The Adventures of ShaSha: Where Have You Been!?

24.5.14 ShaSha LaPerf 8 Comments

Hey folks. I know it's been a long time since I've touched this site. I just wanted to give an updated on what's been going on in my life right now.

The Honeymoon
So in March, Shen and I finally went on our honeymoon. Honestly I wish he had taken it closer to the wedding because I think we really needed that after the wedding to just relax a bit. But we decided to delay it because of a lack of vacation time and money. So almost five months later we were on a plane headed to Puerto Rico. We were only there for six days, but it was a glorious six days! We spent some time in Southern Puerto Rico in Ponce, then made our way to San Juan for the last few days of the trip. Ponce was beautiful, a lot more chilled out than San Juan. We stayed at a resort where we did some beach chillin, played miniature golf and tennis, drank, and watched an adorable group of kids dance. There were nights were we just sat out on the balcony of our room to just look at the stars. In San Juan we did a lot more touristy things, walking around and shopping. And of course eating! We loved PR so much we jokingly pretended we were on the show House Hunters trying to decide where to live, LOL. We were especially miss the lovely weather when we had to return on Maryland the day after there was a snow storm. We had a great time in PR and would love to go back someday to explore some of the other cities.

The House Hunting
So this is what's taken up the most of my time these past few weeks. We've been living the apartment life for a while and are looking to buy a home. The apartment we're living in is starting to go to crap. It's an old building...pretty much every week the water is out. Plus it gets really bad in the summer because there's a humidity problem that causes mold to grow in one of the closest. :( And since both Shen and I work at home, we need space to do it. We're practically on top of each other and not in a sexy way, LOL. The DC area isn't one of the cheapest places to live, so we've spent a lot of time researching mortgages, location, crime rates in areas, etc. Even though we don't have any babies yet, we do consider schools and house size. The past three weeks we've been viewing houses after work sometimes being out as late as 9pm! We've put in a few offers but have lost out to folks that could put up some more money than us. We recently put in an offer for a short sale home, but short sales get really complicated and could take months. In the meantime we're still spending time going to view other houses, keeping our eyes on the interest rates and watching a lot of HGTV, LOL. Both Shen and I are now are trying to squeeze in more work to earn some extra cash for the house buying. So in addition to our regular work time, we'll go our to look at houses, and come back and get back to work.

The Health
So I've had a few health issues over the past few months as well. Nothin super serious but enough to disrupt my daily life at time. I have fibroids which are leading me to have some very painful days. I'm at the point where I'm seriously considering surgery to deal with the issue so I'm looking into it. On top of that the stress of working and house buying was taking more a toll on me than I thought, which is leading me to get less sleep and more headaches. I'm trying to find better ways to balance things out since the last time I was stress I lost a lot of hair. So this weekend has been mostly us just not doing anything to just relax a bit. But when Tuesday hits, it'll like be back to the same old stuff.

So that's it. Blogging will likely be on hold again for a little while, though hopefully not as long as it was before! Hopefully the housing situation will be taken care of soon. That's my biggest distraction right now and I'll be able to get somewhat back on track after that's done. :)


  1. Thanks for the update, Shasha. I know that not too many people comment, but I know there must be tons of lurkers who are wondering how you and Shen are doing.

    I'm sorry to hear about the fibroids. It seems that so many AA women deal with them. Is there a natural cure out there? Anybody know?

    I hope you guys find a nice house at an affordable price soon!

  2. Hey Sasha, I get what you are saying. I was living in Chicago for about 8 years until I moved to Monterey, CA. It was a big change of life for me and my health. My health aren't getting any better. I've started to see myself not eating or losing sleep.. Constantly driving myself up against the wall with worries and stress. Headaches/Migraine isn't a best medicine for me to deal with on top of fibroid I had to go through for 2 months. While reading your post, I get what you meant by needing time away to relax and breathe.

    Since the school is out and I was able to relax but unfortunately, things aren't what I thought it would be. It has gotten bored for me and itching to move into the city where I can walk around and enjoy the sightseeing.. I do hope you will get better soon and try to relax every once a while. I hope to do the same.

  3. Joyful-So true. I just recently (this week) discovered her blog and haven't commented. So, I'm sure they're others who are reading but not engaging in the conversation. Sha Sha- Your blog is so entertaining. It's so refreshing to see a mature, level-headed Black woman that fell in love with the man, not the idea of how interracial dating would be her savior. Your good energy most definitely attracted a man of value. Congratulations! As far as fibroids, please be careful "living with them". I had one removed some years back and I am not longer plagued with symptoms of it (occasional dull pain on my side). It was small but it cause discomfort and could have eventually cause more issues. Although your high stress level is not helping, you can't be sure that your fibroids aren't making things worse. My advice is strictly that...advice...and is in no way meant to tell you what to do. Whatever you decide, I bid you good health. I look forward to future postings. Take good care.

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words! :) Hope you're doing okay Regina! I'm trying to take better care of myself. Normally I'm not a stressed, but it takes over way more than it should. As for the fibroids, I'd been trying different birth control but nothing is working. I haven't tried too many natural options yet but at this point I have been looking into some things like different teas and foods that may help a bit. I actually get scared when that time comes because I know what the pain is like. I'd been trying to avoid surgery because of the time and potential amount of money it could cost, but it may have to be a serious option for me too. Shen and I would like to have kids in the near future (but not too near) and I definitely don't want to think about the fibroids when that time comes.

    I am trying to get better at my time management too. I think I'm just trying to do too many things at once. Things are looking more positive on the housing front so I am spending less time dealing with that. :)

    1. There is nothing wrong with being afraid of surgery. Its something nobody looks forward to.

      Far as holding off on surgery,I don't know about any natural remedies that may help your pain or any conventional mediences that may quell the pain. Though I'm not sure if it may be of any help with fibroids/menstrual cycles, my old doctor would tell me not to drink a lot of cold drinks, sugary stuff ,chocolate or caffeine when it came close time for it to come on.She would tell me to drink/eat warm stuff or walk. As I said, it may help with menstrual cycles but with you fibroids that may be another story.

      Before my mom got rid of her fibroids.. she like you had pain like crazy. She would take Advils or Tylenol (Not that I would suggest this to you or anybody else as I'm not crazy about conventional medications. Its about what she would do when the pain would hit her) .Eventually, she couldn't take it as her fibroids got bigger..and making her anemic to the point that she had to take iron tablets.

      Hopefully, you may be able to hold surgery off.My grandmother was diagnosed with hers in her late 30s and kept hers until she was 84 years old...oddly with no pain ,though she had her bouts with anemia. In case you decide to have surgery, as I mentioned don't let your doctor talk into something you don't want.. like a some of them may try to do. There are other options

      PS forgive for my ignorance on my previous post. I wasn't aware that you haven't consulted with you doctor about this.

  5. I am glad that you're doing well and taking care of your health. I am getting there to try and get better..especially drinking plenty of water and fruits.. I drank coffee every day or soda as well. Let me know which tea helps to smoothe the pain because I started taking low dose of bc and it helps but not a whole lot.. I've always wondering if tea will help. I want to have kids also and one day I will get there.. I'm already in my late 30s so I completely understood where you are coming from. Hopefully things will go well for you and Shen will find house. My sister lives in MD and she is also searching for a house. I have always thought houses in MD is more reasonable than DC.

    Relax a lot and my doctor also mentioned to me that working out will ease the pain.. I did the walking for two days.. It made a huge difference.. Just a thought.. Get well soon. Thanks so much for writing back. I enjoyed reading your posts. I am bad with blogs but I need to learn how to get into it. :-)

  6. So glad to hear that your honeymoon was a success. I live in Maryland as well and have been reading your blog for a while. I bought my home in Baltimore City (not Baltimore County) 1 year ago, and commute to DC for work (way cheaper for me) and I love the city. It is stressful to begin with with but so worth it in the end. I lived on my own, did the roommate thing for a year but nothing beats having your own place. I'm sure you and Shen will be just fine when you settle into your new home. I have never dealt with fibroids so I can't really comment on it but you should def do what you feel is right for your body wether it is a more natural method or surgery. Get some rest... Wishing you and Shen much luck on your Hunt for a Home.

  7. Its great to hear from you again.

    I'm also happy to hear that you had a great time in PR. Beside Costa Rica, that would be my second destination to go to.I've heard that its fun(It would also help me some with my Spanish) .

    I'm also sorry that you a suffering from fibroid pain. Though I've never had fibroids (as of yet) ,it runs through my family. My her case... decided to get a hysterectomy since she was older,had all of the kids she wanted and her ovaries was so screwed until she had no choice but to get it.

    In you case, you may be fine. Hopefully, your doctor isn't one of people that will tell you "you have no choice but to get (Fill in the procedure)". Though in my moms case, they had no choice, you're young and I bet they'll probably suggest a myomectomy (talking out the fibroids and leaving in your productive system) for you in case you and Shen want kids. I also had a friend who had one. She's doing well,with her ovaries in tact.