Totally Random Post: 1 Year Down, Pricey Bags, American Idol and EXILE

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One Year Down!?
So it's almost been a year since I started this blog! LOL honestly I didn't think I would last that long. My friends and I have our own Skype writing circle and I'm pretty notorious for not participating or being the last to do things. I like writing a lot but I also have a bad habit of not finishing things. I have at least 3 blog post that have been sitting in my notebook for a while now. Hopefully I'll get through them.

Anyway, I'm working on redesign this blog which I'm hoping to finish up next week. So if you see some wocky things happening on the blog, it'll mostly be due to that.

Legos and Price Bags
Okay, I had a pretty embarrassing moment over the weekend. Shen was busy with work related stuff, so my mom and I decided to go shopping out in Virginia at a fancy ass mall. Well it's not all fancy, they have standard stores like Express and H&M mixed in with Coach, and Bloomingdale's. Anyway, I was on a mission to get a tote bag since the last three bags I owned had broken and I was willing to shell out a few more bucks for something sturdier. Anyway, during my hunt, I stop into the Lego store to pick up Legos for me and Shen to play with. Yes you read that correctly. I will blog about that later, LOL. Anyway, it's funny how people react to just seeing the bag and it's even funnier when they find out the Legos aren't for kids. An Asian guy struck up a convo with me while my mom was paying for clothes at the store. He wanted to know about my Lego set. LOL don't worry ladies there was no flirting going on. So after the quick convo, my mom and I head to the Michael Kors store. Now I know that place is pricey, but I had gotten a really good deal on a Kors bag before so I figured I'd get another shot. Anyway, the saleswoman presents me with a bag which I'm totally in love with and when I look into the zipper, I find a price tag with $138 as the listed price. Of course I can't pass this up since I spent more for the first MK bag I own and this one was larger.

Imagine the look of WTF on my face when the saleswoman rings up the bad...and it's actually $533! @_@ I was confused because the tag was in the zipped pocket, it wasn't at the bottom of the bag like someone had just dropped it in there. I feel bad about the saleswoman losing her commission, but I had to decline the bag. LOL now I'm feeling like a broke black chick in this fancy ass store and I slink out with my mom, decided that I probably should go back into that store for a while. I did consider going back and getting the bag since I did have my tax refund, but in the end, the money to completely pay off one of my student loans.

So I head out to Macy's and get a much cheaper Fossil tote for about $87. And I freakin love it!

So a while ago I mentioned Asian dude Hee-Jun Han auditioning for American Idol. Well as of tonight he is officially in the Top 13. Actually he's in the Top 10, the other three were wild card spots. Here's a clip of his performance from this week:

I just thought he was okay. Actually I wasn't impressed with most of the people chosen this year. Plus I was very sad to see that not one black female made it to the Top 24. This is probably the first year there hasn't been one in the running. There were some other choices though including a Latino, a few black guys, and an Asian girl that has some serious chops. The performance that surprised me the most is this one:

That's Joshua Ledet. Talk about stage presence! Next week there will be a Whitney Houston tribute and I suspect much fail. I probably won't be blogging about this show since it comes on as the same time as America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, and the Big Bang Theory, but I'll keep an eye out to see how people do.

WTF Exile, Really?
Avex Network's YouTube channel just uploaded a video from EXILE's Tower of Wish concert that took place last year. It's funny, EXILE has had 14 members for quite some time now, but it's still hard for me to really get used to the idea. Anyway, I don't care for this song, but this concert looks like a fuckin spectacle. Man why didn't I go see EXILE when I was in Japan!? Just look at this mess! It's so...glittery...I think Atsushi was channeling MJ here.

There's a whole lot of shiny things going on on that stage but I couldn't stop watching it.

Alright that's it for now. I'm gonna see if I can find more videos of this EXILE spectacle. Either that or shell our $65 for the DVD from Japan. LOL hey it's not a Michael Kors bag, but it will do!

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  1. "now I'm feeling like a broke black chick in this fancy ass store "

    totally know that feeling