Guest Post: Cross Cultural Dating in Singapore

26.6.12 ShaSha LaPerf 6 Comments

Ugh, still feeling a little shitty because of my cold/flu thing, but wanted to get some blog posts out. Here's a guest post! This time around it's about Singapore! For those of you that have forgotten, yes Singapore is an Asian country, just not Korea or Japan--looking at you ladies that are stuck on those  countries. : P Although I have to say that I haven't really come in contact with too many folks from Singapore, it is a place that I'm curious to visit in general whenever Shen and I get out of our "broke ass people" mode and get out to traveling. This post was written by Louise Mitchell, a relationship expert that has dished out some good advice about on Lovestuck is an international online dating site, and y'all know me, I'm not one to shy away from them. coughcough. Anyway here's what Louise has to say when it comes to cross cultural dating in Singapore:

Cross cultural dating is now a global phenomenon and in all parts of the world people are able to find romance with new people who do not necessarily share their cultural background, race or religion. This is a testimony to the strength of love it can break down any barrier and overcome any obstacle to bring two people together from different background and make them stronger together than they are apart.

There are many people who find themselves attracted to certain ethnicities or cultures and will look to date someone within this area. You can look for people via the internet or go traveling to look for love. There are several large cities throughout the globe renowned for being a multicultural place, New York, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more.

Singapore is one of the most exotic and beautiful destinations on earth. As a popular haven for tourists and guests, the city-state features a diverse blend of cultures. This includes Asians, Indians, Europeans and a whole host of other cultures as well. Singaporeans love their freedoms, however, are somewhat strict on preserving the environment. This is one of the reasons why Singapore maintains the integrity of both its cultural and environmental surroundings. As a result, guests and tourists must abide with Singapore’s laws in order to enjoy a memorable experience like no other. With its exciting and exquisite nightlife, the city-state features a range of popular restaurants, clubs and singles bars. In fact, the latter is full of locals and visitors alike--all hoping to meet and date interesting people.

Cross-cultural dating in Singapore has also become very common. With the influx of Westerners living and working in Singapore, many are dating and even marrying native Singaporeans. With this in mind, the dating realm is no longer exclusive to just Singaporeans or ex-pats. In fact, the cultural exchange has seen countless online dating sites connect people of all cultures and backgrounds. From Chinese and Taiwanese to English and French, language and cultural barriers are being torn down as well. Asian women are known for both their inner and outer beauty. This is one of the reasons why so many Westerners flock to Singapore and other Asian destinations. Not only do they want to date and get to know these women, they also want to settle down and have families as well.

The same can also be said of Western women that want to date Singaporean men. No matter the reason, there are many firms that specialize in cross-cultural dating in Singapore. While most are listed online, there are a few physical establishments that offer the same type of service. These venues cater to those that want to date Singaporeans, however, also want to learn the language and cultural traits. When it comes to cross-cultural dating, there must always be a common middle ground. In other words, both parties must want to learn about each other’s values, traditions, and cultures. In order for this to work, there must also be mutual respect and understanding. It is not easy for one to simply blend into another culture. Therefore, patience is simply essential when wanting to forge lasting relationships with men or women of other cultures.

According to cross-cultural dating experts, both parties should never compare the pros and cons of each culture as well. Remember, the goal is to secure compatibility between both parties—not both cultures. In essence, the individuals have to refrain from leaning on each other, while making unnecessary demands or ultimatums. Cross-cultural dating in Singapore has worked for many years, and continues to attract visitors and ex-pats from all over the world.


  1. Ugh!..that flu bug can get a woman down. Had the problem when I was a teen and never seen it again. I know how you're feeling. It is the worst ailment to have, especially in the summer. I never want to see that again and I'm hoping that this will be the last of it for you.

    It's ironic, my mind has been thinking about Thailand for years and have been studying up on it. I don't know. There is something about the country( besides looking at Nichkhun of!) that I find to be appealing and makes me want to visit there. It's a very beautiful country with lots of diversity. The architecture is splendid and the food..Hot,but good.

    I'm learning the difference between culture and attitude. I'm thankful for my African ex because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have learned it. I think that Thai men are good looking guys and wanted to date one.

    I like to learn about people, places and things and learning about Thailand is no exception as I did with my ex. I'm very patient to learn about his cultural norms,but hopefully he won't be the kind of guy who will use his culture to define the real him. I would also hope that as an American and an African-American woman that he would be patient with me and that the both of us will overcome these challenges and to stay together for years to come.

    My sister had a chance to go Singapore through her job,but her boys is what is keeping form doing it. I think that Singapore is cool also.( also think about Joseph Prince may check his church out if I'm there) Seriously, I've always been curious about what kind of government the country is. It seems free to a point. I'll never forget about that boy who was threatened with flogging because of him spitting out gum on the ground some years ago. From that and reading about Singapore, I've learned how strict the country is.

    I remembered looking at a home show about Singapore and this Black family were looking for home there. They have some spectacular homes. Just like Thailand, it's a gorgeous country that I would put on my visit list..even if it is very strict.

    1. Thailand is also on my list of places to visit. A friend of mine went a few years ago and the pictures she took there convinces me to move it up on my list, probably even before I'd want to go to Korea or China. And Singapore is interesting to me because I didn't realize how diverse the area actually is. I wasn't really sure of what went on there until maybe about a year ago. And my job is teaming up with some children's education programs there. LOL sadly I'm not on the list for people that get to have a free company trip there, but here's to hoping maybe one day!

    2. Thailand just seem so hypnotically beautiful. I'm with you about Korea and China. If I had to pick my list of Asian countries on my top three destinations it would go like this. 1) Thailand 2) Japan 3) Korea.
      I also put Singapore, Hong Kong and India on that list also of to go cities to visit.

  2. Very interesting! Hmmmm. Maybe I should sign up for one of those Singaporean dating sites. I have only known 2 men from Singapore, and they were as different as night and day. One is mixed, though, half Hokkien and half Malay. Good looking and super sweet. The other was an ethnic Chinese bad boy. Good looking but far from sweet.

    I have had Singapore on my list of potential relocation dream spots because it's so easy to travel all over Asia from there, you can do business with Indonesians and Aussies, and it's beautiful.

    1. Yeah. I agree with you. Ive been chatting and dating singaporean. They were all the same as you mentioned at your comment.

      Anyway, nice story. Very interesting.

  3. NO!!! singaporeans are cheap