The Adventures of Shen and ShaSha: The Big Move

18.9.14 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

Hey hey folks!

Yes I know it's been a while. It's been a really busy few months for Shen and I. Earlier I mentioned our house hunting so I've just decided to elaborate on it a bit.

Shen and I decided to start the house hunt in April. At the time we weren't sure of where we wanted to move to, we just needed to be out of our apartment. Over the course of four years these are the things we've encountered in this place:

- My car was broken into
- My car was hit in the parking lot of the complex
- A bee infestation
- A wasp infestation
- Mold...lots and lots of mold
- Neighbors who part from 1 am til 8 am
- Monthly water outages that sometimes come without warning
- A pipe that burst under the tub leading to nasty shit IN the tub
- The ceiling caving in a little due to a flood in the upstairs apartment
- Humidity so thick the carpets were wet

And the most WTF thing is Shen. He's been living here with me for three years and he's repeatedly mistaken for a delivery person by the security staff here. Even though his care clearly has an apartment parking sticker on it. The apartment complex is predominately Black with a few Whites and Latinos. At one point I don't think Shen and I were the only AMBW couple here, I'm certain I spotted a young couple a few times (the apartment gives discounts to students which I think they were). Apparently the security was so concerned with Shen that they didn't notice my fucking car being broke in to or the folks who drive through the complex blasting their music at 2:00 am.

You're probably wondering how the heck did we stay here as long as we did! Well it was mostly due to money and location. The apartment is located right outside of DC. At the time I was working in DC so it was convenient for me. Now I'm working way out in Virginia, but the apartment's location gave me a straight shot to work. As for pricing, the DC area is certainly not the cheapest place to live and given the amount of space, and lower rent (including utilities), Shen and I decided to stay for a while.

However Shen and I have been working on top of each other on the days we work from home and we needed more space. And quiet. And no bees.

So the hunt began.

We found a Realtor that was pretty cool and spoke her mind, which we appreciated. During the course of our house hunting we came across some really, really nasty ass places! One home smelled entirely of cat pee. At another home, previously owners punched holes in the walls and ceiling. Another home was a really nice...but on a lot with at least 10 other homes that were vacant (and across from a cemetery). The house that took the cake was one place where apparently the owners left there dog their. Yeah, dog was not happy to see us and we practically ran screaming out of the place!

Of course not every place was terrible. We actually came across a few really nice places. However we quickly found out how tough house buying could be. Houses were getting snatched up quickly. In some cases we got an offer in but were quickly outbid. So we were losing house after house and getting frustrated.

Things went in our favor a little when we came across a short sale in an area that we really liked. Now a short sale can actually be a very long process despite "short" being part of the phrase. It basically means a house is for sale at a price lower than it's actual value and is somewhat a way to keep an owner from going completely into a foreclosure. With a short sale you deal with not just the owner, but the bank or mortgage company that the owner received the mortgage from. So Shen I are started this process in May for one home, but continued to look anyway.

We closed on the short sale house just two week ago. Told ya it could be a process!

The is a bit of a fixer upper so right now we're trying to get work done before we move in. The previous owner was triflin' and didn't pay some of her bills, didn't clean the showers or appliance ever. She let her kids draw on the walls and apparently on the carpet, which we're had to paint over and replace. I've gone through half a bottle of bleach, vinegar, and baking soda just to get some things clean. We ended up just buying some new appliances because they were so nasty and not getting clean.

We've burned through more money than we'd planned, but we're excited to get out of our current neighborhood and actually be home owners. DC area rents aren't getting any cheaper and interest rates are about to go up. The house looks like a mess now, but it will appreciate over time.

So this long blog post is another way of me saying I'm going to take another hiatus. Mostly because we'll be focusing on the house stuff. So far we've failed at most of the DIY projects we'd planned, LOL. Hopefully things will die down and I can get back to regular blogging again. Sorry, I feel like I'm saying that at the end of each blog post now! I'll be without internet for a while though since we have to transfer things over. I have a few posts I'd like to get to so maybe when the net is fully up and running I can get back to work here!


  1. Glad to hear from you again.

    Ugh! I'm glad that I'm not eating right now. The way that you describe some of those homes make me sick to my stomach. I'm glad that I'm learning the ropes of the real estate market. It seems fun to look at homes,but to actually get one seems like more of a headache. My brother had a good friend who wanted to purchase another home in another 'burb. The home that he wanted has roomy and had lake for he could fish in and I was saddened when someone snatched it up before he did. It saddened me as it did him,but later on he end up still getting his dream home in another part of town with the same features. Hestill end up winning at the end. That was 3 years ago.It's the wonder that you and Shen aren't sick with all of those problems you describe at your home. That could have been potentially dangerous. Yep! definitely time to get out of there!I agree with you about your previous owner , they were trifling to let you stay in those unsafe conditions like that. I don't know why some people think that they can keep renters but letting them stay in a hell hold. I bet you that they don't live in them.Well I'm glad that things have turned up for you. You two deserve better.

    1. Shen and I stayed in the place for so long mostly because of our jobs. Even though neither of us worked in DC getting to areas of VA and MD were easy from where the apartment was located. Plus the rent was low given its location. But now rent in general is going up and it just wasn't worth it to stay in the same crappy place. We both think the management did what they could and it was an old building, but especially this year it just seems like everything was going wrong in that place! We're in the new place now and are working on all kinds of projects. LOL I'm not allowed to watch HGTV for a while though, I've already failed at three projects.

  2. Wow, what a journey it has been for you guys to find a home. I hope that the settling in process goes smoothly!

  3. Congrats on the new home, please share more of your renovation adventures. I bought a home last December. So far I've painted and planted bushes and ground cover. Eventually I'd like to redo the bath.

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