日本FLASHBACK: One Crazy Christmas

21.12.11 ShaSha LaPerf 4 Comments

Woohoo! Another blog post! Since it's around Christmas and New Years I chuck out a Christmas related post. When it comes to my memories of living in Japan, I'd have to say this weekend was probably one of the more vivd memories I have.

Picture It. Christmas Eve 2005.

My second year in Japan my friend Terri was there. I mentioned Terri before and gave some brief info about the Christmas we had.
So everything actually started on Christmas Eve. Both Terri and were working, but had planned to go out to dinner and go party that night. On Christmas day we were going to see Skoop on Somebody, which had us super excited. We'd seen Skoop on Somebody perform at a music festival before, but this time around it would be a few horus with just them performing. Anyway, after work, we changed clothes, met in Tokyo then went to dinner. Either TGIFridays or Pepper Lunch, I forget which one. We decided to go to Ageha, a huge club just outside the main Tokyo area. However we were shocked when we got to the club and discovered it was at least a two hour wait to get in. In a moment of "Fuck that shit!" we hopped on a free shuttle back to Tokyo and hit up our back up club, Club Unity (sadly Unity no longer exists). Unity was a much smaller club, but had a friendly atmosphere and good DJs.

It's not long before Terri and I are shaking our asses all over the floor. We're single, living free, and having a great time. We dance with guys every now and then, but no one really gets our interest.

We finally tire ourselves out and decide to sit in the back of the club and people watch. That's when Terri spots a Japanese girl dress in a furry green dress, tinsel, and working Christmas lights. We find this really hilarious because she's the only one in the club bold enough to do this. But what really gets us is when she and a friend break out the electric slide. Despite the fact that we were tired, we hopped up and joined them. We dances for a while with half the club watching us. After a quick chat with our new friends, we decided to head up to the upper level.

When we sit down on the couch we notice a very cute, well-tones Japanese guy...dancing by himself in a huge wall mirror. We don't ever try to hide our laughter at this dude because he was so serious in his moves and checking himself out. Another guy comes up to my friend and asks her to dance. Meanwhile, Mirror Guy spots me and heads over. We start having a friend conversation about the usual stuff like "what do you do, bla blah blah." MG says he's looking for an English teacher--which I swear really is a pick up line for J-guys to foreign girls in Japan. But hey I was in flirt mode, so I go along with it. We talk a bit more and exchange contact info before Terri and I decide to leave the club. It's about 6 am and we're crazy hungry, so we decide to hit up the McDonald's in the middle of Shibuya.

We end up in line behind a black guy that's at least 6'5" and with a deadlock Mohawk. We were in awe at this dude's hair because it was an actual Mohawk, shaved sides on his head and all. We get into a short conversation with him and his friend then order up some breakfast and head to the second floor. It's crowded with a bunch of drunken young Japanese people, probably waiting for the trains to start running again (trains stop at about midnight and start at about 6 am).

While we eat Terri tells me about the guy she was dancing with. Apparently the guy and his girlfriend--yes I said girlfriend--were trying to get her to join them for a night of..."fun." They didn't speak that much english, but the guy managed to blurt out, "I have a small dick." Terri isn't the kind of person to lie. Actually she's pretty blunt, so her reaction to the couple was, "Time for me to get the fuck outta here."

Terri and I are laughing over her threesome proposition and what the guy had said. However we must've been louder than we though because Mohawk guy's friend walks by our table and says, "There's nothing wrong with a small dick, I'm half Mexican," before heading to the bathroom.

We completely lose it.

What made it even funnier is that the guy walked back by our table as if he hadn't said anything at all. We're too busy laughing too notice when Mohawk guy and his friend leave the McDonald's. We hang out at the McDonald's for a few more minutes before we make are way home.

On Christmas Day, we meet up again to go to Budokan to see Skoop on Somebody before. Although the place is packed with people, there are very few--if any--other foreigners in the place besides us. We can see the stage pretty clearly from our balcony seats which makes us more excited.

The concert is a blast. Skoop on Somebody definitely know how to put on a show and we even break out the soul clap when they start performing a rendition of their song "happypeople" and "Oh Happy Day!" See the video below:

They mix a few other Christmas and gospel songs in with there general playlist. After the concert, we pic up a few posters for a dealers, which I know have shoved in the back of my art portfolio, LOL.

So that was my crazy Christmas. Even now around this time Terri and I like to relive night. Since I'd spent my first Christmas in Japan by myself I was really glad to have a friend their share that time with me.

As for MG, we did meet up. LOL but it was just for an English lesson.


  1. Yay! Your Nippon Flashbacks are my favorite if all your posts! Thx & Happy Christmas!!

  2. Whoa, that is surely one crazy Christmas. I ugly laughed at the guy's confession that he had a small dick! At least he is honest lol.

  3. I had friends who visited Japan and loved it do death. Your Xmas sounds far better than mine. It's not that I hate it, but its the same ol same ol. I'm hoping to do something different with it if 2012 is promised to me.

  4. @Guaria: Thanks for posting! When I was in Japan I didn't blog only bu wrote in a bunch of journals. So I have quite a few stories to get though. :)

    @Joyful: The funny thing is, I totally believed Terri because months before a Japanese guy I was kinda-sorta dating had some something similar to me. It was hard to tell if he was just being tongue-in-cheek or just bluntly honest. Again it happened with a completely different guy late on. LOL and you really don't know how to react when someone says that. T

    @M: Christmas seems like a time people really really love or really hate, there's not much of an inbetween. Honestly as much as I enjoy my friends and family at this time, that year in Japan was probably one of the best Xmas I'd ever had. LOL maybe that's why Terri and I are constantly reminiscing over it!