The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: When Geeks Marry

6.11.13 ShaSha LaPerf 10 Comments

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Hey hey folks!

Shen and I haven officially been married for over two weeks now. Things are starting to wind down. I got bogged down with a mild case of dehydration as well as a rather painful case of cramps, so I haven't been sitting at my desktop to get some writing down (and writing on my tablet is a fuckin pain). I'm working to get back to a regular blogging schedule as well as replying to some emails!

I had a hard time writing this blog post. For the most part the wedding had some minor drama, but was pretty uneventful. I cut quite a bit out of this post because I was writing too many details and getting bored at reading it myself, LOL.

So it's the night before the big day, and I was sleepy as fuck. I'd decided to work through most of the week because I didn't want to use up all my vacation days to deal with the wedding; I'd need some for the honeymoon, which will happen next year. So I only took off about two days and that was a blur of making wedding favors, working on the timing of everything, and figuring out the music for the ceremony. In fact I got so wrapped up with stuff that I actually hadn't written my vows yet! That day had been pretty busy. We had our wedding rehearsal, then I had to run out to get my hair done. And Shen and I had dinner because we wanted to have a bit of alone time before the wedding. Then it was off to the hotel room for me while Shen would stay at our apartment for the night.

I woke up pretty early in the morning. I hadn't gotten too much sleep since I was up the night before writing my vows. But I needed to get a lot of stuff done because my friends, photographers, and family came. I had to go out to my car to get some items and apparently was too sleepy to notice that I was walking right into a glass door. morning was off to an interesting start.

After I got the stuff in my room, I started putting together the wedding trellis I'd bought at AC Moore. The wedding was going to be outside and my plan was to decorate the trellis with leaves and orange bows made of tulle. Unfortunately I hadn't really figured out what I wanted it to look like so I could tell my friends, who were doing most of the wedding set-up while I was getting ready. Right as I'm putting the trellis together, my finger slides to the ground, causing me to break my nail right down to my finger. I was in pain and bleeding. But I just slapped on a Band-Ad and get back to work; there wasn't time for pain.

My friends arrived and surprised me by taking me out the get a mani/pedi. It was pretty early in the morning so we walked right in and were taken care off. we headed back to the hotel, coming in just twenty minutes before the photographer and make-up artists arrived.

Although I had timed the make-up trial I'd had with the MUA, I had miscalculated how long it would take when people are calling you, and shuffling around the hotel room. All while the photographer was trying to get her shots. So this puts us twenty minutes behind for the "first look" photos I was supposed to take with Shen. I rushed to slip into my dress, and the photographer and I drove out to a local park to take the first look photos.

So for those of you that don't know, first look photos are just the bride and groom and their reactions when they see each other in their wedding gear. It's becoming a pretty common thing nowadays and Shen and I loved the idea of it. The park was pretty busy with people working out or just taking a walk, but they were polite when they saw the photographers and threw a "Congrats!" our way every now and then. With first look photos, generally the groom has his back turned or is blindfolded while the bride walks up to him/takes off the blindfold. We did the former. When I saw Shen in his suit (no tux...wanted to get something he could use later), that's when it really hit me that was getting married that day. Now I had been excited about getting married before then, but less so for actually having a wedding due to the amount of stress over it. But seeing Shen made me realize just how happy I was that this event was taking place.

Of course in the mist of this happiness there's a whole lot of other things happening. Because we were late taking the first look photos, it also meant we were late to the wedding. So we're getting the "WHERE ARE YOU!!!" phone calls and text messages and telling everyone "five more minutes, we promise!!!"

Eventually we get all the shots and head to the venue, a place called The Other Barn located in Columbia, MD.

Oh yeah, my engine light came on as while we were driving to the venue. YAY! #sarcasm

As soon as I stepped out the car, one of my friends came up to me and informed me that the wedding trellis I'd spent all morning working on kept falling over due to the amount of wind. She quickly reassured me this didn't happen in front of the guests, so plan B was to just use a small table decorated with some of the leaves. But I wasn't upset; I was too nervous to be upset.

My mom and I lined up. We heard the music playing (I chose to use an instrumental version of "Kissing You" by Des'Ree), and we walked outside.

And I started crying as soon as I saw Shen and the table. I completely forgot everyone is around us.

I was too scared to touch my face because it was caked with make-up. It took me a moment to compose myself and finally made my way up to Shen.

And again things are a blur. I know the officiant--who is a close friend of Shen's--was talking, but I could barely hear the words. I had my vows in my hands...I'd forgotten to give them to my sister to hold. When we get to the vows, I let Shen go first.

And he pulled out a notebook.

With three pages of vows.

Mine was half a sheet, LOL. But Shen had written his vows rather large, so if he had written them on the lines of paper it probably would've been about the same length.

And our vows are...our vows. We made references to Adventure Time and Transformers and the University of Maryland Terrapins. There are some chuckles coming from the audience.

And we get even more chuckles when we do our LEGO ceremony. Instead of doing a sand or candle ceremony, we wanted to do something that really represented who we are. And we decided to go the LEGO Heart route. Because having a LEGO heart unity ceremony is officially a thing. Though I can't take credit for it; got the idea from OffBeat Bride, which had become my Bride Bible during the wedding planning process. It's a great site for geeky/nerdy types looking for fun wedding ideas.

So we finally get to the end where were introduced as husband and wife, and we walked our way down the aisle together.

To the theme of Transformers Prime.

And that's that. The papers were signed, we take family photos, and the reception gets started. It's a fun time. I break out with a second dress, something that's shorter to let me get down on the dance floor.

When Shen and I entered the reception area, we're doing it to the tune of "Tank!" from Cowboy Bebop.

My mom and I did a mother-daughter dance to Rihanna's "Umbrella." LOL my mom turns out to be the life of the party. She's in her early 60s and still likes to go out dancing, so people were pretty impressed with her dance moves. Unfortunately I was wearing a pair of ballet flats which wouldn't be so bad had I not counted on the traction on the shoes. I spent most of the night sliding around rather than walking and making me wish I had a pair of sneakers!

We do all the line dances from The Cha Cha Slide to the Cupid Shuffle. I'm not sure of this is a Detroit specific thing, but as soon as "My Eyes Don't Cry" but Stevie Wonder, you know it's time to get your ass on the dance floor to do the Electric Slide. LOL not everyone joins in though, but Shen manages to get off his feet and does the Cupid Shuffle (that's the only one I got around to teaching him).

Of course the reception wasn't completely drama free. We nearly ran out of alcohol for one thing. Shen and his friends make their own beer and we'd miscalculated the amount we would need for people. And I had expected some relatives on my dad's side to show up, but they didn't even give me a phone call to say they weren't coming (I still haven't talked to them). Luckily there was a liquor store not far from the venue, and the table I had designated for my missing family members turned into a memorial for my dad. My friends had set up his picture in an empty chair during the wedding and they later put that picture and some flowers on the table.

The reception ended pretty early, at about 9:30 or so. And I was totally okay with this since I was pretty tired. Hell I was ready to after I'd eaten dinner. But it was a great time for us and our friends and family. Shen and I wanted to get back to the hotel room watch The Walking Dead. Seriously. Oh and to eat some leftover chicken hor d'oeurves, LOL.

And that's it. It was a fun, stressful, tiring, and amazing weekend. And still stuff to do, like send out the Thank You cards. Man, this is like the third Shen and ShaSha post in  a row! We're still waiting for the wedding photos to come in and I'll post a few. But now that the wedding stuff is over with, I'll find some other stuff to write about.  Been a while since I've talked about music, maybe I'll get to that soon.


  1. Wow, congrats on getting married! I'm sure the vows would have been interesting to hear. XD Once again, congrats!

  2. Congratulations on your marriage!

    I'm also glad that you're doing well.The last thing you need was to fall out on your wedding day. I can't wait to see those wedding pictures and I can imagine how beautiful they are talking them in a picturesque park.

    I know you're glad that least the wedding is all over with.... it's definitely lot work but at the end it will be worth it.

    PS.just looked at you blog title and realized that you changed it again..with husband. Again ,congrats and many years of marital bliss.

  3. Naw, congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful ceremony. It's so much more fun to read about a personal event than something copied directly from a magazine. My DH wore a Battlestar Galactica uniform I made him, and we had the guests join in the vows with "and so say we all" ;)

    1. Funny! I think nowadays folks are really moving away from a lot of traditional things when it comes to weddings. My mom wasn't too happy to hear about LEGO ceremony or the music selections because they weren't "traditional" enough. But what matters is that the bride and groom are happy with how things turned out. Sounds like you must've had a pretty interesting wedding yourself!

  4. Thanks everyone! The build up to the wedding was driving me crazy and once we got through the ceremony is when I was finally relieved. It's funny now though, I'd spent the last few months planning the wedding, and it actually felt weird when I realized I wasn't staying up till 1-2am doing research or building something. LOL maybe it will get me back to blogging!

  5. I love how you guys wanted to get back to the hotel to watch The Walking Dead! I had a cousin that got married a few years ago. She timed her wedding so it would be over with enough time for her to catch Desperate Housewives!

  6. Hello, ShaSha! Just wanted to say, I'm so happy for you both! I've been reading your blog for the longest and, though I've never commented, I've taken a lot out of everything you've posted and gotten a good couple of laughs too. I hope ya'll keep on having a wonderful life together, you both basically sound like the raddest couple of people ever. (And I'm definitely digging the Transformers wedding march. I was thinking for a while now that if I ever got married, I'd do it to an orchestral Song of Storms.) Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations! :-) Glad your wedding went off without a hitch and I love how you went with what was representative of you two, rather than opting for what most might consider traditional.

  8. Glad the wedding was a success. I smiled at the Lego and transformer part. Glad you guys personalized your wedding. The leggo heart was beautiful.

  9. Congratulations! I apologize for the lateness, this is one of the most amazing blogs you've written! I'm mad happy for you! Much love from NYC!