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29.11.12 ShaSha LaPerf 4 Comments

Woohoo first interview! I was recently interviewed for the site myTreat Blog. myTreat is a general site that focuses on making friends, dating, and networking. I was asked about the purpose of this site as well as some other questions about dating Asian men. Here's a snippet:
Your blog’s title is “my boyfriend is asian” and several of your posts are about life dating an Asian guy. Take us back, how did you come up with this blog and where did the interest in Asian guys begin?
I didn’t find myself interested in Asian men until I was in college. Before that I lived in a predominately Black city, and there were few Asian men around. I went to a big state school and that was when I met men of various ethnicities and befriended them. However I never really considered dating them because I figured they wouldn’t want to date a black girl. Then I moved to Japan. I was pretty surprised at the number of Japanese men that aggressively pursued me. I met some great guys and not so great guys. When I returned to the states, I moved to a diverse area. I didn’t turn down men of other races because a good-looking guy is a good-looking guy and if we click, we click. But overall I just found myself a bit more attracted to Asian ones. I met my current boyfriend online. We’ve been together for about two years.
I decided to create my blog when I came across a forum for Asian men and non-Asian women. Most of the forum topics skewed towards Asian men/white women pairings and I got a sense that the black women were feeling a bit left out. But this whole idea of a forum dedicated to just Asian/non-Asian dating tickled my curiosity, so I just started an online search for similar groups. I found Black women and Asian men interested in each other, but asking the same questions about each other. I found women liked Asian pop culture, women interested in going to Japan, and I also found a few sites of other Black women married or dating Asian men who would blog about their daily lives. These were all things I was interested in, so I decided to blog about them so I could add my own spin to things. I thought about the things I’d experienced when I was dating, and what I would’ve wanted to know before dating Asian men. When it comes to writing articles that related to dating or my own relationships, I focus on the positive and negative things about dating Asian men. Dating in general has its ups and downs and I’d like for my readers to remember that this happens regardless of who you’re dating.
I have to say I thought the questions were much more difficult to answer than I'd thought. I wasn't asked anything particularly difficult, and I liked the questions I was asked. But it's funny. What I'm thinking in my head doesn't always come out the way I want to when I write. Hey, I have quite a few blog posts here that I think are great ideas and I start to write them...and get all frustrated because I can't get my words out clearly (this also explains the very short endings and lack or real conclusions on some of my blog posts, LOL). The rest of the interview is available on myTreat blog: Dating Interview: I’m Black and My Boyfriend is Asian with ShaSha LaPerf

::enter complete lack of a conclusion for this blog post here::


  1. Congrats on the interview! That's super awesome. :)

  2. Congratulations on your interview.

    Its great that some of your blog readers get to know who your are and where you stand on the issues of the Blasian community and AMBW relationships. More of these sites like this and many others are always a great additive on the internet.