Just a Little..Okay Somewhat Long..Note from ShaSha...

2.7.15 ShaSha LaPerf 3 Comments

Hey hey folks!

No I haven’t given up on this blog, LOL. There’s just been a lot going on lately, so I’m just offering a mini update.

Changes coming soon!
I’m started to get a little bored with this blog. Not so much writing, but the way it looks and feels. I’m looking into better ways to format the blog. I haven’t given up on Blogger yet, but am considering switching over to WordPress or Tumblr. LOL Tumblr scares me a bit though. But I don’t want to lose a lot of stuff I have here. Maybe I’ll just look into some better Blogger templates or something. This may lead to me buying my own domain name too. So if you see some funky stuff happening to the blog in terms of looks, don’t worry, it’s probably just me fooling around to give it a new look. I plan to get back to being active on Twitter and FB again too, I know they’ve been pretty cold lately.

And speaking of writing...
So I’m opening the floor up a bit to ask readers what they’re interested in talking about here. I haven’t really asked this so I was curious to know what folks would like to talk about that I really haven’t covered here yet. Despite my rant in a blog post I wrote a little while ago, I haven’t given up on writing about IR relations, but I want to make a goal of being as balanced as possible. And I still like to talk about Black and Asian culture not necessary related to dating because I why not? ;) I have a few blog posts in the back of my head that eventually I’ll get out on this site, but hey I’m also open to suggestions. :)

By the way I’m writing a novel
So one of the reasons I’ve been lazy with this blog is that I’ve been putting my writing skills elsewhere. An AMBW novel. :) Actually it was supposed to be a comic, but it’s been turning into a novel instead. I’m billing it as an AMBW novel, but it’s probably a bit more of a superhero story. Well, a story that pokes fun at superhero tropes, and the leads happen to be a Black woman and Asian man. I actually got up to one chapter but decided to start over a bit since I felt I needed to do a bit more research on superhero comics for my own story. I may post some parts of the story and illustrations for it as I get back into writing (I’m rewriting the basic storyline now and well get back to chapter work soon).

A mini The Adventure of Shen and ShaSha
This is the other reason why I haven’t touched my blog. No I don’t have any kids yet so don’t ask, LOL. Trust my mom has been bugging us enough about it and I don’t want to hear anything from y’all. ;P Anyway, we’re doing well. Shen has a new job that keeps him working later hours and my own job ramped up in terms of work too. But we make sure to still have a lot of time together. We’ve done a lot of work to our house and have spent way too much time watching TV. Both Shen and I have been a bit more active too, doing some biking riding or taking a walk/run at least once a week. I’ll have to write a much longer Shen and ShaSha post.

Just a random song
Daichi Miura's "Music." The song and video seem to purposely have a sense of cheesiness to it, but dammit if isn't catchy! As usually Daichi's choreography is on point too!


  1. Long time,no see....

    On a serious tip,you know what is best for you and sometimes it takes time of where you want to do\be in life.Take one day at a time and figure it all out. If it means not blogging any more or changing courses of your blog,its all good. At the end of the day its about you being at peace at what you do.

    Im happy to hear that you and Shen is doing well and spending quality time with each other..which is one of the rights ways on maintaining a good marriage.

    Far as the what you would want for your readers to suggest you put in your blog?Hmmm...to be honest, you have a good thing going on it already but I would like to see (as ur already doing)is to talk about topics like dating/marriage, , food,clothes...and continue stories about Japan and other places that you have/will visit and AMBW cultures.With the exception of ur blog and a couple of other blogs that I subscribe to...some of them can be rather harsh about African American culture...from the men,culture and the people..let some of these authors tell it..it must be terrible being an AA.

    AMBW love should be just about that LOVE!
    unconditional love..not Im with my Asian/Black love because Black men/people are ratchet(add a stereotype).I just see the disdain there with some of these blogs.

    If people are in mixed unions and in some of them,kids will be born. I would never want to talk down on my people..or my man to do it against his because that child could grow up with terrible thoughts about AMBW.They should have a healthy sense of both of their cultures. Besides learning about Japanese (or other Asian cultures)I would love you talk about the beauty of AA culture like ..the people,history,culture,festivals(like Juneteenth if you go to it)...just the truth about Black America because there are folks who often have the wrong idea about us.

  2. I am glad to have this little snippet. I was beginning to think all the best AMBW blogs were disappearing. I can't wait to hear more and read that comic too!

  3. I don't really have an idea about the direction of your blog, but music commentary (blasian artists, Japanese hip hop, Western-born Asian artists, etc) is cool, maybe commentary on some AMBW's books or interviews.

    I'm looking to forward to see previews of your novel, sounds great and a nice challenge.