The Adentures of Shen and ShaSha: Weddings Budgets, Family And...K-Pop?!

1.7.13 ShaSha LaPerf 4 Comments

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a few updates on what's going with me and Shen. As I mentioned in a post a while ago we decided to forgo the courthouse wedding to have an official wedding and reception. The list of about 30 people has turned into 65. @_@ Of course with the extra people and the reception and ceremony comes the wedding money vacuum. While I don't think we'll it the crazy $28,000 mark many couples spent last year, we are reaching a mark of about $9000. That's still more than we wanted to spend, but not as crazy as it could be. We're saving bucks on a lot of things and getting a little help from family. I got a very cute, cheap wedding dress at Macys (which I can't post since Shen reads the blog). I haven't gotten shoes and jewelry and honestly I'm not above Payless and Claire's to get a few items. I will be making the centerpieces and invites, which I don't mind since I'm all crafty and shit. LOL plus I'm seriously considering getting into the invitation design racket as a way to pick up a few extra bucks a month. The wedding is in October so we're gonna go with a basic fall theme. This means I can rely on tree branches and leaves to create the centerpieces which is much cheaper than flowers for each table.

We've got the DJ (a close friend), the officiant (another close friend) and we're still sticking with the no bridal party idea. We're working on the photographers and caterers now. That was the budget killer right there. We didn't realize how much it costs to feed people! @_@ Initially we wanted to have Chinese food, but discovered how few Chinese food caterers there are in the area. Sure there are Chinese restaurants that will deliver food, but not many of them have staff to go to the event to set-up, serve, clean up, etc during the reception. We have found an Asian fusion caterer that we're considering. And we're gonna go with a wedding cupcakes instead of cake. We like the idea of people getting to have different flavors (plus they're cheaper). So we've got quite a bit done, but still A LOT of work to do. October is coming down on us!

We're also gonna try to have a honeymoon. That probably won't happen till around March or April since we live in the land of few vacation days. But we're decided between The UK and Ireland, Japan, or Puerto Rico. PR will probably be our best best since it's not too far, not too expensive and will be the warmest at that time. The priciest of plan tickets to Japan scares me now. I only paid $600 when I 2004. Things have certainly changed!

So beside all the wedding stuff, Shen's sister and her family came for a visit from the West Coast. They usually spend about two weeks in Maryland a year. Shen has two nieces that are adorable, and perhaps a little quirky. They both definitely have their snarky, comical sides though neither girl is even a teenager yet. They gave us a few gems over their visit. Shen's sister was lamenting the fact that her kids don't like to go to museums. I was a bit surprised since DC has some pretty awesome--and free museums. And a lot of the museums have interactive sections for younger folks to check out...which kinda sucks if you're a 32-year-old who also wants to play with stuff, LOL. However the girls would much rather spend their time walking around IKEA.

Yes, you read that right, I did say IKEA. For some odd reason they are fascinated with the store. Okay, I'll admit it, Shen and I spend a fair amount of time in IKEA. But we buy stuff! Our apartment is pretty much an IKEA that I think about it, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. LOL. And the best gem from Shen's oldest niece was that she decided she wanted a mani-pedi for her birthday. She said, "Mom instead of a $500 birthday party can I have an $87 mani-pedi instead?" LOL needless to say there was some face palming from everyone going on. Shen's sister and her family are pretty well off, but she gave her daughter a pretty good, "you were never getting a $500 party" look.

So while Shen's sister was here we also met up with his cousins. I've only met Shen's cousin once or twice, but they're pretty cool folks and invited to the wedding. We heading up to Rockville to a place called Bonchon. Apparently Bonchon is a Korean owned restaurants that specializes in fried chicken. I have to admit when I was initially told we were going to a Korean joint, I was thinking bulgogi or Korean barbecue. Never expected it to be a wing joint. It was a pretty cool place actually. Ladies in MD, the there is eye candy in there, LOL. And the chicken was actually pretty good. They did offer bulgogi and bul dak, but the chicken was on point!

Anyway, on the back wall there was a ginormous screen that was playing K-pop. Of course I knew what it was but Shen and the rest of his family weren't really interested in it. I've been out of the K-pop loop for a while, so outside of BoA, I didn't recognize the other groups or artists. There was some group named Fiestar (?) that seem to get a lot of play. And I only knew their name because it appeared in their videos.

Shen was pretty fascinated with the videos. Through me Shen has learned about J-pop and can actually recognize a Chemistry or Atsushi song, LOL. But like I said I hardly ever listen to new K-pop let alone watch videos. So it was probably Shen's first time seeing any of them. Shen was confused about whether or not he should see the girls as "sexy" or "cute." And also confused about why there were so many of them and who was dancing and who was singing. I'm sure they were playing different songs, but it did seem like everything kinda blurred together into one 60 min. video. There was just too much flash and not enough substance for him. LOL I told him we should go to an EXILE concert.

So that's the deal. Gotta get back to photographer research...


  1. I'm amazed at all of the cost and time you have to consider in planning a wedding. I thought thay it would be simple and that all would be easy. It may seem like hard but all will be good at the end.

    It seems that all is great with the family .If both sides of the family is getting along with you then you got it made.I guess everybody isn't into museums,but IKEA? That is anew one on me. For (I think) 8 or more years, I work near an IKEA and still have not been in it though I thought about going there. I've heard of a guy living in one of their stores. It must be something else for him to do it.

    I'm also getting hungry with all of this wedding food you're discussing on here.I love cupcakes and I'm a chicken freak..fried, baked, rotisserie.. I just love it all. There is this woman who has a cake shop near my home. I just love her cakes .I don't know if she do wedding cakes, but I hope so.If I got married I would get her to make one. If not I would go to Publix and get it made. I just don't want a cake(or cupcakes great idea as well), I want a GOOD cake.After my cousin in laws 700 dollar nightmare of a "cornbread" wedding cake, you see why I want a quality dessert for my guests

    1. Okay I HAVE to ask. CORNBREAD wedding cake?????? I have never heard of it and I'm from the south! Please explain this. How do you even come to that conclusion to have one? I mean Red Velvet, Chocolate, Lemon, oh wait let's have a cornbread cake! And a $700 one at that.

  2. I love the idea of cupcakes! If you can, get ones that haven't been frozen. Blech, the taste is ruined by freezing them. I love the idea of enlisting folks to stop by 3-4 grocery stores and get cupcakes that actually taste good and are reasonably priced.

    I was just in Rockville, too bad I missed the korean wing place... sounds like a place I'd want to visit.

    Loving the updates!

  3. seriously, I've the same opinion about K-pop LOL. K-pop is a big trend nowadays but the fans are just getting too biased and it scares me out ._.
    *sorry for my horrible english btw*