America Does It Again...And Fails. The Hana Yori Dango Remake

27.12.13 ShaSha LaPerf 3 Comments

Wow. This is the first time in a long time I've actually gotten two posts out in the same week!

Sooo...I sat and watched this today.

What is that you ask? Well it's the Boys Before Friends, the American version of the series Hana Yori Dango. This series only aired a few days ago, but I just had to write about this one. It's especially funny seeing this come out just after watching Old Boy and 47 Ronin bomb, LOL.

Let me give some standard history here.

So most people may know this info but here it is again anyway. Hana Yori Dango (aka Boys Over Flowers) is a Japanese manga that came out in the mid-90s. An anime came shortly after. There was also a very quickly forgotten live-action movie and animated move that came out in the 90s as well. The manga was pretty successful in and out of Japan. In the early 2000s, Taiwan took another cracked at a live action version. Taking liberties from the manga, the series was named Meteor Garden--there is a sequel titled Meteor Garden and a spin-off, Meteor Rain. Not to be outdone, Japan made its own live action versions of the series around 2005. Given the success of both the Taiwanese and Japanese versions, Korean decided to make their own live action version using the English title Boys Over Flowers in 2009. Although each series has been extremely successful it it's own right, the Korean version is probably the well-known version due to the Hallyu wave. Frankly I like the Japanese live action version the best. :)

So the show has been successful in several countries and an American company got on the HYD bandwagon and make an American version of the show. Of course this was not met with cheers and excitement. The show had a lot of issues getting off the ground, including a failed Kickstarter, and cast and show title changes. By the way the Kickstarter didn't mention if the money would be used for licensing fees, so I'm wondering if they did have to get the rights from the original creators of the show to make this, especially since it's clear this is more than just a fanfiction and would definitely be for profit. But I digress. The show was once named Between Boys and Friends, but was later changed to Boys Over Friends. I'll explain why this title is pointless later. So somehow, the company managed to scrape up the dough and lo and behold, we have a website and a first episode of the show. By the way, the website looks like some HTML shit you'd see on a Tripod of Geocities page. Seriously folks, you can get a freaking website template from anywhere nowadays.

Seeing as I am a fan of HYD, I decided to give this a shot. It's been at least 7 years since I've seen or read anything related to the original version of the series so a lot of what happened is in bits and pieces to me. I wanted to go into this with an open mind.


It's. awful. It's fucking awful. It's MOTHER FUCKING AWFUL!!!

So folks, get ready for a long post. I've decided to give a full recap of the first episode, because I want people to understand exactly where and why the bad parts are happening. It's easy to just rant about this show simply because it's an American versions, but the awfulness of things really need to be explains. Now I will do some comparing to the original Japanese version of the story (manga/anime based), but there are a lot of things that are so confusing, I really can't compare it to the original version. And this will be a VERY LONG POST. I did consider breaking it up into two posts, but wanted to get this all out in one swoop. So here goes:

So let's get through the opening. Just shots of the various characters for the show.

We get to the opening scene where Zoey (Makino) is running late for an audition. In the original version, Makino is BROKE. She lives with her parents in a small house and they hardly have food. We're constantly reminded of how hard hard her parents work to pay her tuition to go to Eitoku Academy. In this version we're still supposed to believe that Zoey is broke...except she lives in a LARGE, TWO BED ROOM APARTMENT. And it's not like she's sharing this room with anyone. She has a roommate, but given the queen size bed in her room, I believe Zoey's room is all hers. Okay? Shen and I would rather have that kind of broke, LOL. We then get a rather pointless scene of her getting ready for school. Like seriously why is this scene so long?

We get a poorly edited voice over that explains how elite Zoey's school is. Sounds like she's reading directly from a script.  So this is a complaint you'll unfortunately see may use a lot through out this. We're supposed to believe this is such an elite school, yet we hardly see it. In the original version, Makino attend Eitoku Academy. We're told it's an elite school because the students have money. So we don't need to see them studying or doing much of anything else because it's assumed that they're set for life regardless of how hard they work. However with this school, it's not clear what makes this such an elite school. We don't see kids walking around with Birkin bags, or driving BMWs. We're also told that this school has a super fabulous and difficult dance program, yet we don't see any of the students doing and of this. Where are shots of trophies, or dance classes or famous dance teachers? There's a lot of telling, but very little showing. So I'm having a hard time believing this this school is as elite as it's supposed to be.

Skip to a scene where the "talented" dancer Zoey is showing off the moves that will obviously get her into the school. By the way, this routine would get her quickly laughed off the stage on So You Think You Can Dance. Just seemed to be a lot of flailing arms and hair whipping. They couldn't find any extras from You Got Served or the Step Up series to do this part? Also it's pretty clear they just have the budget for one camera as we can barely see the full routine. Even if the camera just panned out a bit so we could see Zoey's routine that would help. It gets worse when Zoey's on the floor dancing. Because of the lackluster routine and poor camera work, this scene feels way longer than it actually is.

We move to the next scene that isn't explained. Just a blurred back of the head of a characters and some guy getting a door slammed on his face. Okay? By the way this scene isn't brought up again in this episode.

We jump ahead six months later to Zoey's first day of school. Well what I assume is her first day at least. They could've cut 30 seconds from that dance to at least show her getting the acceptance letter. Apparently the series remember that Zoey is broke since she's going to school on her first day in her audition outfit. And she's also too broke to have books or a back pack or ever a purse.

So some a white guy gets tripped in hall by a black guy and everyone laughs. Their races really aren't important to the scene but the guys are nameless so I needed a way to describe them Anyway, we immediately we jump to two months prior.

The fuck just happened?

We just skipped ahead six months, the go back two months? Okay? That's a rather odd transition. By the way the audio is terrible, there are plenty of times where you can't really hear what the characters are saying, There also seem to be issues with the lighting as well. So in the scene we see the two dudes who apparently were besties at a restaurant when some chick slaps down something on their table. Note we don't actually see what's put on the table, and neither character really seems to react. It's also not clear who is getting the paper. Then we skip to a completely different scene with three Mean Girls (or maybe Fashion Club? Meh, I'll go with Mean Girls)...who are also nameless. They're given a paper of sorts and told to give it to "Chris." Also are we still in the two months ago flashback? I'm really, really not sure. The scene moves AGAIN to the black guy, who apparently has been beaten up. So I'm guess the first letter was for the white guy and the second letter was for "Chris" who's the black guy? Okay...

Anyway Chris, talks with yet another nameless person and we forced to listen to them mumble dialogue about the black guy getting bullied. We get another scene with the black guy actually getting bullied...wait, is this before the last scene or after the last scene. I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!! Anyway the scene reveals that this new friend stands up for Chris.

Then we get to a scene where the Mean Girls and some other dudes give the new friend the paper. In the manga, the F4 bully letters are anonymously delivered in the students' lockers. While it's probably obvious that if you get approached by the Mean Girls, you know what's coming, I think that method of announcing your screwed was much more effective when it was done anonymously, because it meant most students knew you were a target, and you didn't know who your allies would be. With these scenes it already seems clear that the bullied character know it's coming and in this scene the guy is literally standing in the middle of the hallway waiting for the Mean Girl to come to him. Why!?

So here's the big shocker, the new friend is going to get bully and his friend Chris is part of the bully posse.

By the way those flashback scenes were over a course of about 2 minutes. So it may look like I was just skipping these to just write "scene," "scene," "scene," but it really does happen that fast.

We also get a shot of the F4 who are definitely the least attractive version of the series. LOL and no it's not because they're not all Asian guys.

Let's take a lot at the Taiwanese Guys:

And The Japanese Guys:

And the Korean Guys:

They're all pretty boys; it's part of the reason why they're called the "Flowery Four."

Let's look at the American version:

Now they actually are not all that bad looking. But these guys just look like the typical douchey frat dude bros you can find on any campus. Sorry, but they dudes need to be more Tom Hiddleson or Chris Hemsworth pretty. And these guys ain't pretty. The dude who plays Liam (Doumyouji) isn't too bad looking but I'll explain later why he looks like a damn mess throughout most of the series.

So we get back to present day. Zoey tries to help the bullied guy. Thinking about it, the scene where the guy was tripped is unintentionally funny and very cartoonish. He's the only student in the scene carrying in books and falls right in the middle of the hallway. Zoey is pulled away from the guy by another nameless student. We got a quick glimpse of Chris. I'm guessing we're supposed to realize he doesn't want to hurt his friend but it's hard to tell because the shitty camera work. We also don't get an introduction to who this girl is and why she decided to befriend Zoey. In fact we don't even find out her name until much later.

So we get the details on the F4. More details than any of the main characters. And here we have too much exposition and very little showing. The descriptions boil down to the F4 are fucking awesome and everyone loves and/or fears them. The girl who's doing all the speaking keeps looking down. I'm almost positive she's looking at the fucking script.

During the details of the F4, we get a short scene of Liam practicing martial arts. He's the leader of the F4. And for some unexplained reason he's wearing a pony-tailed wig that looks like the kind of shit you get with a witch costume for Halloween. The other members are Oliver (who's Hanazawa Rui), Chase, and Noah.

Some other nameless guy who's a friend of Zoey's nameless friend appears but before seconds later the Mean Girl troupe appears. And they're quick to call Zoey homeless...apparently "homeless" means having a large two bedroom apartment with one roommate.

See again this is where I'm missing the sense of a class divide here. These girls are basically wearing clothes from Forever 21. Can you at least flash something name brand to indicate how rich and fancy they are?

The Mean Girls go into "OMG!!! The F4 are soooooooooooooooooooo dreamy and awesome!" which just leads to even more bad acting and dialogue in this poorly lit scene.

The F4 appear and the three girls scream incessantly. And it's pretty fucking hilarious.

So  Liam cut some dude's hair off...which I'm positive is the same wig they showed Liam wearing earlier. Now I guess the point of this scene is to show that the F4 can do whatever they want, but it doesn't make sense for a few reasons. For one, they've also showed that the F4 have lackies doing everything for them. Why would they personally appear to fuck with this guy? It's not explained. Two, if this guy knows the F4 is personally gunning for him, wouldn't he have left the school instead of chilling out in the open in the library? Or even have shown some fear? IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!! Three, what is it with this show and these tacky ass wigs? Why not just take a marker and draw a dick on this guy's face if they wanted to embarrass this dude? Or put hair dye in his shampoo?

We move to Zoey bitching about the F4 in the hallway over the phone...but she's not alone! There's a member of the F4 in the hallway with her! OH NOES!!! But...he doesn't do anything because he's a kinder and gentler bully.

Then we move to a scene with Zoey and her friends at work. Their names are Chloe and Pipper. NAMES! YES NAMES!!! Her friends are like, "Girl mind yo business! Just get through school!"

This brings me to another thing that bugs me, and something that bugged me about Meteor Garden. I have a really hard time that a group like the F4 would exist in a college. Do I believe that a frat with dumbass guys doing pranks could exists? Yes. Do I believe that Illuminati Secret Society's who secretly rule the school would exist? Yes. Do I believe the F4 would exists? No.

Originally HYD is set in a high school. Now these kids were fucking brutal to Makino. At one point she's actually dragged by a car by her classmates. Now I'm not saying that's at all believable, but I had to roll my eyes when the black guy trips his friend in the hall. Because it's so fucking juvenile! In high school, I can totally see this happening. At a fucking college? No way. This is what bugs me about making the characters older. Their pranks are shit a bunch of high school kids would do. Hell maybe even middle schoolers.

Chloe mentions Zoey has 9 months in college left. This also brings up another issue with the timeline. So when the show starts it's six months after her audition and it's Zoey's first day of school. Now I understand that people transfer schools all the time, I can even get behind an elite school admitting people in their freshman, sophomore, or even their junior year. But what kind of school what kind of elite university would have just a 9 month dance program in her last year? Is it a degree program? Also why was there a six month gap between Zoey's audition and getting into the school? Sounds like this school has the world's funkiest semester/trimester program, LOL.

Back to the show. More bad dialogue between the friends.

And we get a shot of broke Zoey's ginormous living room as she talks with her dad. And her dad also tells her to keep her head down and graduate. And more poor lighting.

Shit I'm only 16 minutes into this.

Next scene, Zoey's cleaning, a classroom? I guess there was a party for the F4. So I supposed this is one of the dance classrooms...that seems to completely lack proper lighting and mirrors, any speakers indicating that music is played in this room. Okay?

And more of Zoey's dancing.

A shot of some guy in the locker room. Okay? I'm guess this is supposed to be Oliver and showing how "quirky" he is.

Switch to another shot of the Mean Girls screaming over the F4. LOL it's really, really silly. These are supposed to be the most feared and most idolized guys in the school, but it seems that only these three girls care about who they are. Also the girls look like they're about to go clubbing, not to class. Once again, another problem with setting the story in a college. What made the F4 stand out and show how rich and powerful they were in the original version is that they were the only students who didn't wear uniforms. Everyone else did. While I think some colleges made have a dress code, I doubt many of them actually require students to wear uniforms. So the F4 just look like everyone else in school.

We see a girl who has a crush on Liam giving him what is obviously a pie tin loaded with whip cream ala every sitcom ever style. Gee wonder where this is going?

Yep, right in her face.

Oh fuck we're seeing that tacky pony-tailed wig again.

The guys say something, but the sound is too jumbled for me to hear it.

The girl cries as she gets teased by everyone, and Zoey's like "all this shit is not okay!"

Back at her large apartment for poor people, Zoey bitches about the F4. And Piper actually gets upset...about the cake. Oh is to funny! Piper's upset about the cake!!! HAHAHAHA!!! It's implied that Piper is very big on baking, but she seemed damned heartless not caring about the girl who got pie in the face.

Also she again tells Zoey to mind her own business.

The next scene leads to more bad dancing which gets a compliment from the school female friend. Seriously I've seen better dancing on Dance Moms. Also apparently Zoey is the only one that dances in this dance program seeing as there isn't even a teacher in sight.

Yes, I'm aware that we hardly see teachers in the original version, but this again, this show is trying to convince us that Zoey is this great dancer and this is a great dance program at a great school. We haven't seen anything to prove this true yet.

But OH NOES!!!

Unnamed school female friend drops her drink on Liam. Apparently she was accidentally pushed by a student, but it looks more like she bends over and tips the cup over on purpose. Also that must've been an iced coffee since Liam isn't screaming over his junk being burned.


Anyway Liam gets all pissy, so Zoey gets all pissy. Liam comes at her with the poor jokes. Why does everyone know she's broke? Hell the audience hardly get a sense that she's broke! She has a job at a clothing store and even though she only seems to wear the same three outfits, she doesn't seem that broke to me. Let me see this girl eat some Ramen or something! It's another case of not showing the audience anything. Zoey gets all these comments about being broke, yet on her first day of school, no one paid any attention to her. Wouldn't she haven't gotten glares or something from the other classmates when she walked in?

Liam knows she's a dance student, so he implies she's a stripper...sorry but there are strippers that can pull of better dance moves than this chick. Zoey dumps the coffee on him and goes off on him. I actually thought Zoey did a good job here. Too bad she doesn't have any chemistry with Liam.

Liam gets all pissy and is says, "Who was that?"

Wait, what!?

A moment ago you called her broke and you know she's a dancer, and the next you're like "who was that!?" How did he know about the previous to things if he doesn't have a clue of who she is? The F4 poorly deliver their lines about how hot she is.

So we get to the next scene with Zoey and her two nameless school friends. I honestly don't remember a scene where these characters actually introduce themselves to her. They just appear and the next thing we know, they're besties.

We get another comment about Zoey's awesome dance and the various style we haven't seen yet. And more awkward dialogue

Then we see the ass of the Mean Girls as they slap down a sheet of paper on their table. And we continue to see their asses as they talk. Someone should've told them to move from in front of the camera. Nameless male friend snatches the paper away before Zoey can see it.

Soo...we never get to see the what it actually says? Okay... And her new friends also don't even explain the importance of the paper!

Fuck them.

Also, there's not sense of tension here in this scene. It's obvious that this scene is leading up to something but we don't get any suspenseful music, or closeups for the friends' faces looking at the paper. Or a shot of the fucking paper!


So Zoey's at work and there's more dialogue. We finally get a name for the new friend! It's Aubrey. Zoey bitches about the F4 again. Man if I were her other two friends I'd tell her to STFU at this point.

And then we get this line:

"You should never put Boys Before Friends."


Zoey very obvious just did put a friend before a boy! I get that this was supposed to be an obvious call out to the show's name but in this case it really seems out of place with the rest of the conversation. She's bitching about how some assholes are being assholes and Chloe suddenly says don't put boys over friends? What!? Granted Boys Over Flowers also doesn't make much sense as a translation to Hana Yori Dango, but I also don't remember any of the characters blatantly using the phrase.

Also those "boys" are grown ass men.

So Zoey goes to school and the torture begins. And we get some really funky editing. We get a shot of Zoey in a tank top and she gets some garbage poured on her head. Okay. But the very next scene has her screaming out "Leeman" wearing a different shirt.

Did we miss some other bullying? Make no sense!!!

The F4 member Oliver comes by and corrects Zoey's use of "Leeman" to "Liam."

Next scene: Aubrey and other nameless friend. Aubrey's all like "I can't talk to her cuz shes a target. And friend is like "but SHE'S YOUR FIEND!!!" We also find out that nameless kid is the Senator's son. Okay? And more bad camera shots.

This is another case of too much telling and not enough showing. This would have been much more effective if we'd had a scene where Zoey tries to talk to Abrey in person but gets ignored. Clichéd but still a better impact.

So we get to a scene with the F4. These super rich guys are sitting around playing Sega CD. LOL okay maybe not, but still, we have scene that's supposed to show how powerful these guys are they decided to show it to use by having them play video games in what appears to be a very dark man cave. Of course this is another wasted scene as we don't even get a shot of them playing a on a projector TV with surround sound.

So one of the guys gets into a tiff with some chick who gives him quite possibly the weakest TV slap I've ever seen. She has not mastered the art of a soap opera slap.

Also fuck this acting. This beyond weak.

Some things are mumbled and I have to turn the speakers up to hear them.

Zoey's gets bullied again. So sad.

Then the head Mean Girls who's trying her hardest to channel Biance Larson and Gabrielle Union's side-eyes and eye rolls (and failing miserably) is at a bar, and gives the bartender a pill. Also she puts it on the pad he uses to make his drinks on, instead of his hand. Gross.

Turns out it's a laxative that's put into Zoey's drink. Zoey runs into the bathroom and sees stuff like, "For a good time call Zoey" on the door.

Okay, see this proves exactly why this series doesn't work in a college setting. Because these pranks are fucking juvenile. The only thing these rich, elite kids can think of in terms of pranks is laxatives and writing on walls? Also who still writes on walls? Is the story taking place in 1982? That would explain why none of these fancy students don't even have tablets. But come on now, these bullies could started a "I Hate Zoey" FB page or deleted her transcripts or made a Catfish profile of her looking to meet men or something. I'm definitely not downplaying bullying, but this stuff is pretty minor compared to what they could be doing to her. And again makes the F4 and their groupies look less intimidating then we're supposed to believe.

Another scene with more of Zoey's bad dancing. And she's tripped! OH NOES!!! And they pour piss and lugies on her on her. And we see even more juvenile bullying.

Zoey tells Chloe--fuck I hate saying those names together--about all the bullying events that happened that day. And her friend thinks it's funny and teases her.

Fuck this friend too.

So the next scene skips to Zoey getting to class late for her midterm final. Okay? So did I miss some months? It's already exam time? Also "midterm final" sounds odd; I'm pretty sure in college you're either having a midterm or a final exam. Anyway, The TA--wait why is the TA introducing himself to the class? Wouldn't he have done this at the beginning of the year? I guess this is the kind of school where the TA only shows up when the professor can't be there. Okay. Anyway, the TA tells Zoey to take a seat, but Zoey mentions there are no seats. So he tells her to sit on the floor with the rest of the trash. Oooh burn? So TAs are in on this too? Why doesn't he just kick her out the class and fail her since she was late anyway? And why was she late? It's not explained. By the way, this elite school doesn't have students taking their exams on computers. Rather we can just assume the school has planted chips in their head to electronically take the info from their brains seeing as they don't have bluebooks and pencils either.

Oh wait paper magically appears when the Mean Girls want to throw it at Zoey, who's sitting on the floor.

The next scene has Chloe and Piper meeting Zoey in the school and they trash the F4's hangout spot. Oh so that's where they were playing the Sega CD. Got it. The F4 come in and Liam yells, "WHO DID THIS!?" Even though Zoey is sitting right in their faces. But seeing as the scene is dark as shit, maybe they had trouble seeing her too? Zoey declares war on the guys and smacks their foreheads with the number "23" on it. Why 23? It's not explained.

So Zoey and her own gang harass the F4. In the original version Makino does something similar in the but it's stuff she does all on her own. In this case it's Zoey and her friends doing all this. Her friends who could easily be arrested for trespassing since they aren't students. Again this makes her less awesome because she has back-up as oppose to taking them all on her own.

The girls dump garbage on Liam, and in the next scene we see Chloe flirting with two of F4's lackies. I guess those guys were not around when Zoey and her buddies were throwing garbage on the F4. While this goes on Piper and Zoey get the help of the bartender to put laxatives in their drinks. Now why would the bartender offer to help them when he's been shown to be scared of the F4? I guess we're supposed to think he feels guilty about it all or that Zoey tells him she'll take the blame.

Of course more wacky hi-jinks ensue. Do laxatives really work in a matter of like 3 mins?

We get a shot of Liam and his fake ass wig again playing basketball with the F4 and a few other guys. Another scene that feels pointlessly long. Then we see Zoey and pals put dye in each of the F4's bottles while they shower.  So...these guys have their private hangout room, but not their own bathroom? And no one is guarding the shower room even after a girl had declared war on them and has already done stuff to them? Okay...

Also that shower room looks pretty lame. Only one person apparently showers at a time.

And we get a continuity issue here. One minute we see Liam walking into the shower with his dumbass wig on, but in the shower, his hair is short. Okay...I honestly don't understand why Liam is wearing the wig in the first place. It looks dry and uncomfortable.

Then we get a "hilarious scene" of the guys with their faces various colors of dye. Except for Oliver of course because he hadn't showered yet. Even though he played basketball and got sweaty, he just got back into his school clothes. Gross.

So Zoey and pals get back to the apartment to gloat about their pranks. Zoey gets up to leave to go to class but the scene keeps going with Chloe and Piper. Why? It's just another pointless scene going on about how Piper has balls now because she gave into peer pressure to help her friends do bad things.

Zoey gets to school and finds the dance room super slippery. Because again no one uses this dance room but her. Another lame prank.

So we finally get to the last scene. FINALLY!!!

 Zoey is cornered by F4 lackies and they get all rapey. I can barely hear what they're saying. And that's where the ep ends.




I actually made it through the first episode. And trust me it will be my last. Of course the major problem is trying to turn a very well-known series and trying to make a low budget version of it. YOU CAN'T. You simply can't take a show about rich ass people and not make them look like rich ass people. Likewise you can't take a character you want us to relate to and make her dry, and uninteresting...and not poor. The production values is what got to me the most. I get that this is a web series, but the values are shitty even for a web series! The Misadventures of the Awkward Black Girl is a very low budget show, but the show makes up for it with likable, relatable characters and witty writing. This show has none of that. And I understand that this is just a first episode and some changes are coming (the main female actress has been replaced). Unfortunately this pilot really doesn't have enough redeeming qualities to keep me interested. I did appreciate that they added a bit of colors to the characters, but that's really the only thing I can say for the show.

As a stand-along web series it's too low budget and poorly produced to be entertaining or even fit the "so good it's bad" category. And as a remake of Hana Yory Dango, it's just a fucking abomination. HYD itself isn't really a masterpiece. I definitely had some issues with the overall story, especially Doumyouji and Makino's relationship and just how violent the students get towards Makino. And as much as I like the live action version of the drama, the Japanese one has some rather questionable shit in it too. The Taiwanese version isn't that great and the Korean version has a bunch of actors who can't cry for shit when they needed to. However each of those shows still had some charm to them, whether through the actors or their chemistry with each other, music, use of plot lines, or staging. This one is lacking in charm all across the board.

Well I hope that the creators and actors do put more effort into this series and who knows? Maybe it can improve over time. The thing is, I'm not completely against the idea of America or other countries putting their own spin on things. Heck, American definitely isn't the only country to do this. But let's just put a bit more work into it! Sorry Boys Before Friends, but I'm out. I think I'm gonna go read some Hana Yori Dango manga now.


  1. wow... just wow. I knew it was going to be awful, but after reading this, I think I will most definitely pass....

  2. Damn! I hadn't known this American remake existed, but even if I had known, I never would have watched it. You sound psychologically traumatized by how shitty it was. Thanks for warning the readers to steer clear.

    I actually have only seen the Korean version. A Japanese conversation partner suggested I watch this show to help me with listening comp, and I argued with him for like 5 minutes that the show as a Korean one lol!!! Mmmmm.... Matsujun..... I should watch the Japanese version.

  3. I tried watching the second episode. LOL got about 5 minutes into it and just gave it up. Still has some of the problems as the first one. They did update their website though so it looks much nicer than before.