The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: The Not-So-Subtle Mama

6.2.12 ShaSha LaPerf 8 Comments

 Later post than planned. Was pretty busy with a lot of stuff last week, namely art stuff. Things have been the usual with me and Shen. LOL actually we've been pretty boring since we've both been pretty busy. So this post will be about the wacky hijinks we've had with Shen and his family.

I briefly talked about meeting Shen's parents last year and him meeting my mother. Since then, I've met the majority of Shen's family that's here in the US as they live in our area. They're all pretty cool people and were welcoming to me. However Shen still hasn't gotten the chance to meet mine because we haven't had a chance to get up to Michigan yet. Hopefully that will happen this year. But on to the stories.

Shen's mother is one of the most adorable women I've ever met. First she's a little woman. In flats I'm about 5'11" and when I'm standing next to his mom, she's probably just below the height of my boobs. I often have to remember to bend down low enough to hug her or she'll pat me on the ass as opposed to my back where she tries too. She's little but very friendly and feisty.

And blunt.

His mother has made some not-so-subtle hints about the fact that she sees daughter-in-law potential in me. I briefly mentioned a while ago about when I first met Shen's story. Well there are more wacky hijinks that happened at lunch that day. That day, I met both his parents and we also ate with his brother, who I'd already met several times before. When Shen got up to go to the bathroom, his mother asked me how old I was. I told her, and she reminded me of how old Shen was. With a knowing glance, she also mentioned that he was a very good man. She praised my use of chopsticks--while scolding Shen for not using his that often. It's funny watching Shen and his mom. Although his mom speaks Cantonese, I can often tell when he's getting a lecture from her by the glazed over look in his eyes. Probably similar to what I do when my mom lectures me on anything. We're all adult and stuff and mom's still need to lecture us about things (my mom lectured me about having a retirement fund yesterday). But I think many people get that glazed over look in their eyes when their parents start talking. But back to Shen's mom.

There are more funny moments coming from Shen's mom. Just a few days ago she called to talk to Shen about a few things and casually mentioned that Shen's pants legs were too long and that he needs to wear more tailored pants that would look good and photos. Shen and I decided that she meant that he should have a nicely fitted tux for our wedding photos.

The real kick is probably when Shen and I met with her for lunch and she outright said, "you're like a daughter to me," right in front of Shen.

Yep, his mom's hilarious and I always look forward to meeting her. She doesn't speak English very well, but she always tries to include me in things. And again it's just damn funny to see Shen's reactions to his mom. Maybe we'll see her in a the next few weeks; let's see what kind of wedding or marriage related things she'll say then, LOL.


  1. That's great that your boyfriend's Mum and you get along so well. :D

  2. It's great that Shen mom has those kind of thoughts about you. I wonder, I have heard that in countries like China or Japan, living together means an expectation for marriage. No doubt that you'll make Shen a great wife,but do you also think that she has those thoughts because of the both of you living together?

    1. When Shen told his parents we were moving in, I think his mother was initially indifferent to it, but since things between us have been going so well, I guess now maybe she's shifted from indifference to "my son is old and should be married by now." Shen's other siblings are married and have children; he's the youngest. I'm guessing she just wants him to have the same stability as his siblings. LOL my mom has outright asked me if I was marrying Shen and that was early into our relationship. His mom hasn't been THAT blunt yet.

    2. Only you and Shen knows when the perfect day for you to marry. My mom worries about the same thing for me. The difference being is that I don't want to marry. I'm enjoying the single. If Mr. Right comes around and convince me of otherwise, no problem,but I'm not feeling marriage in no kind of way, I guess because I was once engaged. He wasn't a bad guy,but I was too young at the time.

    3. Yeah, Shen and I aren't in a rush to get married right now. Might sound cliche, but both of us are more concerned with trying to get our basic stuff together. Although we joke about it often, when the time comes, it'll come. We're not going to force anything.

  3. Shen's mom sounds really cool from how you describe her. You are a part of another great family and that must be a wonderful experience.

  4. This week Shen receiver a Valentines Day card from his mom. What was so funny about it is that it was one of those cards that are specifically made for blacks like the Mahogany cards that Hallmark makes. We're sure it was a pretty conscious decision on her part and also hilarious.

  5. Hi! I followed a few links (SpeakingofChina and Offbeat Marriage) and cherry picking a few entries on your blog. I'm always interested how people deal with family and in laws. Your mother-in-law (to be) sounds sweet. I'm guessing that her comments may be part hints, and part (awkward?) attempt to make you feel welcomed and accepted into her family. I'll have to keep reading, it sounds like Shen grew up here? That would make a difference ~ my mom is pretty Americanized now too.

    Best wishes!