Singles Ladies Needs Some Single Asian Men!

25.7.12 ShaSha LaPerf 14 Comments

So every Monday, Shen and I watch the VH1 show Single Ladies. For those of you who haven't seen the show it's following along the lines of series like Sex and The City and Girlfriends. It's a show about pretty black people with pretty black people problems. Well not just black, there is a white women as part of the cast, but her problems are as equally lame. It's the kind of the show that makes you want to think the men are a bunch of assholes with problem when it's really the women who are fucked up (Sex and the City is the epitome of this...seriously Carrie, WTF was wrong with you!?). Yes, I know it's a really bad show. The plots are awful and the acting...don't get me started on LisaRaye. But dammit, it's one of those guilty pleasures of ours. And sometimes it has some moments. It's produced by Queen Latifah and I love when she makes an appearance on the show. Shen is decidedly in love with Fakesy Dash (a.k.a Denise Vasi who replaced Stacey Dash this season), and while he can't stand LisaRaye, I know he's watching her ass in most of her scenes. As for me, I don't mind the male eye candy and I actually do like some of the fashion on the show. It's stuff I'd never wear, but I still like to see the clothes anyway.

So I mentioned the man candy and one thing I like about this show is that the ladies have dated a variety of men. Granted Lisa Raye's character hasn't stepped out the box yet, but Stacey Dash' old character (Valerie), Charity Shea (April), and Denise Vasi (Raquel) have dated men from different backgrounds in terms of race, and class.

Except Asian men.

Now we always talk about the lack of Asian men in mainstream media, though recently there has been some effort to put more men into the spotlight. Yes, the Asian guy on Two Broke Girls is still damn embarrassing, but we also have Hawaii Five-0 with Daniel Dae Kim (a.k.a. Cheekbones McGee) and a whole host of Asian men. And of course we can't forget Steve Yuen on The Walking Dead. Although the main purpose of black media is to create TV shows and movies aimed at blacks, there have been a few Asians to pop up in them from time to time. I already wrote about a few Asian male actors that appeared in black TV shows, with Dante Basco probably getting the award for "Most Asian Male Appearances in Black Media." However, there's been a decline in black shows on TV, especially if Tyler Perry's name isn't attached to it. And with blacks struggling to get their own TV shows out there, it also meas less chances to show Asian men and black women interacting with each other.

This is where Single Ladies comes in. Although it's not the greatest show, it's pulling decent ratings for VH1. And I'd much rather watch and support this show instead of any of that Basketball Wives or Love and Hip Hop crap. And it's still not as shitty as The Game...ugh rage growing at the thought...calming...calming...and breathing. Okay, I'm back on topic.

As I mentioned earlier Single Ladies has been able to show case Latin, black, and white men, yet we haven't seen much from the Asian side. Of course I see the difficult in trying to ease and Asian male character into their dating world. After all the overall population of Asians in Atlanta is only about 4% and I'm sure the number of single Asian men in that population isn't the largest. The women are a part of the upper class/bougie black folks world, which I don't think is totally unrealistic. Plus the ladies are usually in Raquel's store, which mostly caters to women--though a there have been one or two male customers. What's a good way to bring an Asian male into the scene without things feeling forced and low chemistry?

Then again, Raquel's Latin "playmate" was an old friend of hers who worked at the stables where she did horseback riding. ::resisting the urge to make lame sex joke about horses, riding and stables:: And the white man Val dated in the first season was at the right place at the right time.

Malcolm, played by D.B. Woodside was once married to a Japanese woman, who appeared in the first season of the show. So the show doesn't seem totally closed to featuring a black and Asian couple. On the other hand, he was his ex-wife, who had a story related to her yakuza daddy, LOL. Not sure of how to feel about that one.

Still, it would be nice to see some hot Asian guys getting it on with any of these beautiful ladies. Sure I can get on other shows for not having an Asian guy in the mix. However with series like Reed Between the Lines and even Tyler Perry shows, these shows are often about established relationships. Single Ladies is a show about...well single ladies! Given the shows attitude towards relationships, I wouldn't expect anything lastly to come for a black/Asian couple, but it doesn't mean we can't have that "after-sex" scene where they're all sweating and huffing even thought they are still fully clothed.

But who knows? Giving Dante's Basco track record, Queen Latifah might be in talks with him appear in an episode, LOL. Eh, let's get some other dudes in there. New blood! We've already seen him and James Kyson Lee and John Cho getting it on with black chicks, bring in some others! Get Cheekbones McGee on the show.

On fly this guy int from Japan!

From Nippon Cinema
That's Hiroshi Tamaki. Anyone who's seen J-dramas like Nodame Cantible will recognize him as Shinichi Chiaki. Let him play a visiting businessman who spilled something on his jacket and needs one so he walks into Denise's store and charms her and they...ugh, I'm starting to write a fanfic here. >_<

But still...Queen Latifah, please read the above paragraph, LOL.


  1. I have surrendered to reality shows of any kind, including Single Ladies. I don't know if Queen Latifah may have overlooked Asian men for potential dating/marriage partners, may not have wanted to do it or not known about it,but it seems that when it comes to them, they are rarely considered to be on shows like this.

    That 4 percent of ATL's Asian demographics can be deceiving. When I think about that, it seems so small, like a blip on a map. It would be easy for people to think that,but don't let it fool you. While the Asian demographics in Atlanta( I'm from there) may not be as large as say California, New York or even Washington State, it's large to point that if finding one wouldn't be a problem.

    The thing that throw off people when it comes to Atlanta is that they are focused on just on tthat city. The problem with that is that Atlanta is broken up into many smaller town/smaller cities, that is still considered to be " metro Atlanta".

    Some Asians may live in Atlanta,but a bulk of them live in the cities 15+burbs. Just yesterday, I was on my way to the store and as I was going, I want through as I called it the " Asian Square" because of the various Asian or Latino plazas that stretch on one end(ATL) of the highway to another 5 miles of there( maybe Suwanee, Ga.A lot of Koreans live there). Though I don't work/live there. I work in Little India/Persia( I call it that) that's 10 miles from there.Though it's mixed, many of them are here and you'll know because of the Taj Mahal-ish architecture of the plazas and temple.

    My sister has a friend who is married to Puerto Rican Latino man. She thought that there were no Latinos in Atlanta,but we had to tell her that she would have to go to the other parts of the burbs to see them as well. Yes, you can find them anywhere,but the predominance of them can be found in the outskirts. Even most of the Black people live in the outskirts of ATL.

    The numbers may seem small,but from what I see and continue to see, there are no shortage of Asian men in Atlanta. There are tons of Asians men of all sorts here. Even in some small towns that aren't part of the ATL, I was surprised to see Asians in them. As a child, I want to my mom's small hometown remembering seeing a Asian restaurant or two in it( it was owned by Vietnamese people), now thanks to the emergence of Kia plant there. I'm seeing more Korean restaurants and even a Korean church being built there.

    1. Thanks for a bit of insight on Atlanta. It's been at least 12 years since I've been there and I only got to see very little of the city because of family reunion stuff--which didn't include a city tour like I wanted. Honestly I was somewhat surprised to hear that so many Asians lived there at all since the city is often touted as a black mecca. Compared to many other predominately black cities, it doesn't have the stigma of being "ghetto," has a fair amount of black celebrities there, and a warmer climate. So I'm not surprised Single Ladies takes place there, especially with the popularity of reality shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Singles Ladies isn't a reality show though, it's a scripted dramady---LOL though both the drama and comedy fall flat sometimes.

      But the thing about Single Ladies is like Sex and the City. Despite the fact that there is some diversity (though I know Atlanta is not as diverse as NY), the women very rarely step out of their circles to do other things. With the Latin guy and the white guy, these men stepped into THEIR circles.

      But there is a matter of these women naturally doing so. They don't go shopping, they don't go to restaurants, even the parties they've been seen going to are usually from black organizations. I supposed this good just be a matter of poor writing and characterization as it makes the women seem pretty vapid...which they are. An Asian male character would have to step into their world, unless he's like a Chinese food delivery guy. >_< And they don't even do take out anyway!

      As the show progresses, I hope it continues to show a variety of romance with the leads though. We'll see what happens.

    2. I'm surprised that Atlanta haven't been referred to as ghetto,though the critics want to.These days, would be harder to.Most of them with the exception of 2 of them are becoming extinct.Most are becoming mixed income housing and/or parks.

      Atlanta is a tricky city because,its not centralized.A lot of people get thrown off by it.I have seen news organizations like NBC describe some part of suburbia here and I'm like "That's not the ATL." They can be 50 miles from there and the will say it that.I see why people can get thrown off by it.Yes, Atlanta is mostly black,but there are smaller cities/burbs connected to it that are White to mixed.

      Far as Asians,some of them live in Atl,but more so in Midtown(Which is like Greenwich Village,but a great of them live in the Home park neighborhood because a lot of them are college students,yuppies or bullies.)or Uptown
      Atl. Many live in the outskirts of it.Go on Buford Highway and you'll see the Asian Square/Little Mexico.Its a long highway,but its fascinating to look at.

      I may try to sample Single Ladies just to see what's up,but these reality shows are just boring me to death.I remembered the first time The Housewives came out, I admit,to being impressed by all of the Black women being in power,but I still couldn't get into it, then the Basketball wives and the ones about the mistresses(I forget the name of it) . That show made me want to dip my head in mud. As a Atl native, I'm embarrassed by that show.I wish that it would go off the air.

    3. LOL don't get me started on Basketball Wives. Too many grown women fighting each other! Though I do like the Real Housewives, more because the delusions of the women on the show were downright hilarious.

      The majority of Single Ladies seems to take place in a clothing store, so outside of shots of what I assume is the downtown area, they don't seem to show anything else. I don't remember them even really referencing where in Atlanta anything takes place (like specific neighborhoods and what not). With the way the show is being presented, it's getting a positive outlook, but also a really narrow view of what's there and what people outside the bougie folks do.

    4. Unfortunately I know a few bougie black folks (My family has many!) A lot of them have this "White is right" mentality. In other words, "If I date out, he'll be white". White men are like the default interracial boyfriend for some Black women (Especially Successful sistas.)

  2. Oh yeah, I remember Chiaki *_*

    Sorry for the useless comment...By the way, you made a typo with Tamaki's first name but it makes me think of Hiroki Narimiya (not bad! lol). Ok I'm out...

    1. I made the edit! I had them both on the brain actually, LOL, which is probably why I messed up the name. I opted to go with Tamaki because Hiroki reads as a much "younger" character at times. I couldn't image him doing a button down role the way I could with Tamaki--though I've only seen Hiroki in a few TV series and NANA.

    2. Lol OK. I agree with you on how "young" Narimiya is portrayed in some TV series, well in the ones I've seen that are old now. Tamaki would fit better here.

      Makes me curious about the show, I'll check this out.

    3. According to the J-drama Wiki, Hiroki is supposed to be in a period drama soon. So many he's finally trying to take on more series roles. LOL I'll reconsider him!

  3. Tamaki!!! I literally LOL'd when I scrolled down and saw his picture!! I think your scenario is perfect! for that petition... ^^

  4. Me Grimlock love Single Ladies!

    Just because me arms don't allow me to yawn, stretch and place me arms sexily around Fakesy Dash during a RomCom doesn't mean that I can't watch me favorite vapid show. Fakesy doesn't discriminate, but like ShaSha says, she should start to get down with a T-Rex of the Asian persuasion like myself. Fakesy has also shown that she likes a good downtown man. That's what I am.

    I also appreciate that the show is generally progressive, albeit a bit heavy handed, as shown in the episode with the Blapublican. Me no like Chik-fil-A and Walmart. Me like Ratchet because he doesn't charge me for medical care.

    1. ^Shen. I can only comment with >_<

    2. That last episode was so ratchet! Fight scene with tables breaking, a gay intervention, latino lothario, and potentially another IRD with a middle eastern dude. A bit further east and the show may end up with an Asian dude for Fakesy!

  5. You have no idea how hard I was laughing at this line:

    "It's a show about pretty black people with pretty black people problems. Well not just black, there is a white women as part of the cast, but her problems are as equally lame."

    I'll be honest, I need one of those "Rich/Pretty People Problem Shows"in my T.V watching just because it's fun to watch something drastically ridiculous and different from your own life. It's sort of the reason I used to watch "All My Children" with my mom growing up. Personally, I'm still waiting for a sitcom or webseries where they focus on the dating lives of a group nerdy minority girls dealing with Nerdy Girl Problems. ;)

    I live in Canada, so unless one of the Canadian channels picks it up (probably won't) or one of the American ones has it, I will have to try watching Single Ladies online.

    I think Single Ladies though will have a better chance at picking up at least once steamy instance of an AMBW relationship though if it goes on for a few seasons than any Canadian show here. Not that they don't support diversity, but I think the focuses are often different on the interracial couples since the minorities make-up here is a bit different (larger East Indian and Native population and smaller Black and Latino population compared to the States).

    Though I suppose it's not a stretch that Degrassi could get an AMBW relationship. I don't watch it, but they've had some very interesting couples there.