Because He Still Needs More Love...Harry Shum Jr.

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Recently I've been a bit fascinated with actor Harry Shum Jr. I'm not a fan of Glee, but I happen to cath a few eps where Shum's character Mike Chang has gotten some screen time and I have to admit, dude is pretty hot. I briefly mentioned him in my The Men People Magazine Forgot article, but felt like he needed a bit more love than just a little sentence or two.

Here's the standard Wiki bio. Shum was born in Costa Rica to Chinese parents, and speaks English, Spanish, and Chinese. His big break was on Comic View which I remember...LOL he was pretty easy to spot being the sole male dancer in the middle of a group of black women. That was near the end of Comic View when the show and the comics were pretty damn bad, and I was like, "Who is this Asian guy with corn rows!?" Anyway, he's been in a few films and TV series, but is mostly know for his role as Mike Chang on Glee. With the increase in his Glee role, Harry's becoming a prominent figure in the world of acting and I definitely see him being a big star in a few years. So here's a few reasons why I'm finding myself a fan of the 29-year-old, six foot tall "Man with No Bones:"


Umm...yeah that's just there for ogling. No other reason.

He knows how to rock a suit.

Okay this picture is also for ogling, but I'm actually going to make a point here! Shum is one of the few Asian-American actors to be featured in a GQ spread. Seriously, I googled GQ and a random list of Asian/Asian-American actors and the list of them that appeared in the American version of GQ was damned slim. So I supposed Shum getting a bit of focus is pretty impressive. I don't read GQ, but it is a mainstream magazine. So it's good to see him getting more exposure. Anyway, Shum was featured in an article related to suits and outerwear and despite the fact that the pants were way too tight and short, Shum looks rather good in the outfits. Tyra would be proud that he knows how to "smize" ("Smile with his eyes" for those of you that don't watch America's Next Top Model : P).

I guess the pants weren't that tight as he was able to show off some dance moves during the photoshoot:

The rest of the photo shoot images are on GQ's site: Keep Your Cool This Winter: A 12-Step Plan
GQ also posted a short interview on there site as well: The Man With No Bones

Glee remembered he existed and gave him screen time.
Recently Glee has aired two episodes that gave Mike, not only screen time, but FAMILY! He's come a long way from being literally "other Asian" on the show. Both episodes were related to his fathyer's disapproval of him being a member of the Glee club because his grades were going down; he had recieved an "Asian F" (meaning he got an A-) and his father blamed his girlfriend and Glee club as a result. In the first episode,  Shum gets to show off his dancing and singing skills--you heard me singing skills--when he performs "Cool" from the play West Side Story.

Fox has a serious locked down on Glee so it's pretty tough to find clips or episodes of the show outside of Hulu Plus and Fox's website.  So here's a short clip from the "Asian F" episode with features Mike and his dad, played by actor Keong Sim.

The second episode, "Hold On to Sixteen,"  is a bit of a continuation of the Mike/father drama as he participates in a competition which his father attends. That episode will be available to watch on Fox's website next week, but the episodes are only up for a limited number of days. Although I give Glee serious side for their black diva character Mercedes Jones, I have to compliment the way Mike's character is being handled. I could see Mike's character being the geeky Asian kid for "ironic" purposes (because you know Glee loves to challenge stereotypes, but not really). However Mike is on the football team, the glee club, he has a girlfriend and despite the "Asian F" he's still freakin smart. Granted his father is portrayed as a "Tiger Dad," For the most part, Mike has transitioned from just "other Asian" to a well rounded guy that just happened to be Asian.

He's got more than the "dance" side.
Over the year, Shum has been in several YouTube web series with allowed his fans to see a bit more than just his quick moves. He collaborated with Wong Fu Productions for a brunch of comedic shorts. Here's one of the clips which features Shum's idea of what a buffet means:

He also showed off a more serious, action side in the short "3 Minutes" which also featured So You Think You Can Dance Alumni Stephen "Twitch" Boss:

Of course, Shum did stay true to his roots when he appeared in a an episode from the LXD (League of Extraodinary Dancers). In this video he shows off his dance moves:

The majority of Shum's movie/TV roles have been related to dancing including Stomp The Yard and Step Up, but Shum has turned out to be a pretty versatile actor. Next year, Shum is going to go full drama in the independent film White Frog. Here's an interview of him discussing the movie and his role:


Yeah, I wanted to end this on a shallow note.

For more info on Shum, you can check out the recent interview with DA MAN magazine: DA Man Exclusive: Harry Shum, Jr.

EDIT: Just spotted this interview over at 'Glee' Star Harry Shum Jr. On His Biggest Dance Number Yet

Pics from  Tom and Lorenzo via DA MAN magazine and


  1. My cousin suggested that I see "Glee". No matter how I try, I just cannot get into the show...though I'm liking Harry!

    It's great that Harry's role is non stereotypical . Attractive men can be cool and nerdy,but with him, he kinds of remind me of a guy I went to school with. He was African American,he was hot and a basic nerd. He attracted all sorts of girls. I haven't seen him since the 8th grade,but I heard that he's a college grad and works as a director for a major pharmaceuticals company.By looking at him and his mannerisms ,you would have never thought that he could have been such a person.

    I could never see Harry in any kind of stereotypical Asian role and wouldn't want that to happen to him. It wouldn't fit him and I picture as a guy who wouldn't accept it even if it was presented to him. It just wouldn't fit his image.

  2. I wondered what happened to him. I thought he was so cute on Comic View. Now I feel like a pervert. He had to be pretty young on that show if is he's 29 now....But dang, he's a handsome young man..... all gown and sexy LOL

    However, I can't stomach Glee.

  3. Who would win in dance contest, Bi Rain or Harry Shum Jr?

  4. @M: yeah I've had a very hard time getting into the show. In fact I didn't watch a full episode until I saw some of the Asian blog buzzing about the Asian F episode. And I simultaneously hated watching it because Mercedes was in full diva mode (even though I did agree with some of her character's actions). The show in general bugs me because they try to make such a big deal about "look we have black and Asians and gays! See how diverse we are!" But they hardly ever use those characters well, it's still mostly about the straight, white characters. And I also tend to hate some of their versions of songs too. >:(

    So far Shum has managed to stay out the stereotypical roles but I'm nervous for him because from what I understand his character is a senior. So he might not be on Glee that much longer. I hope he'll be able to maintain a face on TV and movies. Or modeling, I'll take that! LOL!

    @Lady: I was really confused about Shum on BET because I vaguely remember people saying it was Daniel "Cloud" Campos who was the dancer. I think Campos is half Asian, but he looks a bit like Shum:

    I was also shocked to find out he was damn near my age! I think the majority of the Glee cast is old enough to rent cars though,LOL. So there's no need to feel dirty, he was still legal!

    As for a dance contest I would have to say Harry. I think Rain is good at doing choreographed dancing and pop/lock, but I haven't really been impressed with the few times I've seen him freestyle. Harry is a trained dancer and I think he probably can do more styles than Rain. He can probably would have a better ability to incorporate his moves better if he had to do a freestyle battle.

  5. Aww, that's interesting. I read somewhere Daniel was the dancer in Sade's Love is Found Video.

    I have to agree. I think Harry would win, solely on his versatility. I wished Rain incorporated more styles into his repertoire. I have danced Salsa and Merengue with of Asian men and they can make you cream your jeans. Lol I don’t believe in stereotypes :)

    I may DVR Glee and fast forward to Harry’s scenes…..

  6. Shasha,

    Good point( about his senior status). Graduating him from the show wouldn't give Harry enough time to establish his name. I cannot get into glee because it reminds me of a cheesy version of FAME.I would rather see in him in some NCIS or Law and order kind of shows. Even with Glee, Harry still seems a little awkward in it.

  7. @Lady: LOL! I think a lot of pop stars in general could benefit from learning other dance styles. Daichi Miura is a fave J-R&B artist of mine (albiet a bit on the young side) and he does the same moves It drives me nuts! I watched Glee on Fox's website directly for the Asian F episode and that made it easier to skip through the boring stuff.

    @M: I think he may have sitcom potential though. I don't like that show New Girl, but I can see Harry being on a show like that. Dancing seems to be a bigger deal to him, but I fear he may be getting too "old" to be in Stomp the Yard 6 or Step Up 23D. LOL, if anything Harry will end up on Hawaii 5.0. That shows has been pretty friendly to Asian guys!

  8. Shasha,

    Hawaii,5-0? ooh! I would love to see Harry on that!