Because He Need Some Love: Paolo Roldan

14.2.12 ShaSha LaPerf 13 Comments

So I have a general interest in fashion and like to keep up with a few Fashion blogs as well as obsess over shows like Project Runway. LOL I secretly would like to be a fashion designer, but I lack skills in sewing, cutting, knitting, and design (my art skills are more of the graphic and illustration nature). Anyway, initially I was going to do a blog post about a variety of Asian male models because I was pleasantly surprised to see that a few of them walked in the recent New York Fashion Week. The fashion world hasn't been so great to people of color and we're still fighting to see them on the runway even for shows FROM people of color--that's a whole other rant in itself. Anyway, I was also driven by the fact that Nicolas Tse will be on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model. Mini Spoiler (highlight to read) - this season--which is a "battle" between American and British girls--will have the girls going to Hong Kong as their international destination. Hopefully Tyra will treat us to a few glances of male models there...that are well...Asian.

So back to New York Fashion Week. I was going through the pictures of men, taking note of Asian male models like Zhao Lei, Hao Yunxiang, Fei Wang, and Dae Na, and I found myself losing a bit of interest. Mostly because they looked like male models. LOL I know, I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain. Yes I get that their are men that model in Korea, Japan, and what not but here I'm referring to Asian men that are on the more international scene. So they're not just doing GQ China, but also hitting the runways in Paris, New York, Milan, etc. The "international male model" look reminds me a lot like a Ken doll. The men--regardless of their race--have similar builds, similar jaw lines, similar lean (but not to lean) V-shaped torsos. I think the black male models, definitely look "black," and the Asians ones look "Asian," but in the end, the guys walking for Number:Lab, Nautica, Park Choon Moo, etc. have the same severe look.

That's where this guy comes in:

From The Fashion Spot

Paolo Roldan. Yeah, this dude's pretty damn hot.

Here's a bit of background info on him. He's a 25-year-old Filipino-Canadian who was discovered by Boss Models. He's now with Why Not Management in Milan, Elmer Olsen Model Management in Canada, and Soul Artist Management in New York. He's has walked in runway shows for Vivienne Westwood, Giorgio Armani, and became one of the faces for Givenchy. At the recent New York Fashion Week, he walked for Number:Lab (with fellow Soul Artist Model Jae Yoo) as well as a few others.

Here's an interview with him from 2010:

Paolo doesn't have the typical Ken doll look. First, he's bald, some that very few male models can rock. And I think his body type may be a little bigger than some of the other guy's out there. He's still lean, but there seems to be a bit more muscle on his end.

Photo by Michael Stratt; from The Fashion Spot

The bald head, tattoos, and "evil model glare" give Paolo a bit of a bad boy feel but they guy knows how to rock a suit, even if it's some seriously ugly shit.

Michael Bastian Spring/Summer '12; from The Fashion Spot

But he also looks pretty amazing in more simpler fashion--though probably overpriced--clothes.

Number:Lab Fall/Winter '12-13; from The Fashion Spot

Finally here's a bit of video from the Vivienne Westwood Menwear Fall/Winter runway show. You can hear a super brief interview with Paolo around the two minute mark, and he's on the runway at about 2:05:

Okay okay, enough eye candy for now. Paolo has only been in the scene since 2009, but he's quickly becoming an recognizable face. I would like to see him become a commercial face as long as it's not AXE commercials. Hey I'd even settle for him being a guest on Project Runway! If you want to keep up with Paolo, check his thread on The Fashion Spot as they seem to update pretty often.

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  1. Hmmm..looks good! Paolo looks a little bit like T.I.just taller.

  2. Funny, he did remind me of someone, but I couldn't remember who. He does look like T.I! When he has on his glasses and his mustache, he looks a little like a taller Atsushi from EXILE too.

  3. Yes Lawd!My birthday is next month. I'd love to get him as a gift. He does look like an Asian T.I. lol

  4. Wow, he does have a different look. Tell me why as soon as I looked at him I automatically knew he was pinoy? lol too much time eyeballing Asian guys maybe. I hope he has lots of success- fashion could use some fresh faces.

    1. I think he's one of the few Filipino male models on the international scene. The rest I saw were either Chinese or Korean. And most of those guys had the severe cheekbone like Daniel Dae Kim from Lost/Hawaii 5.0. LOL this will probably sound REALLY strange, but what made him stand out to me was the shape of his head and nose.

  5. I know this completely off topic, but i'm fifteen and I have a question for you ShaSha? I know that people have preferences, but should people have racial preferences?, I mean there are pretty and ugly people in every race, but it seems like asian guys when they date out, they only date white chicks, and don't think about dating black chicks or think they are unattractive. I think they are missing out on dating something new. It seems like when I research all around the world bw/am couples are rare. I always wonder why it is like that. I used to be depressed because I thought that an asian guy would look at me because I was black, but now I am getting over it.

    1. Indeed this is a bit off topic, but relevant to the general blog. I'll go ahead and address this. Some of the other ladies here are free to chime in as well.

      While we'd all like everyone to be open about dating other race, the harsh reality is that that isn't always the case. There are some Asian men out there only have eyes for white women, but you know what? There are Asian guys that do like black women. I've met/dated them, many of the women posting here and in the blog world have met/dated/married them, and women outside the blogsphere have done so as well. Sometimes have the same fear as you (black women not wanting them because they're Asian). There are guys that are downright bold and will talk to any woman they want regardless of her race, but some others have that fear or are simply shy, or hampered by other things. I can't say when and how things will happen, but having confidence in who you are attracts men to you, and that includes Asian men.

      And while it's completely okay to be attracted to Asian men, I encourage you to keep an open mind about other men as well. Because just you say those Asian guys who only date white women are missing out, you could be missing out as well. Also, don't latch on to the first Asian guy that shows you attention, make sure that you two have the right chemistry.

      Also I'd hate to do give you the "you're young" speech but...YOU'RE YOUNG! There's plenty of time, don't let this bother you and get you down. I was a very late bloomer, didn't have my first BF until I was about 18 and didn't even date Asian guys until I was in my mid 20s. I had friends that started at younger then all there drama was focused on guys, drove me nuts, LOL. Focus your energy less on who's not dating you and into other things. You never know who you'll meet when you're doing other activities, even when you don't think you will. Keep ya head up girl!

    2. I think ShaSha makes a great point. For any woman, the higher your position in life, the better your chances of meeting and marrying a quality man. The men you meet in, say, an Ivy League PhD program, will be of a different caliber than the men you are likely to meet at the community college.

      The best thing you can do for yourself at 15 to position yourself to nab the man of your dreams is to ~focus on your GRADES~ and SAT prep. Also, cultivate hobbies and habits to keep your body healthy and trim. Don't worry about guys so much right now, because boyfriends are more likely to throw you off track than to do anything positive for you at this age. If a great guy wants to date you, that's great. BUT don't let a boyfriend distract you from handling your business.

      There is lots of room at the top. You'll find lots of quality guys to date once you have gotten yourself positioned in an upward trajectory.

      YES there are Asian men who will love and marry you. Doing your junior year of college abroad is an excellent way to confirm this fact- but you need the gpa and scores to make that happen.

      -signed, an Ivy League grad student B-)who loves and dates Asian men

    3. I agree with this. I work for a pretty elite university and the campus is diverse with all races including a lot of asian descent men. Focus on your grades and go to college on the west coast or east coast in a major city where there will be a lot of diversity and attractive educated men to date.

    4. Oh and the reason I'm saying go to the coasts is because I'm from the midwest and interracial dating was not that common. All you see in my home state is black men with white women, no other matches. It is not impossible to date interacially in other parts of the country but I think it is more common and relaxed on the coasts. Plus college is a great opportunity to meet new people and expand your horizons. Toronto is another place where interacial dating is very common.

    5. Thanks for adding the extra input ladies! I hope you're still reading Nay, they've all given some great advice!

  6. Sure, there are some Asian men who may think that Black women are not pretty,but there are some others who think that are hot. Just like all people, not all Asians think alike. Whether they think/not think this about us, you should always want a man who can see past physical appearances. I'm not going to lie, that is the first thing we all notice when it comes to the opposite sex,but it don't matter how attractive they are, it's no good if you don't base it on more important qualities as looks fade(e.g being a good person, responsible, seeing you for you). If the guys you mention think that Black women are unattractive( or Black women thinking the same about Asian men), they are not for your heart, which is far better tan people only liking for because of looks.

    I also say this, what will be, will be. If it's meant for you to have a Asian man, he will come and in the least likeliest places. It can happen but I agree with Shasha and Joyful, there is nothing wrong with having a preference for men,but always keep your mind wide open to other races of men. For all you know, the best man may end up being someone you didn't have on your radar.

    I don't know about your high school,but there are some high schools that have international or Asian themed clubs. The chances are even better when you go to college-universities. Also, I know some high school/college students that volunteer at some in town Asian festivals,but whatever you do, do it for yourself.

  7. I also want to clarify something. Since I'm an adult I use "men",but I meant "boy",but I far as meeting guys, wait until you're 18 and have graduated from high school.