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Lighting things up a big from my last blog post. This has been sitting on my desk top for a while but since there is some new info released about this group, I figured it was time for me to finally get this post done. Mini warning, this will be a video heavy blog post. :)

From One OK Rock's English Website
So I mentioned this group a little while ago on my Facebook page and just felt like they needed a bit more love. I'm not big into the J-Rock scene; I know most of the well-known ones like B'z, Mr. Children, Porno Graffiti, and L'Aar en Ciel, but I have little music from these folks. But I was drawn into this group a few months ago, by a single song that had me bawling. And normally I don't cry when I hear songs. Okay, I did cry when I first heard "One Sweet Day" from Mariah and Boyz II Men, but who didn't cry when they first heard that song!? Okay, okay, I did cry when I heard Tupac's "I Ain't Mad at Cha," only because the video came out like right after he died, Okay, okay! I also did cry when I heard Immature's "Please Don't Go," but that's because I wasn't selected to go up on stage and have them perform the song to me. LOL seriously my Immature obsession was really off the charts. I still have a binder of pictures I made back when I was in high school.

But back to ONE OK ROCK. OOR is a fairly new group, having only been around since about 2007. The group's name comes from "One O' clock" which is the time they would get together for band practice. The group consistent four members: Taka (lead vocalist), Toru, Ryota, and Tomoyo. OOR is a pretty interesting group for a few reasons. For one, before forming the group, the members were apart of other groups that weren't remotely related to rock. Taka was one of the original members of the boy band NEWS. He actually left the group before they got a mainstream debut. Members Toru and Ryota were members of the hip-hop dance group Heads:

That was an awesome waste of five minutes right?

OOR has also seen a bit of drama related to its members. Originally guitarist Alex was a member of the band. The group decided continue on without Alex.

The group's first single, "Naihi Shinso" was released in 2007. It wasn't a big seller though, reaching No. #48 on the Oricon charts. However, the album Zeitakubyou faired better, getting to No. #15. Since their debut, OOR has been making their way up the charts, with their 2013 single "Deeper Deeper/Nothing Happens," getting the No. #2 spot. Their latest album Jinsei×Boku= has reached "Gold" status in Japan--which means it sold over 100K copies. Again in Japanese selling 100K is a huge deal for many artists. By the way that album is pretty hot and I definitely suggest y'all check it out!

OOR have also appeared on games, commercials, anime and movie soundtracks as well, including the Rurouni Kenshin movie (SEE THIS MOVIE!!!), Black Rock Shooter Game, and the recent Space Pirate Captain Harlock film.

What's also interesting about the group is their use of English. Now it's not that uncommon to find English in Japanese songs. Sometimes it's pretty good (see Skoop on Somebody, Crystal Kay, or Utada Hikaru, you get the idea) and sometimes it's...pretty damn bad (Amuro Namie should really, really stay away from using English). For a lot of artists, English is used for just a simple phrase, or occasionally translating on of their Japanese songs into English. However OOR seamlessly blends Japanese and English, having full verses in English in some cases. Take a listen to the song "Deeper Deeper:"

And then they made this song. This is the song that just damn near stopped my heart when I heard it. The song was released to commemorate the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. The song was original written and sung in English, however, the group decided to release the song (subtitled) in Japanese, French, Chinese, Portguese and Spanish:

Very few artists, Japanese and non-Japanese have made the decision to go through such efforts to get the message of a song across. So I commend them for putting the effort into this song. Also this song is fucking.awesome.

When it comes to anything related to Johnny's Entertainment, I get a bit wary. Because about 95% of the groups are just pretty boys who can barely carry a tune. This is why I'm such a huge fan of EXILE. Atsushi and Takahiro are pretty AND they have vocal talent. Then there's Taka from OOR, who I think actually sounds pretty good. LOL maybe that's part of the reason why he left JE? Since I don't listen to a rock music, it's really hard for me to determine if he has a good "rock" voice or not, but there's something interesting and soothing about his voice. I just love this acoustic version of the song "The Beginning:"

I need this song in my life every day.

It's not just Japan that's taken note of awesomeness of OOR. In April, OOK got to sit down with American band Fallout Boy--who I also like--for an interview on UStream:

And this May, Taka teamed up with punk pop group Simple Plan to collaborate for an alternate version of the song "Summer Paradise." The original version featured rapper K'naan and reggae/dancehall artist Sean Paul:

So at the beginning of this post I mentioned some new info had come out about OOR. Well the group is going to have an international tour, hitting up cities like Bangkok, London, Paris, and Taipei. Unfortunately they will not being making it to North America, but this is still pretty big news. Given that stars like CHEMISTRY, HOMEMADE KAZOKU, Koda Kumi, TM Revolution and now Porno Graffiti have or will perform at anime conventions, maybe we'll see OOR pop up at Anime Expo or Otakon.

I'm still learning about ONE OK ROCK, but they definitely got my attention! I'm looking forward to hearing more about them and watching them grow as a group.


  1. "Be the Light" damn near stopped my heart too!!!! I just listen to that song on repeat, seriously. LOVE IT!!
    I'm sad they won't be visiting North America too, but you're right! Maybe we will see them at a con sooner or later! If you hear anything, let me know!

  2. One of my friends listens to this group~ actually the first thing she told me about them was the drama revolving around Alex. I think what surprised me about it is that he was actually punished for it, which I find is something you wouldn't expect from musicians. I'd say that most get away with groping without so much as a mention about it (I mean this in both the West and Japan).

    1. Generally groping is a difficult case to handle. It's a mix of people who actually do it and people who try to extort money from others by claiming that person did something to them. In the case of Alex, there might have been some pretty clear proof at get him busted. Although this incident happened, it didn't seem to affect the group and they're been moving up ever since.

  3. I started listening to one ok rock based on your suggestion.. And I looked them instantly! I was also excited to learn that they have a gig in London in October, I tried to get tickets and they sold out within the week!! So disappointed!

    1. The tour was announced a while ago, but the dates themselves were only announced recently. I'm guessing the didn't book large venues (but I don't think they've even played large venues in Japan). Sucks you didn't get a chance to get tickets, but maybe their site will have some tour treats on sale for international folks.

  4. I sometimes hate the subject of "Asian Artists That Could Be Big in America" but I have to say that I think it would be interesting if OOR gave it a shot. Most of the artists that have tried before have been pop, dance, or R&B types. Maybe a J-rock group could be the ones to break the mold. Their music is pretty universal and as I stated, they already do a fair amount of singing in English anyway. I hope they continue to do collaborations with artists because that could be they leg up they would need to get into the states. But eh, they could also be perfectly happy just focusing on the Japanese audience. Either way I do hope they make it out to the west side of the world for touring one day soon!

  5. I'm glad you mentioned them on your blog. ONE OK ROCK is actually one of my top favorite J-Rock band next to UVERworld. I think Taka's use of English in a lot their songs is surprisingly really good! He sings it almost as if he were fluent, at least that is how it sounds to me, haha. Overall, I think their band is very talented band!

  6. hello there shasha ^^
    nice post, OOR did really stole my attention. I love their music and at first I thought that the vocalist was japanese-american, his english is damn good!!
    I hope they will gain more attention, because IMHO their music is indeed extraordinary.
    *sorry for my hot-messed english btw*

  7. OHmeFUckung: I love one ok rock, spyair, SUG"takeru woop I want him sooo bad so kawaii, and I like toru from one ok rock who doesn't rap anymore I think he's hot and I love his voice as well as Alex: taka. Um SPYAIR is a good band also I love Ike I think he's cute in a way and his voice is a turn on and his movements when he's singing. btw i'm 14 years old wanting to expand my Japanese im probably going to take Chinese for 4 years because in Nevada you don't have Japanese but Chinese so im in 9th grade and im a mixed person with brown skin I don't have the average texture of hair for a black female I do have a lot of Asian friends. im a funny nice person sometimes a bitch but I can cool it. and I do like jpop,jrock,kpop I think Korean guys are so hot like I will faint if I see a guy. I do think Japanese guys are cute um they look more girlish than most guys but I find them attractive I just hope one will find me attractive im into Asian things/culture maybe because I have a Thai yiyi:grandma, btw I love ur blogs and are Japanese guys good kissers I do like this Asian guy and he's Filipino and I do like him its just everytime I sit with a different person besides him he moves away and I hate that I'm like your giving me mixed signals and I don't know what to do. He's in 10th grade and hes all into that Japanese toy with the ball and weird looking stick I forgot what it was called also he likes poly:hawaii< if you ever have the chance to search up some Japanese guys or something that involves Japanese guys/girls idrcX) go to uTUBE and search Japanese fan-service then u know what happens i hope you do it weird because im 14 and a girl im just hitting that replay button 24'7 because i n somewhat like it haa takeru.toru,reita,THEGAZZETE,SUG,ONEOKROCK,SPYAIR,ike,ETC. so cuttte oh and i found out that i like the average age -20's=30- Japanese guys that's bad because most of them are 30 NAZE?!