The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: Shen Finally Gives In

10.1.12 ShaSha LaPerf 11 Comments

So this post is a follow up to a very early post I wrote about Shen's refusal to watch new version of The Karate Kid. Long story short, Shen has an irrational hate for the entire Smith family was well as Jackie Chan. He's a big fan of the original Karate Kid movie--he watches it everytime it's on TV--and as a result didn't want to watch the updated version.

I like the Karate Kid a lot. While I do hate the fact that they stuck with the "Karate Kid" name instead of the "Kung Fu Kid," I enjoyed watching Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan together. Plus the success of the movie shows that yes, people of color can sell movies (the movie made over 300 million at the box office). It's not the greatest movie in the world, but I think it's cute.

So when Christmas came around I was surprised to see that Shen had gotten me the Karate Kid on BluRay, and that he said he would watch it with me. For a while we kept putting off the movie. As much as I like it, I also think it's a bit long and it was hard for us to find a good time to sit and watch it. However after making sit through the movie Bloodsport, I figured it was time I made his ass sit down and watch The Karate Kid.
I told him to slip in the movie right when we were eating dinner. Figured we both be alert and not have to worry about getting hungry. So the movie starts. It doesn't take more than 5 minutes before he decides he likes the movie, and all it took was a scene where one of Dre's (Jaden Smith) friends gives him a skateboard as a going away present. Shen was soon sucked into the movie, enjoying the fight scenes and montages. In the end he grudgingly admitted to liking the movie. He still has an irrational hate for the Smith family and Jackie Chan, but we're making progress.

Meanwhile I can still think Bloodsport is fucking terrible. Seriously, it really is terrible. If he tries to make me watch it again, I'm gonna break out Sailor Moon on his ass.


  1. LOL @ threatening old boy with Sailor Moon!! I gotta agree with him regarding the Smiths. Not a fan. Won't go out of my way to watch anything they put out after 2000. And I'm totally rational about it.

  2. @Guaria Ditto! Totally rational lol.
    @ShaSha It's so cute that he finally caved. Ahhh, the power of love XD.

    On a completely different topic, I think you guys should do an interview for if you haven't already, without a picture, even. I love your blog, especially your Nippon flashbacks and your adventures with Shen :).

  3. As of this day, I have never seen the Karate Kid with Jaden Smith in it. I guess it haven't inetrested me as much as I thought it would.

    While I don't hate the Smiths, people talk about them so much until I get bored with them, just like they do with Oprah, Halle and so on. The way media talk about them, they make it seem that there are no other powerful Black people other than them. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Wil is one of the most powerful Black men in Hollywood,but that is they only thing that most media outlets know how to talk about them.

    At first I found Jackie Chan to be a little annoying,but I realize that he can be serious as he can being hilarious. I guess I didn't always take to him,because he was a B rated actor. I couldn't take him seriously. Now I won't criticize "Rush Hour". I did like him in those movies and from the small clip I've seen on the Karate clip, he did a good job with drama.

  4. LOL man all the hate for the Smiths! Shen's hate is irrational because whenever I ask him about he just says he doesn't know. Yet he claims to be a fan of The Fresh Prince, I, Robot, I Am Legend, AND his music. Don't make no sense! He just dislikes the rest of the family simply because of the nepotism of Jaden being in KK. But nepotism certainly isn't new.

    I like KK because I think it is the only time Jackie Chan got to do a more serious role. There's very little goofing off from him in the movie and his fight scenes are sans props and wires. It's funny seeing him in the V8 commercials because it's goofy Jackie Chan again. I haven't seen many of his HK movies so I don't know if he does take on the non-goofy roles.

    @M: I asked Shen about doing an interview and he's not interested in it. He won't even let me give him an official interview on my own blog, LOL. But I'm glad you enjoying reading and despite his current stank attitude, I think he secretly likes the compliments he gets here. :D

  5. I'm still boycotting the new Karate Kid lol I have the dvd and still refuse to watch it. I'm so tired of these blast from the past movies. I rather see Hollywood invest in something really interesting like the remake of Lady Sings the Blues. I ‘m on the fence about Mortal Kombat Legacy…but I do like Michael Jai White :)

    I respect Jackie's hustle, it may appear odd to see him in V8 commercial, however he is getting paid to endorse an American product. I have noticed an increase in more Asian actors in commercials and inclusion on the small screen. The way I see it, having a well known star is beneficial for Asian actors in the industry. I was delighted to see Russell Wong in the new Ikea commercials.

  6. LOL I am so hurt by the lack of love for KK! :( I do agree that Hollywood needs to take a break from the remaking of movies. I'm not to sure about Red Tails either. I really liked the HBO Tuskegee Airmen movie, so I'm not really interested in seeing a remake of the same story. And I think MKL would technically be a "reboot" or "prequel" instead of just a plain remake though. The definitions get a little weird when it comes to movie franchises. And I'm a fan of Michael Jai White too. I wish he could break out of that Tyler Perry show and do more action movies.

    As for Jackie, looks like he doesn't have any movies lined up for America in the neat year or so. So I guess the V8 commercials is a good way for him to stay a bit relevant here at least. Speaking on Asians in commercials it seems that Randal Park (Asian guy from the Dragon of Love short) is one of the Most recognizable commercial actors. LOL it does seem like he's in everything. There were two other Asian men listed, but I couldn't think of any specific commercials they were in. Here's the full list: 20 OF THE MOST RECOGNIZABLE COMMERCIAL ACTORS

  7. Have any of you seen The Shinjuku Incident? This is one of the more serious movies for him and he doesn't use his martial arts. Maybe you guys might want to give it a try?

  8. Much of the Smiths power in Hollywood has to do with their affiliation with Scientology, which I find quite frightening.

  9. Guaria,

    Wow! like you said, if Scientology is the reason why the Smiths is powerful force in Hollywood, that does make you think about things. Like him and Tom Cruise hanging out. Wil claims that he's not one..but I don't know. There have also rumors that the Smiths and the Cruises are swingers. Can't put that past people as well. People aren't always honest about their perfect lives.

  10. @M: I deleted the last comment because it was a double comment. :) I havent' seen the Shinjuku Incident yet, but I heard about it. I'll have to see if it's on Netflix. I think Jackie Chan has a lot of non-American movies that let him be a bit more serious. Just sucks that he doesn't get to do that here. I think Ken Watanabe are the only to Asian men that seems to get more dramatic roles when he does movies in the states compared to others. But I would like to see more doing the same.

    @Guaria: YEah, I'm not a big fan of the Smiths' association with Scientology. They don't seem as batshit crazy as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, which is why I tend to forget their association with it. I've heard the rumors about them being swingers/having open relationships, and if it is true, I'm really not bothered by that. There's a whole lot of home-wrecking and divorce/marriage drama going on in Hollywood that I think a whole lot of celebrities would be better off if there were swingers or in open relationships. LOL then again I also wish I knew LESS about celebrity sex lives. Seems like I can't turn on the TV with even the News reporting on who's with who.

  11. I still haven't watched the updated Karate Kid but my family members like it. I will hopefully watch it soon before school work gets heavy.

    I really LOLed at the Sailor Moon threat but I like Sailor moon. The Sailor Star (final season) was.. different and I am glad I watched it as an adult. The US definitely couldn't censor Haruka(forgot US adapted name) and Micheru (Michelle) from being lovers rather than cousins in that season (O.o at American change).