The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: New York, New York!

8.1.13 ShaSha LaPerf 6 Comments

Happy New Year Everyone! Wanted to get back to my blog earlier, but I've got a really nasty cold. Today is the first day I've actually been able to sit at my desktop to work. Hopefully this mess will go over soon!

So Christmas has come and gone. It was pretty low key for me and Shen. We did decide to do a gift exchange. Shen got me some silver jewelry because he knows I got nuts over it. He also got me some comic books, and bought me a few things in NYC which I'll get to later. I got Shen a Star Wars Lego set, a watch, a Rottweiler calendar--he really loves those crazy big dogs--and some novelty Christmas undies, LOL. #freak.

One of the piece of jewelry from Shen. 

So on to New York! It's been about 10 years or so since Shen has been to NYC and for me only a few years. However, my trips were often job related so I didn't really get to see much when I was there outside of FELA! (which is a really awesome play by the way), MoMA, and a few Japanese owned stores and restaurants.

Shen and I spent a few nights at a hotel in Brooklyn, then made our way to Harlem to stay at a friends' apartment. The hotel in Brooklyn was interesting. It's a new hotel that's owned by a DJ. The hotel wasn't in the popular or hipster type area of Brooklyn like Williamsburg or Park Slope. Some of the TripAdvisor reviews complained about the sketchiness of the neighborhood but shit, I'm from Detroit, and now living in the DC area. Not a big deal to me or Shen for that matter.

In Brooklyn, Shen and I did geek out a bit, checking out comic books stores and Zakka, a Japanese owned store that carries a lot of cute quirky Japanese artsy things and graphic design books. Shen was able to indulge in his obsession over cute little robots while I salivated over books about typography  illustration, and character design. Shen bought me a book about tote bag design, which is inspiring me to look into this as a way to make a few bucks on the side.

Another gift Shen bought me cuz Ghostbusters is my all time fave movie. 
I'm a little ignorant about the demographics of Brooklyn. LOL okay I'm totally ignorant; I just assumed the area was mostly black and white. And I wasn't totally off base of the stats Wiki has is right. But I was surprised when the stats also listed the Asian population at about 9.5%. Shen and I did notice a fair amount of Asians riding the trains, though we didn't see them walking around the area we stayed. LOL Shen commented on the amounts of Sweet Asian Hair he saw--well we both did that throughout the trip. Shen is still having trouble finding a hair salon he likes in the DC area, so I suggested he asks one of the Asian where to get a hair cut in Brooklyn. LOL I think he did seriously consider it for a brief moment before saying, "no."

Sadly we didn't get to see anything in Harlem. :( The day we switched from the Brooklyn hotel to Harlem, there was a rainy/snow mix. We were already feeling a little sick from the cold weather, tired from all the walking we'd done the previous day in Manhattan, and didn't want to be out in the snowy weather. So we spent the day in, ordering pizza and watching Tower Heist.

In Manhattan, We went to the Museum of Modern Art, probably my favorite museum of all time. We also geeked out in Manhattan as well going to see a Harry Potter exhibition that featured actual props and costumes from the film. We also went to Midtown Comics a well-known comic store in Times Squares. LOL it's funny, a lot of people go to New York to take in the high culture and clothes shopping...Shen and I go to comic book stores and see Harry Potter Exhibitions. Oh and Toys R Us, we also went to Toys R Us.

Some other stuff we got while in NYC. Hello Kitty Lucky Kitty is my fave pickup. 
Because it was so close to New Year's Eve, it was pretty packed everywhere  Shen and I did a lot more hand and arm holding while we were out, something that we hardly ever do. LOL yeah it was pretty clear that we were together. But while in NYC, I also noticed the lack of IR parings happening. I've heard some pretty contrasting things when it came to IR dating in NYC, either it's happening everywhere or it's not happening at all. Guess that time there just weren't many couples out that day; didn't even spot black/white pairings. In fact the only time I saw other IR couples was at Katsuhama, a Japanese spot I like to hit up when I'm in the city. There was a AM/WF and BM/AF couple. Probably the oddest thing about it all was that those couples and me and Shen were the only IR couples in the place...and all sitting side-by-side. I don't think it was intentional, but I was somewhat amused none the less.

Just a random shot in Times Square.
I dragged Shen to Kinokuniya in the hopes of getting EXILE and CHEMISTRY CDs. While at Kinokuniya, Shen became fascinated with Donyastu:

Yes, that's a cat. A donut shaped cat. Gotta love Japan for their ability to make something so WTF so cute.

Shen and I came home on New Year's Eve. So we spent the night in, ordered Chinese food, and popped open a bottle of wine. Overall I'd say we had a pretty good third Christmas and New Year's together. Now we're both trying to get our shit together. He's working on his practice and I'm working on my stuff. Welll as soon as I get over this fucking cold...


  1. Gosh..I know that it haven't been that long ago since you've been on your blog, but it seems like it.In general, the day seems long. I don't know why, but for me that's a good thing. Happy that you and When had some fun in the big apple and made it back safely and take it easy with your cold.This yo-yo weather sure will give it to you.

    The only thing that I hate about stats is that it don't always tell the whole story about demographics. I've never been to Brooklyn or any part of NY,but I'm like you when it came to Brooklyn. I would always envision Blacks,Latinos and Whites(Italians particularly) to dominate Brooklyn, but not Asians. It's not that I don't think that no Asians live in Brooklyn, but I didn't think that a high number of them lived in that section of NY.

    Its sort of how people see ATL. Most people see it two ways: As mostly Black city or a mixed one.Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of Black people that live there,but its also a tricky city because similarly to NY ,it's also a city that consist of so many other cities/counties to it may confuse people.If I had to tell people we're most Asian people live in GA, I would tell them that most of them live outward. Just a couple of days ago I was reading IR demographics about ATL.Judging by the numbers one would think that it hardly have any of them there. The funny thing about it is while there are some in ATL,depending on which Metro ATL you live in,there far more in other counties. Most people would expect to see more of them in the big city.

    Awww..happy to see that Santa(Shen) came your way. You tell me that your boyfriend love those dreaded Rotweilers? It seems that they want those dogs or Pit bulls. I refuse to have one of those dogs around me. My neighbors poor friend almost had a heart attack and ran down my house because he was just that scared of his Pit bull. I'm not scared of other dogs, but I don't do Pits or Rottweilers.Them dogs seem to have a mind of their own.

    1. LOL Shen was sad to see your comments about Rottweilers. We get into this debate a lot. He had one years ago and insists that they are sweet dogs. I'm sure some are sweet, but I'm not a fan of bigger, thicker dogs anyway. I'm sure if we decide to get a dog it will become battle royal again over which do got get.

  2. Glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods. I always find it interesting to read other people's point of view about Brooklyn since I'm a born and raised Brooklynite myself.I know I'm a little biased. I find it funny that we're now a tourist destination. Back in the day Brooklyn was the "Hood". I do suggest if you come back this way again, the summer in Brooklyn is always popping.

    As for the IR dating scene here, it really depends on the neighborhood. My neighborhood (Crown Heights), is pretty diverse.

  3. Sweet! Kenshin statue. That was one of my biggest fandoms during my teen years. I still hold a soft spot for it.

  4. I'm from New York and it depends on what part of Brooklyn you go to. On Flatbush Avenue there is large West Indian community, and in Bayridge there is a large Russian and Italian community. Brooklyn is quite large. Again, it depends on what part of Brooklyn you were in.

    Park Slope is where all of the white hipsters are. It has a pretty large community of artists. Like Brooklynista I too remember when Brooklyn was the "hood"! LOL I'm from Harlem, and while it's always been tourist attraction we're getting even more people visiting.

    I know we New Yorkers bitch about tourists quite a bit (Y'all tend to walk too damn slow!) It's always interesting to see what people who are not from this city have to say about my hometown!

  5. Hey New Yorkers, thanks for more insight on the city. Over the past few years I've been reading about how gentrification has been hitting Brooklyn and Harlem and the way it's affecting the residents. I think that's when I really started paying attention to NY since the same thing was happening to DC and it was becoming a big deal.

    I feel like whenever I'm in NY I don't get time to see much so it becomes a serious pick and choose issue. And this time around it was way more about doing and buying a bunch of geek stuff. Since Shen and I are finding cheaper ways to get to the city, I'm hoping to get up there every other year. Both Shen and I wanted to go to the Afropunk fest there last year, but were too busy and broke to go at the time. :(