ShaSha on Vacation

27.12.12 ShaSha LaPerf 4 Comments

Shoot, was hoping to pop out another blog post, but was surprisingly busy over the past few days.

Anyway, Shen and I will be heading out of town soon, so I probably won't get to posting on my blog till next year. Don't you love when people say "next year" like it's so far away, when it's really not? I'll probably still post random stuff and maybe some pics on Twitter, and maybe check comments for trolls, but that's about it.  Hopefully I'll have some exciting stories to tell about the trip outside of, "It was cold and snowy as fuck!" LOL!

Oh! Some going away music! Check out this song by CREAM, a newish R&B/pop/hop-hop group. It's two members: singer MINAMI, who some of you may know from m-flo collaborations, and rapper Staxx T. Both members like to have rather WTF hairstyles ( a look at CREAM's other vids will show Minami pulling off some hair fierceness). Yes that really is Staxx T's hair, and there's eve a video explaining how he gets his hair that way. 

Anyway here's some Holiday cheer from the duo. Personally I think they have better covers and songs, but hey, this is the holiday-ish song from them. Check out their songs, "Goodbye," "Kissing," and "Money, Money, Money,"  and MINAMI on m-flo's "All I want is You."

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the holidays and early HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. Have a happy vacation! Can't wait to read your posts! In the meantime, I'll keep looking over your other blogs that I have missed. :)

    1. sorry.... I didnt add my name above

    2. Justina,
      Aargg! Lol.

  2. You and Shen have a Happy 2013.