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19.5.13 ShaSha LaPerf 6 Comments

Hey everyone!

Yes I'm still here. :)

But taking a week long break.

The past two weeks Shen and I have been figuring out wedding stuff. And this is how I'm feeling right now:

So despite all my talk of a courthouse wedding, we've deiced to go ahead and have a wedding instead. Initially we wanted to invited people to the courthouse with us and then go to a nice restaurant for dinner. In my head this was a good idea. But when it came to the logistics of it all, there was still going to be some coordination that needed to happen for things to work out. Shen and I really did want our closest friends and family members to be apart of the events, so we decided to have a ceremony and reception.

So I've spent the last two weeks looking at wedding websites, bugging friends for help, researching venues, caterers, etc. And I've got quite a bit of work as well to deal with. So I need to take another week off from the blog so I an keep working to get things in order. Hopefully by the end of the week we'll have a ceremony site locked down. I feel like once that part is done, I can breath again. We're going to still have a pretty small wedding and a tiny budget, so I'll probably post some pics at my attempts at making wedding shit I find off Pintrest, LOL. Throughout the week I might post some random stuff on the FB page, but won't get to a full blog post until a little later.

Alright back to venue research...


  1. Gotta love Adventure Time Gifs! :)

    Wish you the best of luck on your wedding endeavours!

  2. Lol...cute GIF.

    It didn't surprise me that you're a little mind boggled about your impending marriage . I often hear people talk about the stresses behind planning a wedding, but I didn't always get it until a couple of years ago. Nice to hear that you and Shen decided to go with a church wedding. Not that there is anything wrong with a courthouse. (Couldn't blame you at the time),but you have a point about inviting close family a friends to it.

    Though it was a college graduation, I felt really bad about it because I could only invite 4 people to attend the ceremony. The very people I wanted to come couldn' t but at the end I didn't know that they could have seen it from outside of the center doors. I would have accepted that more than turning them away.

    Ironically, I was enjoying my lunch a couple of days ago and seen an older Jamaican couple who just got married from the courthouse. It sure didn't seem like it as mobs of family members congratulated them. It was lovely. Just like I wished them a happy marriage, I wish the same for you and Shen

    1. Thanks. :) There were few people at my graduation too. Actually that same day my mom graduate from college! But we went to different schools, so the family split up to support us. Honestly I was too tired for school itself to really care, I was just glad it was all over!

      Shen and I finally found a venue and now we're working on all the other details. We're still trying to keep things as cheap as possible so there will be many nights of us making decorations...well Me making them since it's my thing. I don't normally post pics of me and Shen here, but I probably will post some wedding pics. Still a ways off though.

  3. I'm having issues with my wedding too. I'm having mine back in Uganda and there's a....job?? where people attend wedding and funerals for the free food and drinks. I'm gonna freak if I see any randomers. We need a very secure place, plus I need to have 10 bridesmaids!! Plus my fiancees parents have never left china and I'm really worried for them, the money involved......and so much more haha

    Is there any reason you didn't initially go for a church wedding? Also how much of his culture are you going to add? I think I remember you writing he's chinese? Can't wait to see your wedding pictures. Good luck.

  4. Congrats! :)

    Shen and I aren't particularly religious people so we don't have any ties to a church. Plus they can be as pricey as some other venues. My wedding won't have any bridesmaids, maybe just a matron of honor (my sister) and his best man (his brother). We're still decided on this idea though.

    Shen is Chinese. The majority of his family moved to the states so we won't have a problem with them getting here. Culture-wise we'll probably have an uncle translate the ceremony in Cantonese. We were hoping to find a Chinese caterer but there are very few that will do a full catering set up so we might have to nix that idea.

    Sounds pretty cool to have a wedding in Uganda. Good luck with getting the family there! My family is only a few hundreds miles away and it's a pain getting them here! Since you live in China, maybe have two ceremonies? Of course that depends on your funds, we're trying to keep things as cheap as possible on our end! Looking forward to hearing about your wedding details as well!