talking about admiring their beauty. They will talk about Beyonce, Halle Berry, Rihanna and so on like they are the only beautiful Black women in our community.

    It's funny. some guys, including my uncle, are turned off by Wendy. My uncle think that she's a man I guess because of her height especially when she wears her heels. I find Wendy to be funny also because she doesn't( at least in our faces) show us no tricks. I remembered when she was on radio, how some people just wanted to strangle her.

  4. @Joyful: I think Erika was recently in an independent film. I would love to see her back on TV though. I can just image if they put her on a show like Single Ladies or The Game, it would make those shows miles better!

    @Panda: Yeah Erika hasn't had the braids for a while. I actually prefer her with the braids, but decided it would be best to choose a pretty recent pic of her. As for Cree Summer, it still amazes me how much voice work she's done over the years! I still remember her as Penny on Inspector Gadget!

    @M: That's a pic of Josephine Baker, not Billie Holiday. ^^ Shen actually chose her because of the Josephine Baker movie, which is confusing since that would mean he was actually attracted to Lynn Whitfield, who played her in the movie. But he wanted to stick to the original person. Shen does like Halle and Beyonce, but also seems a bit "meh" about them as well. But Shen has also had a fair amount of exposure to other types of black female celebrities (not just through me) which expanded his list of hot women outside the norm. The group was actually a bit longer and included other women like Brandy and Persia White from Girlfriends, too. LOL I think Wendy can look pretty at times, and I think she looks better now than she did when she was on the radio. But I kinda miss her radio personality though, she's so tame on her TV show.

  5. Shasha,

    Sometimes, I confuse Billie with Josephine and vice versa, but I overlooked the names at the bottom. Even with Lyn Whitefield, she's an attractive woman and a great actress. She kind of favors Josephine. I can see why Shen admire her. My brother was a huge fan of Persia White. He not only likeed the way she looked,but also liked her raspy voice.

    With Beyonce and Halle, they are very beautiful women,but they are sooo overplayed. It's just got crazy. How about Gabby, Zoe,Erika etc? When it comes to them (Media)they just don't acknowledge us they way they should.

    Though I like her show, I don't know who is dressing Wendy or if she is dressing herself because between her dress appeal and sometimes her makeup, it doesn't always compliment her. In comparison of the past she looks better,but she still needs to work mostly on her dress appeal.

  6. @M: LOL all I see on Wendy is her boobs! A lot of the dress she wears really put emphasis on them, but I guess that's what she likes. But I think in TV land a lot of women built like Wendy probably have to deal with finding a balance between dressing like a prude or letting it all hang out. And she's tall too, not all tall girls can pull off certain looks (seriously me + copped pants = FAIL). At least it looks like she wears a bra though, drives me nuts that NeNe on the Real Housewives isn't that far off in shape to Wendy, but doesn't put a bra on those puppies!