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Hey everyone! I’m back! With a very shallow post, LOL. I’ve talked about reality TV a few times on this blog and this time I’m taking on America’s Next Top ModelNow, I’m sure y’all have a few questions like This show is still on!? It’s on cycle 22!? There are men!? Is Tyra still crazy!? Well the answer is yes to all those questions! The new cycle just started two weeks ago and aspiring male models have been a part of the competition for the past three cycles. The show used to air twice a year (which is why they ran on “cycles” instead of “seasons”), but recently they’ve only been airing the show once a year. Tyra is always crazy, but looks great with her new short hair.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why after 22 cycles have I decided to talk about the show. I used to be pretty obsessed with the show, commenting on message boards and groups and keeping track of a lot of the models. I actually did start the application to be on the show, but got accepted to teach in Japan and figured that was a better way to go about my life, LOL. Even when I lived in Japan I was downloading episodes as soon as I could find them online. I’m not as big on the show as I used to be, but I still like to watch and even got Shen watching. Well I still do like to keep up with a few models like Eugena (Cycle 7), Danielle (Cycle 6), Fatima (Cycle 10), Jaslene (Cycle 8), and a few others, LOL. I've watched a few eps of Asia's Next Top Model, Britain's Next Top Model, and Canada's Next Top Model. America's version of the show is the most ridiculous version though.
Now to the point of this article. This season we’ve got male contestant on the show, named Justin Kim. He’s from Springfield, VA and calls himself “J-Smooth”:

Justin is the first full Asian male contestant on the show. Last season, Adam, who is half-Asian, made it to the top 3 before getting the boot. As I mentioned, the season has only started, so we’ll have to see how far he gets.

But there’s another reason to watch. Let’s me Mamé Adjei:

From Pageant News

Mamé  is the reigning Miss Maryland, the daughter of diplomats. She's actually one of two pageant girls this season; the other is Hadassah Richardson, who's from Texas. 

Now there are a few other POCs on this cycle including Devin and Bello who are giving me serious headaches with their dumb drama and I hope both of these mofo’s go home. There’s also flighty Hadassah, who called a house meeting to tell people stuff like to tell them everything she likes and dislikes. She’s also a pageant girl, but comes off way more annoying then Mamé does.
So why focus on Mamé and Justin? Because since day one, these pretty people have had eyes for each others. The show is only two episodes in but both Justin and Mamé have made commented on the attractive of the other (LOL though not to each other yet, after all we still have a whole cycle to go through here). Justin has been teasing us with some pics on his Instagram account, including this one:

A photo posted by Justin Kim (@seoulful_j) on

Now I'm well aware that this is "reality" TV and relationships from reality TV can be as fake as they damn shows themselves, But nonetheless, I'm curious to see how this plays out on TV. Mamé and Justin do seem to know each other outside the show, as proof of the Instgram account so maybe there is something real there. I'd also like to see how far they get on the cycle. Although it's men and women, there's still only one winner. I probably won't blog about the show each week, but I'll keep up with it to see how this goes. It's been a while since there's been a Black female winner, and there haven't been any Asian winners regardless of gender. So I'm rooting for both of them!


  1. know them two are flirting...maybe dating each other.They would be one hot looking couple if they did ..though i hate that suit Adam is wearing.

  2. I saw a photo on his instagram of the two (same outfits as above). Didn't know she was also part of the show. I'll wait until after the show. THEN we will know if they are together or not.

  3. Yeah right now it's not clear if they are dating or not. The show is filmed a few months in advance and while the show is airing, I'm going to assume contestants aren't allowed to post any real time stuff for fear of revealing too many details of the show. So we won't really know anything until after the show completely airs. I do hope what happens between them is genuine and not being played up for the show.

    1. I hope its genuine, but lets be honest. Reality shows are all about raising your status so I'm sure they know that if they are a couple (or seen as a couple) it raises their stake in the game.

  4. Actually, blackwomenasianman tumblr said they've recieved confirmation from the couple that they are indeed dating each other.

    1. All I saw were pictures of them together. That doesn't mean they are "together". Plus with reality shows its all about making yourself known. What a better way to do it then to act like you are dating. When he AND she come out and say yes we are dating then I'll believe it.