So ShaSha Got Translated...

10.4.15 ShaSha LaPerf 5 Comments

Hey folks! I don’t really have a theme or anything for this blog post, but I found something pretty random earlier last week. I was checking the stats for this blog and saw that my site was getting a lot of hits from a link from the website Madame Riri. I’ve known about Madame Riri for a while. It’s a Japanese site that has a section with topics related to foreigners and foreign relations in Japan. Rocket News 24 occasionally translates articles from Madame Riri and post them on their site. For the most part I’ve found what I can read pretty interesting.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered one of my blog post had appeared on the site.

Here’s the “10 Things Asian Guys Should Never Say to Black Women". This is one of the few posts I’ve written that got a lot of comments, LOL. I haven’t read in at least a year so I’d actually forgotten most of what I’d written.

And here’s the translated version, "黒人女性が語る!日本人男性に言われてイラッとする発言10パターン". My Japanese has gotten pretty bad over the years, so I had to bring out Popjysyo to get through most of the kanji in the translation.

So I was pretty amused about this for a few reasons.

As I mentioned Madame Riri has done many articles about “foreigners.” And I put foreigners in parenthesis because it’s usually be from the eyes of white and Asian foreigners, not so many from stories from Blacks. So my post is one of the few to specifically talk about Black women and Asian men.

Another reason I was amused is because I’ve written several blogs here about Japan. I’ve been pretty critical at times, but not always. And I’ve written about  dating in Japan and my encounters with Japanese men while I lived there. Yet all of those blogs were ignored for my “10 Things” post. LOL okay I will admit that that with the dating stories, none of the ones I’ve written about have been particularly positive and reminds that maybe I should write about some of my better times with dating. But back on topic! With the “10 Things” post I was thinking about the experiences I’d had with Asian men in general, and not just Japanese ones. When the blog was translated, some of the more general things were changed. So it basically turned into “10 Things Japanese Men Shouldn’t Say to Black Women.” Which I guess isn’t really a bad thing given that Madame Riri is for Japanese speakers.

I wasn’t informed that this post was being translated, I just figured out by checking the stats on my sites and seeing a referral link to Madame Riri. This is actually the second blog post I found out was translated; the first was when I wrote about meeting CHEMISTRY at Otakon. I can’t remember who translated that, I think it was on a now defunct CHEMISTRY fan blog. On a random note, I framed the autographed poster and it’s on my wall in my office, LOL.

I was pretty curious to see what the response would be like. Not too many comments and from what I saw, none of them were particularly negative, It did get 18 likes on Riri’s Facebook so that’s a good thing. :)

I hope that Madame Riri does do more posts about Black women with Japanese men in Japan. Seeing as it’s been years since I’ve been apart of that world, I hope they can find some ladies currently living there who can give some updated insight--some of whom are in my blog links list. :). I do like hearing about other’s experiences and I’m sure they’ve got much pretty interesting stories to tell too. In the meantime I have a new random story to tell people when I play “3 Truths and a Lie,” LOL.


  1. So what kind of comments did your translated post get?

    1. Not much really. The first comment was in response to what I wrote about the tall comments--which I'll admit is probably pretty specific. The commenter basically said Japanese people are on the shorter side and this is why they'd comment on height. And mentioned that seeing BWJM couples is rare, but didn't say anything negative about the idea of it. And Madame Riri just responded to that comment. The third comment I didn't fully understand, but it seems to have taken the list and applied it to Japanese men talking to Japanese women. The commenter used a Kansai vs. Kantou comparison. So "why do you like Asian men" went to "Why do you like Tokyo guys?" and "You're different from the girls I know from Kansai." LOL so that was an...interesting perspective to have I guess. The translation was done on 3/29, so I'm assuming there won't be too many comments since it's probably just getting pushed down for new articles.

  2. Wow..that's honorable to get recognized on her page and it would be great if Madame Riri would write more about you. Your blog is for the mature and serious minded who is serious about knowing Japanese culture, people, food and dating. Maybe that is why she chose your site.

    That's one thing about Japanese and other non-English languages. Once you're back this case..on American soil, you have to keep it up or you'll lose it. I'm struggling keeping up with the little bit of Spanish and French ( I'm focusing more on French since I've gotten mote absorbed of that language. I still intend to be more fluent in Spanish), that I've learned. I went a month not reviewing it and the next thing I knew, I forgot what I've learned and spoke but I've returned back to it since.

    I'm hoping that Mme. Riri will also talk about more about Japan and as you've mentioned..about any JM/BW couples there. I've seen a couple on YT and just recently , I've seen a meetup group site in Tokyo. Maybe she'll run across that and will do stories about it.

    1. My Japanese has gotten so bad! I used to be some good at French and lost it when I learned Japanese. I can still sing in French though! LOL. In terms of Japanese it's really kanji where I've lost so much. Technology these days makes it soo easy, that I can barely write the language anymore, but I can type it. And in general I'm in a mode of just skimming things, which I do with Japanese too. So I miss half the sentence most of the time.

      As for Madame Riri, I do hope they have more discussions about JM/BW too. I'd read some stuff about JW/BW couples on 2chan, which is basically an internet cesspool/troll site most of the time. I don't know everything about the site, but from what I've seen it seems like it tries to give a balance look at life for foreigners in Japan. That's not the only function of the site though, and maybe some other readers who have better Japanese skills knows what goes on at the site.

  3. She's also translated and covered a couple of mine (and she never lets you know ahead of time).

    One of them was really frustrating because she completely made up/changed something that wasn't in the post at all. And the way she wrote it in Japanese made it sound really offensive.
    Basically, she quoted me saying something that I definitely never did. And the comments section had a bunch of people who were offended by that quote.

    It's always tricky when people translate stuff I guess :(