The Obligatory FUCK YEAH OBAMA WON! Post (With Dancing Gifs Galore)

7.11.12 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

What a night!

The election day started for me and Shen with standing in line for over and hour waiting to for. Which we weren't too mad about because it means people were voting! Anyway there's a lot of randomness going on in the line including an older man who insisted that I looked like Angela Davis. >_< Granted I wasn't insulted by this at all but I also knew the guy only felt that way because I was the only person in line with an afro (and my fro is tiny, nowhere near the awesomeness of Angela's fro). Anyway it was amazing seeing all these people in line, different races, different ages, hearing moms explain to their kids why they'll need to vote.

And later that night, Shen and I flipped between about 6 channels (not including a look at Big Bang Theory reruns every now and then) to get results. We managed to stay up to see Romney give a decent concession speech, but fell asleep before getting to Obama. The plus side about my job is that it's okay to use sites like YouTube and whatnot, so I can stream it while I work.

So here's to Obama! You get the coveted Fresh Prince gifs!

On a random note, there are a lot of really good FP dancing gifs out there, LOL. Seriously it was hard to choose!

And I have to say I'm proud of my state for other reasons. Maryland gave the okay to gay marriage. In fact we're one of those states to do it by popular vote which means people are getting some common sense nowadays. Here are some gifs for you!!!

And finally Maryland also gave the okay to the Dream Act, which will allow some undocumented students get in-state tuition. I used to work for a non-profit in DC that provide scholarships to students in DC, Maryland, and Viriginia, so this one had a bigger impact on me than I'd originally thought. One of the worst part of my jobs was having to turn down students because we didn't have scholarships for everyone. It was very clear to me and the staff that a lot of these students were screwed without the extra help. So it was great to hear that more students are getting opportunites. GIFS FOR YOU!!!

So here's to hopefully and awesome for years! And Obama, since we're talking about college tuition, can we talk about student loans and interest...just...saying.

Alright, I'm at work, so I gotta end this. I'll be replying to comments from my last post later tonight.


  1. ..and just to think I almost came close to not watching the good!

    I admit,,I was concerned about Obama's chances of winning. I was thinking about them economy and how some presidential candidates have lost it because of it.I think that this has to be one of the most unpredictable races in history. Polls, past problems,Obamacare...the media was so sure that these things were going to be the nail in Obama's coffin..NOT!!! Oh,Mittens was solo sure that he was going president that he only wrote a victory speech while Obama wrote that as well as a concession speech in case he lost the race.

    Though I was a little anxious about the race, I also had a gut feeling that Obama was going to win again.For one,the GOP have isolated a lot of groups:minorities,women,the young.Thoughout this whole presidential campaign,it was so incredibly baffling to hear them put down all of these people,yet they wanted our vote.Tell me...who in their right mind would vote for a party who insults them?It's just amazing how they really can be.

    At the end ,Obama won and that was what counted. I prayed for the right man to be in office and it came true.I still think about those words that my late grandmother told me of how the bottom rail will rise to the top. I didnt always get the message until now.

    Obama will have his work cut out for him,but most time its always the vulnerable person who end up doing the job and I trust that he will do it.

    1. I think people took note of the fact that the Republicans were just bat-shit crazy this time around. Not even just with Romney and Ryan but it seems like half their party couldn't even wrap their head around the idea of rape. They constantly alienated women and people of color and they can't be surprise that most of us wised up to it.

      There was a lot of hate and racism coming from people today, and I couldn't even be mad at them. I laughed at them and just said haters gon hate!

  2. I live in MD as well and was so happy with all the positive things that came out on this ballot. Just cause I don't agree with some peoples action don't mean that they don't have a right to have live how they want. And the Dream Act is great, because if their parents pay taxes and they went to school in MD then those undocumented deserve just as much of an instate tuition as anyone else.

  3. I don't even live the in the States and I was stoked that Obama won. I felt that Mitt or Ryan were in power, their crazy might start spilling over here to Canada (some of it kind of did because some people are actually trying to reopen the abortion debate again. Thankfully, I don't think that's gonna happen).

    All the Republican party had to do was not be racist, sexist of fundamentally religious for them to win. Was that really such a difficult task?

    P.S Can someone tell me what is so scary about 'Obamacare'?

    1. Basically Obamacare just makes things a bit more accessible to people. It's scary to Republicans because they damn near hate anything that can potentially help the poor, women, and people of color. I'm not completely clear on all the details of Obamacare and I think it will probably force some companies to shell out more money to pay for healthcare for their employees. And I'm sure they aren't too happy about. But again the three groups above would probably benefit the most from it.