The Other Side of Randall Park

7.7.12 ShaSha LaPerf 3 Comments

It's been a while since I've done one of these "Because He Needs Love" type thingies so this time I wanted to focus on Randall Park. I'm sure many of you recognize him from a little short called "Dragon of Love," which I posted a while ago:

Park has appeared in several other shorts including this hilarious on from Wong Fu Productions titled "Too Fast":

However Park hasn't been limited to the shorts. He's also made a name for himself in the world of commercials, appearing in spots for KY, Verizon, HBO, Chase, and Volkswagon. An he's made numerous appearances in TV shows and movies with his most recent credits include Supah Ninjas, New Girl, VEEP, and The Five Year Engagement.

Yep Randall Park is all over the place and I'm sure we'll see him as a regular on a sitcom soon.

However one thing many people don't know about him is his fierce love of hip-hop. Yep, not only is Randal Park a fan, he's a rapper as well.

You heard me. I said he was a rapper.

But before I get to that park, let me give a bit more background info.

Park grew up in Los Angeles and from earlier on was a fan of hip-hop and black (pop) culture. In an article for KoreAm magazine, he admits to having a slight identity crisis in his younger says:

"On the quad of Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, I could be seen in baggy Girbaud jeans, a polka-dot button-up the size of a circus tent, and a hairstyle from a different world. (I’m talking about the hit television series and Cosby Show spin-off, A Different World.) I listened to a ton of rap music. My favorite group was Public Enemy. I somehow identified with Chuck D and Flavor Flav’s pro-black message. I, too, wanted to “Fight the Power.”

My parents were dumbfounded. They never quite understood why their Korean son would go and shave the Nike swoosh into the side of his head. They came to America to give their child a better opportunity, not to see him pledge his allegiance to another race of oppressed people.  They’d look at me and yell, “You are not proud to be Korean!” To which I would reply, “Correct, I am not proud to be Korean!” What did they want me to wear to school? A hanbok? Get real! I’m gonna wear this Cross Colours 8-ball jacket with shoulder pads like a normal human being!"

Of course Park did find his own pride in being Korean and realize that he could have this pride while having a fierce love of hip-hop. Park later joined the cast of Nick Cannon's Wild N' Out, where he got to display a mix of his acting and comedic skills along with his love for hip-hop:

Randall Park - Wild N Out Reel from Randall Park on Vimeo.

Of course as the only Asian male member of the show he was subjected to jokes about him being Asian. But Park used his quick wit to turn the jokes on their heads, especially during the freestyle moments.

But Park a.k.a. Randruff, has had a chance to go into full rap mode. He's a member of the group the Novelists. Here's a video were for their song "Treats:"

LOL there hasn't been any word on Park releasing a full rap album though. As of now I think he just likes to do it for fun on the side as he wants to focus much more on his acting.

I know that I've loaded this blog post with too many videos and not enough text, but I'm ending on a video note of a good interview I found with him. Though the video is about 2 years old, Park still gives some good insight on his feelings about being an Asian-American actor and even slips a rhyme in there:


  1. Too awesome! This gives me the idea that his portrayal in Dragon of Love was informed by personal AM/BW experiences!

  2. lol..I've read his bio, he ought to be ashamed of himself* laughing lightly* about his father,but he was fooling around. Couldn't forget him in Dragon of Love( my god!)

  3. LOL Shen and I are watching Dragon of Love again. He really gets a kick out of that clip!

    I was actually surprised to see that DoL was made even before he was on Wild N Out. Given his history, I wouldn't be surprised that he's dated black women in the past. And they should make a sequel for it!