Because They Need Love...TV Chefs Edition!

2.1.12 ShaSha LaPerf 8 Comments

Yay! First post of the year! So Shen and I are big on watching Cooking related things be it a how-to show to competitive shows to crazy shit Andrew Zimmern is eating. What can I say, it's totally fascinating to sit and watch people create things or eat stuff I'd never touch with a ten foot pole, like fish. Seriously, I really, really hate fish. It's a long story. :P Anyway, I decided to give a little spotlight to some of the chefs I enjoy watching on TV. And of course this is a blog about Black and Asian folks so I'm gonna give them some love today. Don't worry Alton Brown I still love you too! Anyway, let's take a look at a few chefs and there's a super delicious treat at the end...

Everyone's Favorite Iron Chef
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto was an original member of the Japanese version of Iron Chef though he was a later addition to the show. He owns several restaurants in the states and has made appearances of many other shows such as The Next Iron Chef, Top Chef, and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He's also a regular on Iron Chef America. Of course he's my favorite on Iron Chef America. While a large chunk of it has to do with my irrational hate for Bobby Flay and the fact that Flay keeps beating Moritmoto, which I always call shenanigans on. It bugs the crap outta me that his voice is dubbed for American version Iron Chef though. Why didn't they just subtitled him or let him use Japanese? Food is international dammit! But I really just like watching him work. Like I said, I fuckin hate fish, but even I'd be interested in trying a fish dish from Morimoto. I always enjoy his presentations of food. I've seem him on other series and he genuinely seems like a nice good. And one a more shallow note, I think he's pretty attractive, LOL I blame the ponytail.

The Blasian Chef With An Inspiring Story
Marja Vongerichten
I actually came across Marja Vongerichten while watching an episode of BPM on MNET and she has a very interesting history. Long story short, Marja's father is black while her mother is Korean. After her mother left her, Marja was put up for adoption. She later found her mother in her adult life living the US. Marja and her husband, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten hosted the PBS series Kimichi Chronicles which is part cooking show, part South Korean travelogue, and part about Marja's person life experiences. The show is short though, only about 13 episodes, but I don't think we're done seeing Marja just yet.

The How-To Masters
Here are a few people that have regular how-to cooking shows:

Sunny Anderson
Sunny Anderson is mostly known for her TV show Cooking For Real where she dishes out one delicous meal after another, but nothing too complicated. Besides CFR she hosts a show called How'd That Get On My Plate? and runs her own catering business. And she was a radio DJ! Despite her bubly name, Sunny isn't super bubbling thankfully. Got enough of that with Rachel Ray. She does some typical soul food treats but also has thrown in some Latin, and Asian recipes. Plus she likes to make a drink or two as well.

Ming Tsai
I know Ming Tsai has been a while for quite some time but I only recently started watching his show Simply Ming on WETA. Ming owns a few restaurants and also host the TV show Ming's Quest. He gets extra love for beating Bobby Flay on Iron Chef. Seriously y'all have no idea how much Bobby Flay annoys me! Anyway, back to Ming. I have to say I'm not to impressed with the way he gives instruction on how to make the dishes for his show but overall he's pleasant to watch. Not hard on the eyes either. I liked the scenes where he's in China at the food marts shopping and trying dishes there, I like the addition of those type of things to the typical how-to format.

Patrick and Gina Neely
The Neelys are a pretty amusing couple to watch. The Neelys get points for being from my hometown. Interestingly it was Southern Fried Paula Deen that helped then get their TV show, Down Home With The Neelys. They later hosted the TV show Road Tasted with the Neelys. Like the others they own a restaurant or two in the Memphis area. At first I felt they were over the top with their massive amounts of flirting--we get you love each other! And sometimes I thought Gina Neely sounded like an airhead. But I grew to like them. The flirting is annoying but it's clear that they love each other and really enjoy I like some of their food and drink recipes...well I probably would if I got off my duff and bought one of their books.

The Top Chefs
Paul Qui, Edward Lee, and Nyesha Arrington
Top Chef has done a pretty goo job with having people of color compete though few of them have actually won the show. However since the list is a bit long to go through, I'll spotlight people from the current season of the show. Two of the contestants are Asian men: Paul Qui and Edward Lee. Paul Qui is classically trained executive Chef at Uchiko in Texas while the self-taught Edward Lee is a executive chef/partner at 610 Magnolia in Kentucky. Both Paul and Edward are strong contestants on the show, each having won several challenges. But I can't talk about this seasons of Top Chef without mentioning Nyesha Arrington. She is executive chef at Wilshire Restaurant in Cali. Although she was eliminated from Top Chef, she will have a chance to return to participate in the series finales if she is the winner of Last Chance Kitchen. This side series allows eliminated contestants to battle each other for a chance to return to Top Chef. So far, Nyesha is in the lead. Good luck to them all!

The Model Turned Top Chef

Carla is probably know for her appearance on Top Chef and her natural hair, but surprise surprise she was model before getting into the food biz. Carla appeared on both Top Chef  and Top Chef: All Stars, but sadly was eliminated from both seasons. However she was a very memorable competitor even becoming the Fan Favorite winner. Since Top Chef, Carla has opened her own catering service but is also a hostess on the TV show, The Chew. Think of it as The View minus that annoying Hassleback chick. I can totally see Carla getting her own show pretty show; I'd definitely watch!

The Guy Who REALLY REALLY Should Be On TV
Shallow Moment...coming...NOW!!!
Ronnie Woo
I posted a video of this guy on my blog before, but I never though too much about him outside of the fact that I thought he was damn hot and could cook. Well good Old Google helped me find out that this guy--who's name is Ronnie Woo--is actually a model. LOL man what is it with all the models-turned-chefs!? Anyway, I found his Delicous Cook site, where he posts recipes and videos. Keep up with his site ladies, he'll start having cooking classes soon! Although Ronnie has been walking runways and getting print work, his cook show is only on YouTube. Shit, I might have to start a petition to get this guy on TV. See how if you can actually pay attention to the recipe and not anything else, LOL.

Those chicken wings do look good and the recipe is on his site. Okay, all this talk about chefs and food has made me hunrgy. I need to go eat!


  1. Happy New Year Sha Sha and Shen:)

    Some of my fav chefs are here. If you like Chef Morimoto, you will surely like Jun Tanaka featured on the Chopped series last year. I love his voice.

    I was cheering for Korilla BBQ on the Great Food Truck Race until they cheated.

    I guess you can tell I like cooking shows lol

  2. Happy New Year to you too too Lady! :D

    Cooking shows are addictive! Sometimes it's not even food I'd want to try but I just like watching people work. Kinda like Project Runway, you want to see what the end result will be.

    I remember the Korilla drama. So stupid! Those guys are being filmed at least 15 hours a day and they thought they could get away with cheating. I wonder if it's had an affect on their general sales?

    I try to keep up with Chopped, but I just seem to catch random episodes. I didn't know about Tanaka, I'll have to look him up. Maybe he'll pop up on another show soon.

  3. I hope so. I would love to see him as a guest judge.Other than Aaron Sanchez, I can't stand the others.

  4. You just made me hungry looking at this.

    I'm sitting here looking at Ronnie. Dude can cook my meals anytime( in reality, I still love men who can cook)

    I love the Neely's as well. I just love what the make that good food. I'm still trying to figure out what a grilled pound cake sundae will taste like. I thinking like a 5 year old about veggie plates, that it will take like BBQ,but deep down ,I know that it won't. I intend to cook it and try it out. So far a great 95 percent of their dishes make me want to eat it.

    As a kid, I grew up on the late Julia Child. She always made me laugh with her unintentional antics,until I learned that she had problems with the bottle. There were a lot of minority chefs back then. Yes=, there was Martin Yen,but I really couldn't get into his show that much and another Asian cook, I forget his name, but he used to wear a Japanese themed scarf around his forehead everytime he did his show. That was about 7-10 years ago.

    Have you ever looked at Luke Nguyen's cooking show? I don't know,but I just like how this man does things. It's not in the a regular kitchen. He always cooks in various outdoor settings, almost like if he was camping out something

  5. Wow, this post is quite timely! Here I had just requested a copy of The Kimchi Chronicles from the library to look it over. I like to test cookbooks out and only buy them if they are useful to me. I had no idea the author was Blasian! Isn't she gorgeous, and she's had such an interesting life. Her biological father needs to be hogtied, beaten for 4 days and left on an anthill. I'm glad Marja is living an awesome and wonderful life now :D and I can't wait for my copy of The Kimchi Chronicles to arrive!

    I love love love Iron Chef, the original one that is, with Chairman Kaga's charismatic self. I used to wait with bated breath to see what crazy outfit he would have on each episode. Good times.

  6. @M: Martin Yan! He's one I forgot! I kept thinking there was another chef out there and his name was a total blank to me till you mentioned it. I haven't heard of Luke Nquyen, but I'll check him out. Thanks for the reccomendation!

    @ Joyful: I didn't realize how much cookbooks costs! Shen and I have a few, but we usually just look up recipes from the internet. LOL you said library! I haven't been to one in so long, maybe I should head there. The libraries around me aren't the greatest though. :( But I want to learn how to do some basic stuff like making a cake from scratch and I'm sure I can find a cookbook at the library that had that. I had no idea about Marja either until I saw her on MNET. I think episodes of her show are on YouTube.

    Haha as much as I like Mark Dacascos, I too enjoyed watching the Chairman. I thought it was hilarious watching the opening sequence when he bit into that pepper. I would be like, "Who does that!?"

  7. I love Kimchi Chronicles. I don't know if it is because of the scenery or the recipes.

    I am beginning to like Chef Roble on Bravo. His innovative ideas I would like to try, especially when entertaining friends.

  8. I'm on the fence about Roble. I like the concept of his show and watching him work, but I was SO annoyed with his sister. She's not professional at all and does treat him like a "little brother" and not like he's her boss. I think Roble has a blasian desert making in his group. I felt so bad for her in the first episode where that stupid party girl threw her cake on the floor. If that ever was a moment to go off on someone, LOL!