The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: Adventures in Chicago

4.7.12 ShaSha LaPerf 6 Comments

Woohoo I'm back! With another Shen and ShaSha post! I normally try to spread these out a bit, but since this just happened over the weekend, I figured I'd go ahead and talk about it.

Janae is a close friend of mine from college. Actually she and two other friends of mine--Terri and Amina--are pretty close. We were all big geeks and met through our mututal interests and made our own clique as a result. And every year we planned a trip to visit whatever city we were living it. And this year our "trip" was my friend's wedding in Chicago. Unfortunately our group was smaller this year because one of my friends is still working in Korea. And next year will be our 10th anniversary, so we're planning something big.

So that wasn't the only reason I was excited. It was a chance for me to get away from work and DC for a while. Plus it was the first out of states trip I'd had with Shen. My friends knew about Shen since he often pops up in our webcam/Skype session because his computer is directly across from mine. And I wanted them to meet him. So we hopped the plane, had an rather turbulent ride, and finally landed in Chicago.

And boy did we have some adventures.
So the weather was all outta wack. It was hot as shit and also stormy, though not as bad as what happened in the DMV area.

Although we arrived on Thursday, Friday is when our adventures begin. Shen and I decided to do a boat tour around the Chicago Rive that night. We decided to kill time walking around Navy Pier I go into a store that has university paraphernalia. I wanted to get a licence plate holder for my car. I'm not sure how the conversation started, but somewhere along the line I mention I'm originally from Detroit. Even though I've been in MD for a while, I still have a reflex sometimes of mentioning that I'm from Detroit. Anyway, a salesgirls who wasn't even helping me overhears me say this and immediately says, "Oh yeah, I hear Detroit is a bad city."

I forgo a side eye and give her full glare, because that seems like a pretty rude thing to say to someone you don't even know. She then proceeds to tell me that there was a shooting of a young girl in Chicago, only to then reiterate how bad Detroit is. And her reason behind this is apparently because she used to watch the show Martin, and Martin was bad.

I'm fucking serious.

I supposed I should have walked away at that point, but I was somewhat amused at this girl's ignorance. Either she was serious or the best deadpan comic I'd ever met. And the conversation gets better, because she also tells me that Chicago has Batman. Now it's true the latest Batman movies have been filmed in Chicago, but as Gotham, not officially as Chicago. So I jokingly mention that we had Robocop, only for her to actually ask me, "Robocop took place in Detroit?"

I was done with the conversation.

So we make our way to the boat tour. Throughout the tour there is a very serious threat of a storm as we can see and hear the lighting. But we're stuck on the boat for an hour, so we're praying the sky doesn't open up on us (which it didn't). That wasn't all we had to deal with on the boat. I accidentally spilled half a glass of red wine on both me and Shen...we were both wearing brand new clothes too. :( And while we were making our way through the river, another boat apparently missed out enormous tour boat and was heading straight for us. Of course this mad me and Shen nervous since we were sitting right at the head of the boat. Our boat had to make a full stop, horns blaring at the other boat. Eventually the other boat got around us, though the captain of our boat (and some passengers) made some not-so-happy comments in their direction.

The next day was Janae's wedding. I was a ring warmer, and I have to say I was very nervous about this because me and another friend of Janae's were the ones "opening" the wedding. We had to let people bless the ring or give them good wishes and make sure they both made it to the groomsman and maid of honor before the bride me it up there. So I finally get up to the groomsman and start furiously grabbing at the wrapper of the box to open it to give him the ring...

..and drop it right on the floor.

In a fit of giggles and embarrassment, I snatch the ring up. Luckily Janae was coming down the isle at that time so she and most of the guest were too busy to notice it (LOL I told her later about it and she laughed). The wedding happens and the reception begins.

To my surprise, Shen danced with me through most of the wedding. I'm surprised because Shen is not a dancer.  The few times we've been out, he's been more of the stand on the side and let me grind on him type. Yet at the wedding did some slow dancing and even got through some of the more upbeat songs. He even got on the floor to do the ChaCha Slide!

The next day was our last day and we attended an after wedding brunch for the newlyweds. It was good to spend that last bit of time with friends I only get to see once a year.

My friend's sister, Karen is crazy ecstatic over me and Shen. Over the time we were there she constantly talked about how cute we were and how cute our babies will be. Shen jokes about the fact that he and Karen are honorary members of the clique. Then Karen says, "For a long time you were our ideal!"

It took Shen, Amina and I a second to figure out what she meant. She was referring to the fact that all over my friends including her, has wanted to date Asian men.

Face palm.

Well actually we all laughed at the comment because it was pretty random and out of nowhere. I hadn't spent a lot of time around Karen, so I didn't know anything about her dating habits. I assumed Karen said this because she--like the rest of us--were avid fans of anime and at one point had fantasies about marrying anime characters. LOL we all got over that years ago though when we realized that anime characters aren't real. And certainly didn't remember any of my friends really talking about dating Asian guys except Terri. Well to be fair I was the one who did the most dating, Janae has been with her guy for over 5 years and Terri and Amina were homebodies with fantasies of marrying Chris Hemsworth a.k.a. Thor. So I was more surprised at the comment than annoyed or mad at it.

Shen--who's as snarky and cynical as I am at times--rolled with the punches, jokingly thanking her for being a group fetish. And we laughed at that too.

Then it was time for us the head back home. After a three hour delay because of more storms, we touched down back in DC.

So that's all the crazy stuff that happened in a short span of four days. Today we spent Independence Day not doing a damn thing. It was a vacation from our vacation.


  1. seemed that you and Shen's trip to your friend's wedding as a great one.

    Detroit is no more dangerous than other " safe" cities. I find that sooo annoying because people are soo naive to believe they live in the safest place in America. If you ask me, I'm more scared of these safe cities because a lot of times, they are not entirely honest with the stats of them. My ex bro in law was a security guard for a mall that is known to cater to the well to do/celebrities. According to him, whenever a robbery or some other deep crime took place in that mall, the staff would shoo the media away from there. It's stuff like that I have problems with. They give shoppers the wrong impression that they are safe. It's about image. Nobody want to see a ritzy shopping district be seen as a war torn area, so they keep it under wraps. It's the same thoughts I have about cities. It's not cities like Detroit that is dangerous, it's the cities that are always classified as " family oriented" safe ones that they need to keep and eye on...more dangerous.What you don't know MAY hurt you.

    I'm taking it that your friend has always wanted to date Asian men,but probably like me and the most Black women, didn't think they would like us. I think we all have those fantasies that when want to come to life. To some people, to say that you want to date an Asian men is an anomaly. My brother seemed shocked as he remarked " I didn't know that you liked Asian men". He didn't mean to say you're wrong, or that it was weird to like them. I guess he felt that way because of the websites that I've looked at and because I didn't talk about them( other than Japanese and Indian) as much.I didn't think at the time that they were interested in Black women. It may be a stupid thought to some people,but really..I didn't.

    Far as my fantasies about Asian guys, I think that mine was an overall curiousity of the countries,culture and people themselves.I would look at programs about them( documentaries). I always been a fan of Japanese culture and Bollywood since I was a kid. Oddly, daddy dearest became a fan of Asian culture since the Vietnam war( When I mean odd, in this a man finding something good about it during a war). He told he about his assignments there, Cambodia and South Korea. He would teach me about telling the differences of the countries he toured and so on. That was how I got on the bandwagon on Blasian connections. I also had Vietnamese friends and I've learned a lot from them.

    I still fantasize about Asian and other races of men. As a said some people are like ?!?! when they learn about it. When I think about what Rain did in Ninja Assassin, he just don't know the good he has done in terns of Blasian unity and there are some Asian men who are thanking him for bringing out sexiness a little bit more. I'm hoping this thing will continue for years to come.

  2. Her comment kind of made me cringe as I read it! lol. She's open and honest. I'll give her that. I remember when me and my ex were together, people would ask me: "You have a thing for Asian men?" And my answer would be, "No. I have a thing for Steve." This would shock people. I'll be honest. I tend to date Black men and Latino men, because growing up in Harlem, that was who I was surrounded by.

    I know how you could peeved by the Detroit comment. As a New Yorker, people act like we all grew up in a crack house. I don't have a problem telling ignorant people they are indeed ignorant. My tolerance for bullshit is pretty low!

    M: I need for you to create a blog! I love reading your comments. You are so open, honest and sincere!

  3. Awww..I thank you for those kind words. I thought sbout making a blog from time to time,but idk..I like privacy a lot better.

  4. I like these posts about you and Shen, don't be stingy with them!

  5. Ugh! Just lost my comment when my comb fell on my computer. >_<

    I get that Detroit isn't the greatest place. Michigan hasn't been in a good spot for a while which is part of the reason why I'm not there anymore. But it still amazes me that people think it's okay to just come up to someone they don't know and say stuff like, "yeah I hear your city is crappy." I've even had people from DC tell me they're scared of me because I'm from Detroit. And I'm like, "well would you really want to insult a person you're scared of?" and also I'm like, "Umm...last time I check D.C. didn't have a reputation for being the safest place either." >_< I get it all the time.

    @M: I'm with Nicole, start a blog! :) My friends has most dated white and black men, and I can't think of any time they really expressed interest in Asian men. I think like you there was the assumption that Asian men weren't interested in black women. And because we didn't really see Asians and blacks on our campus even hanging out that much, that probably fueled the idea for us. My friends have definitely expressed interest in celebrities like Rain and Jet Li, but other than that, the actual idea of dating Asian guys was just never really talked about among us. LOL maybe all this talk was happening while I was in Japan.

    @Nicole: She said the comment in front of Shen AND her boyfriend (who is Black), so it was major facepalm there. I'm wondering if he ever mentioned it when we left or she explained to him what she meant.

    @joyful: Haha I'm trying to get them out. We've just been pretty damn boring lately watching TV and sitting under the air conditioner because of the crazy heat.

  6. I'm from Cleveland and I currently live in Baltimore. I know exactly how you feel about people trashing your city. When people heard I had a job interview in Baltimore all they talked about was how dangerous Baltimore is.