Because They Need Love: Another Music Edition

21.3.15 ShaSha LaPerf 0 Comments

Hey hey folks! My last few blog posts have been more on the heavier side, so I wanted to do something lighter this time around. This is also due to my increased music listening thanks to Spotify and YouTube playlists--which keep me bouncing around my desk at work, LOL. Anyway, it's been quite some time since I've done a "Because he/she Needs Love" so I wanted to have one about music. I've only recently started listening to these folks, so I'm hoping to let others know about them. Now y'all know I'm usually pretty long-winded so this is probably gonna be a pretty short blog post since the artists I've chosen don't have a ton of info out there. :)

 Tkay Maidza 
As if we didn't need a number of reasons as to why Iggy Azalea Igloo Australia sucks and is a poor representation of hip-hop coming from Australia, meet Tkay Maidza. She was born in Zimbabwe but raised in Australia. If you're a fan of acts like Azealia Banks (her MUSIC not her often confusing Twitter nonsense), Rye Rye, and M.I.A. you should check out her music. The 18-year-old mostly a rapper, but brings out the vocals from time to time (LOL like every rapper these days). Although she hasn't officially released an album yet, you can check out her SoundCloud page for the Switch Tape Mixtape which gives you a good feel of her sound. My personal fave is "Switching Lanes" which is made even color by the fact that it's an animated music video. I'm a sucker for animation though, LOL. 

The  Japanese R&B music scene hasn't been all that popular these days. Not everyone has given up though as Avex has given us Freak. Freak is a four member R&B group with Satoru Nakagaki, Daichi  Morioka, and twins Yuki Ito and Genki Ito. Everything about FREAK seems to pay homage to the sounds of the mid-90s R&B from their name to their music style. So if you like Jodeci (who by the way released a new song), H-Town, 112 or even J-R&B groups like Vlidge and Full or Harmony check them out. They released a mini-album titled NO TURNING BACK last year. Right now the group has been doing the small club scene, but I'm hoping these guys can have a big break out this year and maybe bring the J-R&B scene back into the mainstream. Anyway, here's a short version of their song "Go Ahead" (because wack ass Avex doesn't always post full videos for some reason).

Alabama Shakes
Shen and I first heard soulful rock group Alabama Shakes while flipping through the cable music channels. Similar to how Freak is channeling the 90s with their style, the music and ear-catching vocals of lead singer Brittany Murphy are a great throwback to 60s and 70s Rock/R&B music. Alabama Shakes released their debut album Boys & Girls in 2012. They're latest, Sound & Color, is set for an April 2015 release. Although Hold On is probably their most popular single, I actually prefer "Don't Wanna Fight." There's no official video for this single yet, so here's a live version they performed on SNL this year.

I actually talked about Shinhwa some time agoLooking at that post now it's pretty funny to me since the majority of the people on that list actually have made a comeback! And the ones who have made the biggest comeback is probably Shinhwa. Shinhwa is a 6 man group: Eric MunLee Min-wooKim Dong-wanShin Hye-sungJun JinAndy Lee. The was actually formed around 1999. While Egos, the trials of the K-pop music industry, and mandatory military terms have caused the demise of many K-pop groups, Shinhwa managed to stay together and stay strong. They released their 15th album this year titled We. Although Shinhwa is consider "old" due to their ages (actually it hurts my heart to hear that since they're not that much older than me and Shen -_-), they've proven that they can keep up with today's youngbucks. Check out their single "Sniper." 

FKA Twigs
I debated putting UK-born singer FKA Twigs and her trademark baby hairs on the list, because honestly I'm not that big of a fan of hers. I've listened to her whole album, and while I think it was unique, it was a bit slow for me. Maybe I need to give it another listen. However I decided to add her because "Two Weeks" is an excellent song. Seriously, the song is sex in music form and I love it. That and I think FKA Twigs herself is pretty fascinating. From her clothing and hair choices to her to her dancing and performances, I just love watching her. Although I don't listen to her often, I appreciate that she has her own sound and I really hope she gets more attention for it. FKA Twigs released her album, LP1 last year. In general her videos are equally fascinating, and I'd suggest spending a few minutes to go through her YouTube page. In the meantime, here's a video for "Two Weeks."

If you already knew about these artists, that mean you have great taste in music! :) But you haven't and just need some new stuff to add to your music list, then check them out. And I'm always looking new music too so share some stuff you're currently listening to. I need to add to my running playlist. :)