The Adventures of Shen of ShaSha: Battle Royale Part 2

19.9.12 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

Ugh. Football season is here.

And and it's the one time Shen and I really come to blows.

So let me back up a bit. Shen is a big sports fan. He's mostly into football, basketball, and soccer, but he also love lacrosse, tennis, wrestling, UFC, hell this fool even watched dressage during the Olympics! He goes to games and has admitted to going shirtless with letters painted on him during his college days. Even in the morning he's watching ESPN news while making coffee before he heads out the door. >_<

Me, not so much. The only sport I can watch and enjoy is women's volleyball, mostly because I played in high school. I'd say the Olympics is the only time I sat and watched any sports. Yes, even fucking dressage. I went to a Big Ten (Eleven? Twelve?) school and the first time I actually saw the football field was during graduation. In fact, I never know people are playing anything unless it's a FB update.

Anyway, Shen is probably the biggest into football, which airs what feels like every damn night. If it's not college football, it's the pros. When we first moved in, we only had one TV and would get into a battle over who would watch what. Okay, okay, I know I've mentioned the idea of compromising when it comes to relationships, but I have to admit I get as stubborn as shit when it comes to the TV.
Okay, I have tried to watch a few football games. I've gone with him to friend's houses for the Superbowl and Rose Bowl. I've even tried watching with him in the apartment. Hell I ever watched a few moments of the Lingerie Football League. But I just can't wrap my head around that damn sport. I think I've lasted longer through a football game than through soccer or UFC. And WWE. Yeah, yeah, I know it's not a sport, but Shen still loves to watch that shit.

I think it's because Shen does the same thing my dad does. He'll sit down to watch a game...and falls asleep. >_<

That drives me insane. Seriously you make a big deal about watching a fucking game and you don't even make it through!? The few times he's awake he's in full obsessed sports fan mode, raging, clapping, shouting, cheering, all that annoying stuff. Which also bugged me since my desktop is located in the same room as the TV, so I had to hear his noise. I would yell at him to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Eventually we got another TV for the bedroom and that works sometimes. When I'm on my computer, I yell at Shen to go to the bedroom to watch TV since I know he'll make a bunch of noise until he falls asleep. I bought a tablet so I can use it while I watch TV in the other room...but I can still hear him yelling and stomping every now and then.

The TV battle often extends outside of sports. Although Shen and I like to watch a lot of shows together. So You Think You Can Dance, The Voice, Single Ladies, Misfits, The Soup, King of the Hill, Transformers, Big Bang Theory, we love a lot of the same stuff. But there are a few shows that we still butt heads on. I already mentioned my interest in shows like Scorned: Love Kills and Snapped. Shen claims to "fear for his balls" when I watch those those (even though he totally got hooked on Scorned). And he also hated that I watched Drop Dead Diva, calling the show and its light-hearted portrayal of the law stupid. He would head over to his computer when I turned to America's Next Top Model or Sex and the City (though he secretly likes SATC). Meanwhile as soon as I see him turning to How I Met Your Mother or Saturday Night Live, I'm in the other room or at my computer watching cute cat videos.

And yes we've tried to compromise in the non-sports area too. At least I made it through a season and a half of Lost...he can't even make it through an episode of Rurouni Kenshin!

So the new set of TV shows have started and we're already debating whether or not we should watch the show Revolution. I think it's pretty damn shitty, but he wants to watch a few episodes to see what will happen. We'll see how far we get before we add this to the new list of "Show I Hate, Shows He Loves" group.


  1. Hilarious! Snapped is an awesome show, I used to watch it constantly.

    Lmao at Shen's fear for his balls! Tell him to tone down the sports and his balls will be much safer.

    1. Checked out Scorned! It's usually about affairs that result in murder and the reenactments are unintentionally hilarious.

      As for Shen, I banished him to the bedroom today. I'm using the living room to get my workout on. Apparently he's doing live blogging now during the games so that seems to keep him quiet. I can hear him typing furiously on his computer though, LOL.

  2. These men! I swear my boyfriend is the same way. He and I watch our favorite teams together. The NY Giants and NY Knicks. When he starts watching all the other teams I really get annoyed. I usually fall asleep on the sofa next to him because he likes when we are doing things together. He is crazy during the games though. I am not allowed to be on my phone or computer during the games because he is superstitious since last season our teams lost every time I would get on my phone. It annoys the hell out of me!

  3. (I'm not allowed to speak/write like myself anymore :( I just think I'm the awesomest Transformer. Who can resist my little arms and improper grammar?)

    Hello everybody!

    Yes, I like sports. First and foremost, I'm a Terps fan. It is difficult sometimes, but I'd rather like the Terps rather than hop on an ESPN anointed bandwagon. Unlike ShaSha, I really like the Pride uniforms. And their new white uniforms, which I've dubbed the Stormshadow. During gamedays, I've taken to live commenting on Testudo Times. Go Terps!

    I'm fascinated with football. It really is a violent sport. I played pickup football growing up and wanted to play organized football with pads, but my mommy wouldn't let me. It was probably for the best, even without being the hulking specimen that I am today / you can't see because this is the internets. Also, the Redskins name is terrible and should be changed yesterday. And Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Ravens rocks.

    Recently, ShaSha was a trooper and sat through an entire UFC fight card. She didn't make any comments about questionable positions, like North-South. We had our first guests at our place!

    Yes, we like a lot of the same shows. I really like Misfits and Dr. Who. And AbFab. Those British / UK folks make really good shows when they're not being condescending and telling me what to do on their reality and daytime talk shows. Single Ladies is trashy and surprisingly, improved when Fakesy replaced Stacey Dash.

    Scorned? I admit that the transition moan is hilarious. As are the attractive actor replacements for ugly folks in real life. But yes, whether a possibility pre-Scorned or encouraged post-Scorned, I fear for my balls.

    Maybe if ShaSha writes a post about science fiction shows, I'll get into why I make her watch terrible shows like Terra Nova and Revolution. Ok. It isn't too complex. I want the shows to be good and enjoy laughing at, not with, the shows.

  4. lol @ Shen's post.

    I LOVE Scorned!!! That show is the best. People have the craziest affairs and really think they are keeping it secret from somebody! It's sad how many genuinely nice and good guys got murdered when their hussy wife ran off with the bartender.

    I'm lucky that my BF doesn't watch boring sports like football!!! I love UFC and I'd watch it constantly but he just isn't interested. He'd rather blast away at aliens in a computer game. Different strokes for different folks.