30.7.13 ShaSha LaPerf 3 Comments


Yes this blog has been seriously collecting dust lately. :( The wedding is less than three months away and we're still busy trying to get things together. To save money I'm becoming a DIY queen and have spent the last three weeks looking at websites, figuring out what I need to buy, designing the invites, etc. I will also be spending time teaching Shen how to various line dances like the Electric Slide and Cupid Shuffle. LOL because y'all know how we do. ;)

I was hoping to get back to blogging last week actually, but looks like I'm gonna have to put off blogging until this weekend, maybe early next week. I have to give an apology to joyful since she wrote a comment on a post I wrote a little while ago and I said I would get to it. It's definitely my next blog post and something I am interested in hearing about from everyone.

Alright, back to Google Searching and watching Catfish. LOL this show is so nuts.


  1. I know you didn't forget me Shasha! But planning your once in a lifetime nuptials is slightly more important than helping me juggle 3 men in my dating game. I am still very much interested in hearing your advice on how to do this, as I have lost out on several guys due to this issue now... (T T)

    The problem is that the guys think I'm using them, playing games, etc. I've acquired a bit of a reputation as a heartbreaker now among the J-guy group in my city. This isn't good.

    The one thing that's been helpful that I've figured out is to date men who live in different cities and of different nationalities. So, a Korean in one city and an Indonesian in a nearby city. They travel in different circles and won't know each other.

    In Japan, though, I noticed when I went last year that people were VERY aware of where I was, when I left, what time I arrived, what I had on etc. So people will probably notice which men I am keeping company with too :S

    Anyhoo, please feel free to focus on your wedding! Enjoy the crafty process of making favors and decorations etc, take tons of pictures and video of this special time. Your loyal readers will be here when you are ready to post again :)

  2. Wow that is super great! Congratulations!!! Soon the "fiance" of the banner will be replaced by "husband". Enjoy the process and the big dayyyy!!!

  3. Ahh! Your wedding is so close! Congrats! I hope that everything goes well! Looking forward to your blog posts! ^^