Totally Random Post: Yes I'm Still Here with a New Facebook page

4.3.13 ShaSha LaPerf 2 Comments

Hey everyone! Wow it's been so long since I've updated here. @_@ I'm helping a friend build a website it's been quite some time since I've had to make one. So I've been spending a lot of time basically relearning how to do things. Plus I've actually had a life these past few weeks, meeting up with a few friends and what not. Shen and I have tend to hibernate in the winter time, but we'd been putting more effort to stop being so lazy and watch TV all the time...though we still have watched a fair amount of TV, LOL.

And we're having some serious discussions about our next steps. In  a previous post I mentioned that Shen and I planned to get married next year but we're considered bumping up the wedding to maybe this year. But we're also so still interested in moving, so things really depend on our financial situation. But we have been spending some time doing research on both the cost of weddings and houses since we don't have a clue on either one. So I really haven't had time to touch Twitter like I wanted to.

Again I want to thank everyone on congratulating me and Shen! :) I'll definitely keep y'all updated with any wedding details...whenever we actually get some.

So I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with this site. Basically I'm running out of stuff to write about. I do have a few ideas that I plan to bring out here. for one, I am writing a short story that I will probably post in parts. It's a BW/AM story. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I saw I wouldn't write a blasian story. But I decided to write again after I wrote what just came to my head for the writing circle me and my friends have. And they liked it, so I figured I might as well expand on it. It's definitely not a novel or probably not even a novella. Just a short story. Hope folks are interested in reading it. :) LOL I'll try to keep the typos down to a minimal. One of these days I need to go through this whole damn blog and edit the shit out of it.

I also plan to write two more articles for the Dating Asian Guys 101 sections. Think I've covered a lot there so not trying to beat a dead horse. :) I haven't been paying too much attention to what's new in the Asian pop culture world, which is why I've been quiet on that for a while. So I have a few things coming up, but I just get tapped out from time to time.

Oh yeah, shameless self-promoting! I now have a Facebook page! I know y'all like wait this chick just posted on how she ain't got nothin to write about and she barely updates her Twitter and now she has a FB page!? Really!? Well honestly I didn't realize just how freaking limiting Twitter is. Seriously it's a pain to try to write stuff in only 140 characters. So I opened the FB page so in case there's a cool link I'd like to post, but felt like I couldn't write a full blog post on (but wanted to write more than 140 characters). So please "Like" my page. :)

Alright I've used enough smiley faces and it's getting late. For sure I will post something this week, probably part of the story. And will get around to replying to comments and emails as well. This will be one of the lazier weekends and I'm looking forward to relaxing at home and finally getting back to my blog.

Night everyone!


  1. One thing I hope that you wouldy never shut your site down.Its a great blog and I like reading about your past adventures in Japan and the states. You got a lot on your plate. That is enough for you to tire you out and lose focus . It would be understandable if you took a long break from your blog. Its best that you have a clear mind than a cluttered one. You'll be surprised of what a little rest can do to the mind.

    1. Sometimes I have so many things spinning around in my head I really just don't know what to do. LOL maybe this weekend I'll lock myself in the apartment and will make an extensive to do list to figure things out.