Totally Random Post: Sick, Sick, Sick...and A Vacation

25.6.12 ShaSha LaPerf 4 Comments

Three things:

1. I haven't been doing much with this site lately since both Shen and I have caught some sort of colf/flu thing. We've been in bed for the past 2-3 days. How sucky is that, getting sick in the summer? >_<

2. I'm actually hoping we both get better soon because we're going on vacation! We're heading up to the Midwest for a friend's wedding. I've managed to talk Shen out of his plans of upstaging my friend's when by announcing a pregnancy.


Just so you know. Shen was just being obnoxious and has watching too many romcoms. Anyway, the trip is coming up this Thursday, so I probably won't be responding to a lot of comments and emails then. I'll probably check every now and then to make sure spammers and trolls aren't running amok though.

3. And since it has been a while since I've updated, I'm going to try to push out a few blog posts before I got, a guest post among them. Since my head is starting to spin from the massive amounts of DayQuil and  NyQuil I've been taking, I'm going to hold off on uploading the posts until tomorrow.

So in the meantime, enjoy this hilarious video from the new YouTube Channel for the site You Offed Me You Offend My Family. It's got Harry Shum Jr. and KevJumba in some rather amusing positions.


  1. There is nothing worst than being sick in the summer time. I was recently feeling sick yesterday, but it was my sinus. I could barely breath out my nose, lol. I hope you two feel better soon. Get plenty of rest, medicine, drink water and whatever else that can help!

    1. Agreed! Thank god that you're doing better. Still I hate sinuses as well. Like you mentioned, I'm miserable if I cannot breathe out of my nose and it seems like there is no way out. Food thing is another thing that I struggle with. I can't taste it. I get so concerned about that I wonder if I will ever have my sense of taste back.

  2. Get well. I know that you're miserable right now, especially in the summer. I don't know, having the flu and having it in the summer can make you feel hotter than what you are. I hated the flu because, I felt drunk, I could barely stand and even my favorite food. It all just tasted nasty to me at the time.Panda have give you some great advice, take it and just take it easy.

  3. I'm starting to feel lot better even though I think I've gone through two boxes of tissue in the past three days. :/ I'm hoping we'll both be okay by the time the wedding rolls around, I don't wanna be that person coughing when they say, "If anyone has any objections..." LOL.